The choice that isn’t

Jerry Cordite has been filmed saying that people should not be attacked because they choose to be gay. Choose. If you are gay, did you get a choice on that?

I am a straight white man. Fortunately my high content of toxic masculinity lets me say ‘fuck off’ to anyone who hates me because of my non-choice in the matter – but I did not choose this.

If I had been given a choice I might have gone for bisexual. I might have had a lot of fun with that. But there was no choice. I am what I am and you are what you are.

I don’t care about your sexual preferences. Really. If you are gay, well have a good time, I won’t be involved but you enjoy yourselves.

I have not met many lesbians that I know about but I have met many gay men, some of them so camp they’d make Julian Clary blush. They all made me smile, most made me laugh. I would never feel threatened by any of them. They were wonderful people, full of the joy of who they are and fully accepting of who they are. They knew their lives and not only accepted it, they embraced it and made it their own.

As did I, as a straight white male. This is me. I am hetero. I am cis in the new pretend science. My skin lacks pigmentation. I was ginger before it went grey. I have danglies between my legs. You want to hate me for things that were not my choice? Go on then.

While you have your hate ramped up to lunatic dribbling, why not add in that I smoke too. And drink whisky way, way beyond any Puritan diktat. Go on, get that blood pressure up. You know you want to. Fill that brow with Righteous sweat, fill your mind with the terror of finding some heretic who won’t play by the rules. Pump up those forehead pusles.

If you step back, look at the Georgia guidestones and other clues, you’ll soon figure it out,

Gay people and straight people do not matter. Black and white people do not matter. The end point cares nothing for religion nor sexual preference nor for skin colour. Agenda 21 wants us all dead.

You can be straight or gay or black or white and they are going to kill you anyway. They have a plan. You are useful now but when the plan is complete, you are in the way. Ask Lenin.

12 thoughts on “The choice that isn’t

  1. Who was the last smoking prime-minister? Harold Wilson? Just a prop?

    On another topic (in the post), an elderly gay pal, who I love dearly, once or twice gave me very vivid TMI descriptions of what I was missing out on. I felt grossed-out. It was something with similar, symmetric contours to the heterosexual turn-on. Something to do with pheromones. The smell of other peoples bodies.

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