13 thoughts on “The Red Poppy

  1. So bloody sad, although that awful War wasn’t in my lifetime.
    My three sons have no real conception of World War II. “It’s History, Mother.” And I can’t say I spent much time talking to them about it when perhaps I should have done, although that one was in my lifetime.
    So I don’t suppose they will care all that much about The Great War either.

    I shall have to ask Robin Dominic, but we won’t be going to The Memorial in Melrand this morning because he is in the process of joining The French Fire Service and has to be at The Fire Station at 10am.
    So obviously not lacking in bravery, or stupidity. I’m not sure which. Either will do I suspect.

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  2. In 1944, in Antwerp, Belgium, my mother was 22 years old, and a beautiful girl. She was not a member of the resistance, but she shot and killed the Nazi who arrested her Jewish girlfriend who was hiding in the farm owned by the milkman. She used my grandfather’s pistol from the First World War. She told me this two hours before she died peacefully.

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