Well, we nearly had Brexit. And the Tory party nearly had a future. They will be spoken of in future as we now speak of the Whigs, once their opposing number in the two-main-party system we have, but now relegated to a bunch of irrelevancies. It took me a long time to work out who the Whigs were. It’ll take the next generation just as long to work out who the Tories were.

Now we have a new party. Change UK, which is going to be abbreviated to CUK because they really didn’t think it through. Naturally, they don’t plan to change anything at all including the modern politicians’ disregard for anything the public has to say. They certainly don’t plan to change their cushy jobs and their Marie Antoinette attitudes. But then, none of them do.

Well I won’t vote for CUK. I won’t vote for Conservatives ever again. I won’t vote Labour because they aren’t Labour any more. They are Catweasel’s Commies now. As for the Lib Dems and the SNP… no. Just no. The Church of the Militant Elvis makes more sense.

I’m going to vote though. If there is no realistic choice I will not vote ‘for’ anyone but ‘against’ whichever one is currently incumbent. As a last resort I will write ‘No thank you’ on the paper. There is nobody in favour of delivering the referendum result or of even slightly relaxing the smoking ban so my options are going to be limited to a ‘fuck you’ vote of some kind. Even Jake the Greasy Moggie turned tail and voted for the now thrice-thrashed Surrender Deal. Who is there left to trust?

It has all become very silly indeed but it did inspire a story – ‘Pandora’s Lost Luggage’ – which is in the next Underdog Anthology and which I will post here for entertainment purposes when the book is done. As I’ve said all along, those anthologies aren’t out there to make a profit – none of them have yet broken even – they are advertising. For me, for Leg Iron Books and of course for the starting-out authors in them. So yes, I’ll post that story here.

That book has occupied an awful lot of my time recently because it turned out to be a very big one. Details elsewhere – and Leg Iron Books authors should keep an eye on that site because that’s where the book details are now.

I have also not forgotten the Freddo contest. Just need this book out of the way first… I have a Fistful of Freddos ready to set it up.

What I need is an island where I can declare myself an independent country. But not off Scotland. The Grand Solar Minimum and the SNP’s insanity is going to cover this place in glaciers in a decade or so.

If only Australia was sane. But then, we did send them there…

11 thoughts on “Nearly…

    • If only one person votes, they get to keep the job. There really should be a minimum percentage of the constituency’s votes they have to get to make the election valid. There isn’t.

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  1. They’ve made the UK look like a right laughing stock to the rest of the world and for ages I’ve wondered why. I mean, it’s not like that they’re an uneducated, illiterate lot….

    Then the conspiraloon in me suddenly had a brain fart. They’ve created utter chaos. The EU looks sane in comparison. Some twit on twatter is now promoting the idea that the EU will have to take over, because we are in a mess, we have fouled up, we can’t be trusted with the keys of the kingdom, even our own kingdom, ever again. And then I thought, so that was the plan all along then, eh?



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  2. Vote or don’t. Doesn’t make a jot of difference. Your name in the states Register of Electors is all the consent it needs to carry on regardless. Glaciers in a decade my arse. I’m still waiting for the Maldives to go under the waves and just about given up on the Little Ice Age prediction from the 1970’s coming to pass.
    As for the pollie silliness nothing will change, Tory’s won’t get spanked, Labour won’t get split asunder, not a prediction, just the realisation its all theatre nothing more.

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