Note for Leg Iron Books authors

It is usually the case, I find, that review sites want to deal with authors rather than publishers. Basically, they don’t want a publisher blasting them with a load of books all at once. That’s fair enough, I can appreciate that.

I know, I wouldn’t blast them with very many yet but there are small publishers who have been at this game a long time and have amassed extensive catalogues. Just one of them could easily overwhelm a review site, and if one of the big names struck it would be almost like a DDOS attack. So it’s no surprise that those sites want to deal directly with authors.

It’s a bit of a pain to set up an author page on but it’s worth being on there. It’s also worth getting an author page on Manic Readers, and getting involved in critique sites such as It all gets you noticed.

None of these places want publishers spamming them with a whole mass of different books by different authors. If they want a print copy for review I’ll be happy to provide it but they will (and have already in several cases) simply ignored any approach from a (or at least this) publisher. You, the author, need to contact them.

Here’s one I happened across this evening.

There’s never a guarantee that you’ll get reviewed, but if you don’t ask…

The best reviews are either free or done for a copy of the book. Paid reviews tend to push the reviewer into being positive to the point of gushing – so you’ll pay again for the next one. Nobody really takes paid reviews all that seriously for that reason.

Check out that link. As far as I can tell it will cost you nothing but time.

9 thoughts on “Note for Leg Iron Books authors

  1. Leg, I don’t know if I’ll ever write another book, but, if I do, I’m DEFINITELY going to ask you to publish it! The amount of work and the type of work involved as a self-publisher was a nightmare for me both times. Dunno what it is, but that particular type of organizational effort is like holding on to a fat pile of greased earthworms feasting on a juicy week-old corpse in a Scottish bog! (Just wanted to supply an image you could relate to…)


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