I knew it was going too well on this next anthology. Something was bound to bugger it up.

Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing are about to merge into one entity. On the face of it, it’s actually a good idea. It means the print and Kindle versions of a book can be created with a single upload. It should also mean no waiting for the listings to merge into one Kindle/print listing, as happens now.

However, when they start the process, the loading of new books and the editing of existing ones will not be allowed until it’s over.

I don’t know when it will start nor when it will finish. The anthology is going to happen anyway, authors will get paid and stories will get published. There is, however, a real risk this might not happen in time for Halloween.

I can only echo the wise words of my hero, mentor and role model.



8 thoughts on “Arsebiscuits!

  1. Father Ted – remarkable that Linehan managed to co-write it.
    One of my favourite episodes was the one in which three bishops came to stay, got into conversation with Dougal and ended up leaving the Church. Idiot savant at his best 🙂

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