Now That’s What I Call Mucus

Within days of writing, in an answer on Quora, that I could not remember the last time I had a cold… I caught a cold.  I suppose that was my occasional reminder that if I get too smug, Karma is always waiting to kick my arse.

Anyway, it only slowed things down a little bit. I have passed Peak Mucus and am self-repairing rapidly with the help of Glen Keith.

I have set a final deadline of October 7th. By then, all the current stories will be editied, author contracts and payments done (unless the author opts to be paid in books) and the book assembled. I can still slot in one or two late ones but I have to have them by midnight GMT on the 7th. Oh don’t worry if you’re a minute past. I work at night mostly, I like it that way.

Back to it…

I am not ignoring politics and what is happening in the world generally. Something very big is happening and I’m not sure I trust any of the main players at this point. Someone is getting close to toppling a King somewhere, and it’s not clear who or where. I’ll devote more time to this once the book is done.

3 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call Mucus

  1. As far as I can see in politics, we are watching the world’s first empire-by-stealth enter its death throes. I speak of course of the European Union, which was sold to many entrants as a mere trading alliance and which was supposed by many other entrants to be an entity rather like the Dun Cow of Celtic legend, a magical beast which gave milk to anyone and everyone who needed it, and which never ran dry no matter how much milk was taken.

    The Dun Cow legends always speak of the cow either dying or running away never to return when an unfriendly witch tries to milk the beast into a sieve and thus forces it to decide between death or escape.

    The EU is a similar sort of a beast; as long as nobody exploits it too fiercely, a big trading alliance is quite a nice thing and not overtly hostile to anyone much, not least because it has no really nasty weapons to call its own. However, the Euro is the poison in this particular deal; it is too weak for Germany’s needs and way too strong for most Club Med countries. Forcing everyone to use a one-size-fits-nobody currency sows the seeds of eventual destruction.

    On a game of this scale, Brexit is a sideshow. All that Brexit will do is tempt the EU high command into hastening their demise by trying to levy a new tax to make up for the shortfall from a lack of Britain. Brexit is difficult because the EU’s various organisations are silo-ised and one org tends not to talk to another. By the time the banking side realised that the political side really didn’t have a clue and really didn’t realise how vital keeping the British contributions coming in was, it was too late and Brexit had been decided upon. What we’re seeing now is a desperate rear-guard action from the EU side to try to reverse Brexit.

    It won’t work, and the empire is dying anyway.

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