Nazis! Nazis everywhere!

The glorious Met Po-lice are currently deciding whether calling someone ‘Nazi’ constitutes a hate crime and therefore an arrestable offence.

No they aren’t. Not really. This all came about because Anna ‘Toddler Tantrum’ Soubry was called a ‘Nazi’ by some protestors. Now the Met are trying to work out if they can make that a crime without having to arrest every Leftie loon and EU drone who has called pretty much everyone ‘Nazi’ for years.

Basically, they want to make it illegal to criticise politicians. In a wonderful irony, these same people call the protestors ‘fascists’.

Well, if calling someone a Nazi is now a crime, I, along with many many others, have a list of IP addresses for trolls who have called us Nazi often. In writing, no less.

Nobody gives a gnat’s fart about being called Nazi any more. Like ‘racist’, it has been used far beyond the point of silliness and nobody cares now. The only ones who think it is hurtful are the ones who use the slur, and they get really butthurt when it’s turned back on them.

Out here in the ever-dwindling Land of Sanity, we still have the old ‘sticks will break bones but it’s quicker with stones’ rhyme.

Oh wait, there was something about words not hurting in there, wasn’t there? Meh. I like my version.

Anyway. The human race is going to Hell in a handcart, the UK government is pretty much fucked whatever they do now and the Monster Raving Loony party should be gearing up – they might get their first MP next time round. I mean, how much madder could they really be?

Incidentally, if calling someone ‘Nazi’ becomes a crime, then Dai Blimey could be expecting a very early morning call from the Rozzers…

Still if the idiot chains himself to No. 10, it’ll keep him out of the way for a while. I wonder if he’ll see a policeman this time.

Maybe someone will take him aside and explain which side the KKK is actually on, but somehow I doubt that.

We really have no right to laugh at those who voted Alex Occasionally-Conscious into government, over in America. Not when we look at what we’ve voted into power. We have a collection of utter, utter morons and should really seal the House of Conmen when they’re all in it and rename it Bedlam. Throw in some meat and tofu once a day and try to forget how they got there.

At least we can say the House of Lard is not our fault. We didn’t get to vote for them.

This is all going to come crashing down and they have no-one to blame but themselves. They can’t even blame the voters because they lied when they were touting for votes.

So now we are all Nazis. If I’m one, I’m the guy who got the hand-me-down uniform that’s all faded and doesn’t fit properly.

As a Nazi, I’m really not very good at it. I think I’d prefer to be a Tolkein dwarf – I’m small and handy with an axe – but I would have to grow a beard.

Beards itch.

8 thoughts on “Nazis! Nazis everywhere!

  1. I want to suspend elections and do away with the politicians for a while. Extend liberty and free speech and build a free market society on classical economics. Sorting out the schools will help too. It’s come down to banning cheese toastie vans FFS.

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  2. It is noticeable that when you live in the far periphery of society as you do, now literally, and previously metaphorically, how prescient your view of society and its rulers can be.
    They all seem oblivious to their fate. As my granny would say “Hell mend them.”

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