Notice for Leg Iron Books writers.

I have been looking up review sites. These matter. They have, on the whole, a dedicated following who listen to what they say and will most likely buy what they recommend. They’ll also tell other people if they find a good one.

The Top 10 contains a few that (as yet) Leg Iron Books can’t use, but also some that would be very useful.

I am, at this stage, looking for reviewers with a reasonably wide audience but who will do a review for a print copy of the book. I’ve written reviews on that basis in the past. It means the reviewer is not beholden to give an automatic good review because they aren’t getting cash. Leg Iron Books does not want, or need, paid-to-be-nice reviews. I’m fussy about what gets through here. I’d rather see an honest review than a paid-for gushing sycophant.

There are sites that charge for reviews. Fair enough, they claim a hell of a lot of readers but at nearly $100 per book, four months wait for a review and then it’s up for a week (the cheapest option), it’s going to need a big return to justify the investment. As I said with paid reviews, you can opt to have them not show one or two star reviews which feels like cheating. Maybe I’ll get back to them later.

I’m not going to blitz one site with the whole catalogue. One book per site, one at a time. After they review one I’ll send another. Reviews are not guaranteed by these sites but if they do like the book it’ll be a big boost.

If any author wants to try this themselves, great – but let me know so I don’t send the same book to the same site!


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