The latest anthology is completed, so that’s one less stress to deal with. Tonight I find out whether I have to waste my time on jury service while leaving CStM and my parents in an isolated farmhouse with no means of going anywhere. Once all this is out of the way I’m going to have a good blast of whisky and sleep all the next day.

Actually I’ll do that on the 17th and CStM will probably join me. On the 18th we will have no electricity for the day. There is some major work planned on the local substation and there’ll be no power most of the day. Since our water supply is pumped through filters and UV treated (no chemicals, we get water from the tap here that is less processed than Perrier), no power means no water.

So we have bottled water in for the duration, just in case. We’ll fill a few buckets to flush the toilet and the cooker hob is gas (bottled supply) so that will still work. I suspect that having a wood burning stove could be a great thing on that day. Unless we manage to sleep right through it of course.

I wonder if, by the time we emerge from this madness, we will have actually left the EU? I have doubts. Tessie never wanted to succeed in any of her promises and now Parliament has deleted the constitutional Government so at any moment, expect Tiny Blur’s Enabling Act to be activated and then it’s a real dictatorship.

Tessie is still hell-bent on Internet censorship, as she was in the Home Orifice. Next up, censorship of social media. Soon there’ll be nothing left but the old Compuserve style forums and we’ll be issued with State approved 56K modems on dialup. Assuming we are ‘Approved Comrades’ of course.

How the Tories expect to win a single vote now is beyond me. Their only manifesto is based on ‘But… But… Corbyn will win if you don’t vote for us!’ Who the hell cares? It doesn’t matter who is in charge as Britannia slips quietly below the waves she once ruled. It doesn’t matter which politicians are in their little subsidised-booze Wastemonster bubble. Nobody cares any more, nobody trusts a single one of them.

I think this country needs a Corbyn government. I can just about remember the Harold Wilson one, the young have no idea what they are voting for. I say, let them have it. They love the shine of the flame, let them grasp it and feel the burn. They will not listen and they will not learn any other way.

I mean, the country is fucked under either of them now. Let Corbyn have a go. I can really see a lot of voters going for him on one basis and one basis alone.

‘At least he’s not Theresa May.’

12 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Note the systematic unpersoning of Tommy Robinson. Agree or not with him, what has happened is disturbing. Governments are keen on censorship and control, but they have willing helpers in the tech giants of silicon valley

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    • Unfortunately most people are too fucking stupid to see where this is going to end up, they just cheer as Tommy is unpersoned. Fucking morons will wonder what’s hit them.

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    • In the process, they have made him a national name, even international, and they can’t kill him off without making him a martyr. Not bad career progress for a football yob.

      The tech giants are control freaks too. They exist to control the internet, not to service it. Adding more control is fine with them.

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  2. I think this country needs a Corbyn government. I can just about remember the Harold Wilson one,

    Harold Wilson (and also James Callaghan) weren’t Marxists like Corbyn. So a Corbyn government wouldn’t be at all like a Wilson government. The Labour party back then was very different from the Labour party now.

    Also I’m quite happy with my Brexiteer Conservative MP, and I’ll be quite happy to vote for him again. If he was a Remainer, I just wouldn’t vote for him. But I most certainly would never vote for the likes of Corbyn’s Labour party. I’d prefer not to vote at all.

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    • Likewise, I could never vote for Corbyn’s Commies. And I’d be okay with voting in a Brexit-supporting Conservative, but there are few of them.

      What I would like to see is every Tory MP resigning the whip and forming Conservative Party 2, leaving Tessie the Tin Tart as the only member of government. That would force a general election and then we’d really see the will of the people.

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  3. You know, you could always give your local holy well a try. Said to have been very good for healing and even had pilgrimages to it, in November!

    Perhaps the saint was merely called upon to keep the local whisky safe for those pilgrimages…

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