The state of the world

I’ve been keeping up with the Christmas anthology (five authors in so far, I have hopes that two more regulars will come up with something and there’s still 16 days until the deadline) so have had little time to react to the news.

There is so much lunacy out there. At a private bonfire party on November 5th, a bunch of sickos burned a cardboard model of Grenfell Tower. Yeah, seriously bad taste, but six people arrested and charged over it as a ‘public order’ offence? Really? Nobody was charged over burning effigies of any President of the United States nor of any other political figures in this year or any past year. Nobody has ever minded the burning of a Catholic in effigy even though more and more people now wish his plot to blow up Parliament had succeeded. And yet burning a cardboard box is now an arrestable offence.

What about the guy who started the real fire in the real building, which killed real people? What has he been charged with? Anyone? Oh that’s right, he was never actually arrested and nobody is looking for him. It’s so much easier to arrest backyard proxy arsonists.

I would not have burned Grenfell Tower in a cardboard effigy. It’s far too twisted even for me. I’d say those who did this are arseholes but it’s not supposed to be illegal to be an arsehole. Especially when you’re being an arsehole in your own back yard and not actually harming anyone.

Their big mistake, of course, was putting it on social media. Thoughts are policed far harder than physical crimes these days, with the full backing of ‘anti-fascists’ who do not realise that what they are advocating is actual fascism. The policing of thoughts and ideas and opinions.

Oh and if you are one of the millions of Americans who tune in to UK stories to laugh at how ridiculous we have become (I don’t blame you, this place is a madhouse) you might want to check out what’s happening in your own country.

Worried about Donald Trump? Believe he is some kind of fascist? Is he trying to police your thoughts? Is he advocating the suppression of teenage jokey behaviour and its investigation by the police? Who is advocating that? That’s who you need to be concerned about because that’s who will turn you into a police state. Or you can just hate Trump because he’s Trump and let the fascists win. Like we have in the UK.

Of course, if you are an arsehole, the alternative to being arrested for burning a box is to go into politics where arseholes are welcomed.

Better yet, get a job with the Puritans in Public Control Health. Then you can be so much of an arsehole that you can call for a tax on meat, later to extend it to all foods (come on, really, you don’t think that’s the aim?), and demand a ban on milkshakes. And nobody will call for you to be arrested for arseholeness.

Milkshakes? Ban the old Moloko Plus?

Oh yes, really.

Fancy milkshakes must be banned because Studies have Shown and Experts have Said that they bring all the boys to the yard and this inevitably leads to teen pregnancy, heroin use, vaping, animal abuse and anal insertion of pomegranates.

Well it’s no dafter than any other Puritan pronouncement, and that’s actually true. When it comes to making up absurd stuff, Public Health make Kafka’s ghost gasp in admiration.

Milkshakes make you fat. Sure they do if you have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of us have them once in a while as a treat. My personal milkshake intake is much less than one a year and my overall milk intake generally depends on how much coffee I drink (espresso doesn’t need milk so only the ‘plain’ coffee counts). I have occasionally drunk a glass of milk but it’s way down from top of the list.

It’s rare for me to get the urge to have a milkshake and I have never had one of these ‘freakshakes’ of which they speak. I don’t want one. It does not appeal to me at all. Should I support banning them since I don’t like them anyway?

How many out there support the smoking bans because they don’t like smoking? How many support vaping bans for the same reason? How many support minimum pricing on alcohol because they don’t buy much, or any? How many support taxing or even banning meat because they don’t eat it?

I think all of those people are arseholes and I don’t want to be one so no, I will never support a ban on anything just because I don’t like it. Hey arseholes, I am not one of you and am proud to be excluded from your cult of arseholery. You can believe I’m the one who is universally hated if you like but really, it’s you. In the real world, nobody cares about, or even notices, me. Because I am not trying to live their lives for them. I have a life of my own.

Speaking of vaping, I recently bought a new one because it was on clearance sale. This is a bloody monster of a thing and will be a later blog post.

The JUUL vaping thing does not seem to be available in the UK so far. It is apparently, in America, a teen epidemic (that, in Public Health terms, means a teenager tried one once) and is used as a cudgel to beat flavours out of vapes.

JUUL’s response? ‘Oh yes you must ban these flavours we don’t make because they are evil!’

Has nobody been paying attention? The antismokers were happy to have the born-again nonsmoking vapers on their side to hammer ‘real’ smokers… until they had outlived their usefulness. Then, surprise, the vapers got hit with the same hammer. They looked to smokers for support.

‘First they came for the smokers. I’m a smoker, the rest of you are on your own now.’

Why would I support any group that has already supported my suppression?

I have wondered about JUUL and whether it would be a good thing to try. I’ll never try one now, not even if it does appear in the UK. I’m not going to support a quisling.

My prediction is that JUUL is now doomed. They are siding with the business vampires and they are not an ally, as they think. They are the host for a parasite that will use them to get what they want and then ditch them. Their customer base will see what they have done and abandon them.This has happened to several early vape sellers who tried to side with the Puritans and it will happen now to JUUL because the stupid bastards never learn.

A saying has been born lately. ‘When you go Woke you go broke’. Ask Lucozade or Irn Bru about that. Ask the peanut companies who have reduced the salt. Give it a year and ask JUUL if they still exist.

‘Woke’ is a parody of reality. More on that in another post.

