No Exit Brexit

I am up to date on editing. Five authors so far in the Christmas anthology and the strong likelihood of more with two weeks to go. The Underdog Anthologies are now on book seven and still going. Okay, we don’t sell many so far but it did not follow my pessimism into the pit after the first one. This might actually get somewhere.

The end of November is also author payout time for this quarter, for novels and single author shorts collections. This links very badly, in business terms, with the need to get the Christmas book out in time. I will have to revise my Halloween and Christmas deadlines next year. Oh, I can do this thing, I did last year, but it’s knackering. Well, you know, live and learn and all that.

Live and especially learn no longer applies to the new generation of entitled drones. They do not learn. They declare what reality is, and reality must conform. There is a very, very nasty shock on the way.

It seems to not apply to most politicians either. The possibly living but definitely never learning Tessie the Tyrant cannot see, or will not see, or actually delights in the utter destruction of the Conservative party she is leading into places Oblivion doesn’t know about is more closed-minded than she could be if the Berlin Wall was built around whatever she uses for a brain.

I think it’s a Tamagotchi nobody has looked at for decades.

The country that abolished slavery over 200 years ago, the country that sent out the Navy to fuck up other slave trades, is about to become a country of slaves. Because of, not a woman, I would not be so sexist. Because of an idiot. A sad witch with delusions that she actually matters.

She does not matter. None of us do. We are ephemera. Temporary. I will die one day and so will you and what we did will be forgotten. What our children do is up to them, not to us. We won’t be here.

But what we do now can affect what those children have to deal with.

Do you want them to live as slaves in a vassal state? That is what Tessie (who has not reproduced, thankfully) wants. Or do you want your children to live on a little island at the rainy end of Europe that is full of hope and potential greatness and comfort.

Jack the Greasy  Moggie has children.

Someone with no future up against someone who cares about the future.

If you want someone who puts future over money to rule you, always pick the one with children.

The ones without have no reason to care.

4 thoughts on “No Exit Brexit

  1. Funny – I was thinking about voting rights & entitlements the other day after browsing the letters of Pliny the Younger.

    As you say, there are certain issues upon which the childless should not be entitled to vote. Maybe those employed by the state (directly or as a contractor) should also be barred from voting on anything. The many thousands of would be Sir Humphreys, with their perks & pensions, should lose their vote on the ground that turkeys always vote for more to eat but are also against Xmas.

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    • I might not have been clear.
      I wasn’t talking about childless people voting. I was talking about childless candidates being voted for.
      If your candidate has no children they have no future. So why would they care about yours?

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  2. I’m childless but I work and pay income tax,Vat, national insurance, fuel duty tax and cigarette duty tax (or does all that come under VAT?). Should I be excluded from decisions that affect future generations? If so, I should have been excluded from voting on the EU Referendum. Who’s to say that young people will have children in the future – are they to undergo some kind of test to ascertain that they can or will have children in order to qualify to vote?

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