The best response to the Puritans is still the one given by the makers of Buckfast tonic wine. Which I have never tried, but one day I will.

‘You cannot have caffeine and alcohol in the same drink!’ screech the Puritans.

‘Awa’ an’ bile yeir heid, ya wee bawbags’ responded Buckfast.

Buckfast won. All the companies could win by just saying ‘no’ to the Puritan thugs. Most of them just cave in. Compromise does not work when your enemy does not want compromise, just total control. As with Tessie ‘Halfwit’ Maybe’s Brexit, it is not a compromise. It is pathetic submission.

When you give in to thugs it makes them bolder. Thugs have toddler minds, they push and push to see how far they can go. If you don’t set a boundary for them, there is no boundary they can see. Modern ‘progressive’ idiot parents are finding this out now.

Basically, don’t be Lucozade. Be Buckfast.

Then maybe the end of the madness will at last be in sight.

11 thoughts on “The state of the world

  1. My one and only Vaping thingy, which cost Sixty Euros blew up after a week. I haven’t replaced it. How much tobacco was that?
    Fortunately it didn’t set light to anything. But never leave them alone when they are plugged in. Or keep them in your pocket if it comes to that.

    I no longer care about the Indoors Smoking Ban, I so very rarely go to a Bar anymore, unless it is High Summer, when I sit outside in the Sun and marvel at the laid back French pavement Bars and Cafes. And all of the interesting people are outside anyway.

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  2. Re. your link to the possibility of smoking bans in city centres in Wales if that Labour clown has his way. About seven years ago, I made this picture of what I thought an independent Scotland led by the SNP might look like (using a basic graphics software, as my old CorelDraw wouldn’t work):

    Somebody commented, You are clearly insane and a disgraceful excuse for a human being. You can only GUESS what an independent Scotland will be like.

    A pretty good guess so far, I would say, and I look forward to Salmond’s third stint as leader!

    The commentator who reckoned I don’t have a right to GUESS on my own blog finished by writing, As for your views on Gays, you are just another scumbag who doesnt have a clue. Perhaps you are hiding your own sexuality? Knuckle dragging Moron. You will die a lonely bitter fool.

    It’s the love and respect of these people that really shines through, isn’t it?

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  3. I think it’s too late now actually. We had a 25-year window from about the early 1960s, in which we could have nipped all these dreadful people inthe bud while nobody would have cared a stuff, and their vanishings would have been hardly noticed.

    The late great Peter Simple (aka Michael Wharton) characterised all these folks in “Way of the World” in the DT. He spotted “Rentacrowd” years before they were in fact invented. But even his rentacrowd people would have blinked a bit at Antifa. He know Mrs Dutt-Pawker, the “Hampstead Thinker” (phantasm of Emma Dent Coad, anyone?) who had an Albanian au-pair girl, Gjoq, and a bearded dummy-sucking child Bert-Brecht-Mao-oDinga.

    There was Alderman Jabez Foodbotham; the grim-booted, Iron-Watch-chained Perpetual Chairman of Bradford’s “City Tramways and Fine Arts Committee”. He took a less than ecstatic view of the embryonic goings-on in his world that we are now resigned to today, and suppressed them.

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  4. To be honest the same thing is true with UK animal rights activists. Effectively these nitwits have no victory scenario, and if given a concession will come right back with another demand. There isn’t really any way to win with them; all you really can do is tell them to go do one and stick strictly within the law yourself. Then over time they tend to cycle through nutbags as the life of an activist is generally a very miserable and thankless one with exceedingly poor pay.

    Unless, that is, you happen onto a gold-mine.

    In the UK there exists a fairly large zoonotic disease problem with tuberculosis. This was originally a human disease, which jumped to cows umpteen thousand years ago, and which has ticked over there ever since. In the fairly recent past, no more than a hundred years or so, tuberculosis jumped to badgers. Now, a badger is basically a sort of ecological hoover, three feet long with a vile stench at one end and a ferocious set of jaws at the other, and the bit inbetween’s pretty unpleasant as well. Badgers subsist on earthworms and anything else they can find, which is bad news if you’re a hedgehog since your primary defence doesn’t work on badgers.

    Badgers do, however, look exceedingly cute when young and photograph well, and are unlikely to be encountered as adults by most people. This allows them to be portrayed as exceedingly cute, cuddly fluffy teddy-bears by certain unscrupulous animal rights activists, and for the cull of a known reservoir host of TB to be portrayed as a slaughter of innocent and harmless fluffy things.

    The easiest way to cull badgers is to gas them. Anything that helpfully dives down large, easily-located burrows and resolutely stays there by day is pretty much asking for a dose of toxic gas. However the bunny-huggers have managed to spike this particular wheel, and thus the current badger cull is being conducted by night using high velocity rifles.

    Disrupting the activities of experienced countrymen with rifles and night vision, operating at night, in areas you don’t know the layout of (but they do) is next to impossible, especially if the riflemen have police help. Soliciting funds to help disrupt this cull is, however, really quite easy and if your very reasonable expenses as a fundraiser happen to come out of the money you raise, then the whole system works very well indeed.

    We now have a most peculiar situation going on whereby one small group of fraudulent bunny-huggers are raising funds to disrupt a legal cull, but who are being not being actively prevented from fundraising because their “expenses” tend to expand to meet the sums raised, hence they are actually assisting the police in policing the cull by diverting funds away from animal rights activists.


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