Final score

Well. Here it is. The final count of the disaster that was the English local council elections.

Tories are down 27%. This should be a very strong message to Kim Jong May but she is, of course, ignoring it.

Labour are down 4%. Twitter is full of Lefties crowing that the Tories were hit far harder than Labour and on the basis of those numbers, they are right. However, Labour are in opposition to the most appallingly useless Tory government since John ‘Monochrome Man’ Major’s day, and facing possibly the most universally despised Prime Monster ever to soil the hallowed carpets of 10 Downing Street. They should be several hundred seats up. In this situation, they still managed to lose 82 seats. That is not a figure to be proud of.

(Digression: I considered referring to John ‘Curry Dipper’ Major but I thought younger readers might not get the reference)

Lib Dems and Greens are way up. Remainers claim this is an endorsement of those partys’ consistent Remain stance and that it means the country wants to remain in the EU.

What they conveniently, and deliberately, overlook is that Remain voters who wanted nothing to do with Tories or Labour had an option. They could go to Lib Dem or Green. Staunch remain parties.

Brexit voters had nowhere to go in most councils. I hear UKIP didn’t put any real effort into the council elections. Makes sense. UKIP councillors can’t push Brexit. Better to save those campaign funds for the EU elections in three weeks. The Brexit Party is too new to have had time to field council candidates and anyway, councillors are no use to them. This is good, they remain the joker in the pack and nobody can predict what will happen at EU elections. Buy shares in popcorn now.

So, Brexit voters would have either spoiled their ballots or simply not bothered to vote. The Lib Dem/Green boost is all down to Remainer votes. Brexiter votes would have been spoiled or gone to independents or small local parties where these were avialable. If no Brexit alternative was available, I’m betting a hell of a lot of Brexit people just didn’t bother to vote.

The independents more than doubled the seats they hold. I like the idea of more independent councillors. As both the dying main parties insisted, council votes are about local issues, not about the parties. So councillors should be local people, interested in solving local problems, not directed from some distant head office on which Common Purpose bollocks to inflict on their local people that day.

More independents, please. They will work on local issues without being directed from above to waste money on the latest PC nonsense from the main parties.

Well, we have three weeks until the EU elections. My bet is that the EU really don’t want them to happen but Tessie Maybe does. Remainers want them to happen because the council results have convinced them they’ll win. Tessie is taking the result as a ringing endorsement of her stupid ‘we want to be your slaves please master’ deal.

This illusion of Remain supremacy will make them all complacent. I suspect the EU, especially No One Drunker and Guy Thermostat, will have looked at the results and possibly become complacent too. Tessie is in a world of her own and the Tories are happy to leave her in there with her unicorns and her fantasy deals.

I will stay up to watch the EU election results. I’ll get a bottle of the really good stuff in and plenty of popcorn. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very entertaining night.

The morning after, I expect to hear shrieks of ‘Russia!’ through my hangover.

19 thoughts on “Final score

  1. I’m betting a hell of a lot of Brexit people just didn’t bother to vote.
    Yup. I had the choice of Limp Dums, Tory or Labour. None of the above, but I couldn’t be bothered to go out to the polling station. There was pain to be watched drying.

    The EU elections, we have the colourful Carl Benjamin to vote for. As he has already mightily pissed off all the right people, he is one to vote for.

    I’m also waiting with interest for the libel action against the Mail and the Sun for the egregious and wilfully libellous articles they wrote about him. Journalists doing fact checking? No, we can’t have any of that – might spoil the narrative. I cannot recall the last time I saw such obvious, deliberate and malicious libel in order to smear a candidate.

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  2. “Digression: I considered referring to John ‘Curry Dipper’ Major but I thought younger readers might not get the reference”

    Proud to be old enough to smile at that one.

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  3. Agreed, the EU does not want to see the likes of Farage, Rees mog, Batten or Robinson sitting in their parliament, however they do want a deal – or better still, the whole Brexit thing killed forever.

    They know deep down that Corbyn doesn’t like them and will honour some watered down version – and they know May has no chance of getting her, or a hybrid with Corbyn, through parliament any time soon.

    And if perchance parliament did agree to something before the end of this month, she still has the lengthy task of getting all the necessary legislation through, meaning an extension of at least 3 months.

    But that’ll involve the summer break, so let’s say October.

    That’s my preamble on why I think the UK will participate in the EU elections.


    What I’m possibly seeing – and it’s one helluva left field thing – is the performance of the LibDems. Now they can be trusted to chuck article 50 and sign up for a “never ever again” deal.

    And what all this reminds me of is something that happened 80 odd years ago, when a debate took place at some university in England. The participants said they’d never fight to defend the UK – and Hitler’s flunkies saw that as a sign that they could invade and conquer us, leading to him authorising the start of hostilities against us.

    No, they are aware the LibDems will never come first in any election, but they also know no other party is likely to win outright. So I suspect their dream might be a coalition that includes the SNP and the LibDems, with their price being to scrub Brexit.

    Yes they are prepared to see Brexit Party and UKIP (I doubt Robinson will win), however I really do believe they have severely underestimated the number of nationalist MEPs who will take seats in June.

    If forecasts are even half way close to accurate, they could make up the largest block – if they all sing along together.

    So bear with me. They keep us in. We produce a large block of eurosceptics, with Farage at the top table and intent on causing maximum damage, combined with counterparts from every EU state. And they’ll want reforms that will shrink the entire organism.

    It’s a fragile thing the EU, depending entirely on the confidence of others in it’s currency and it’s credibly. The minute investors believe it is being fatally undermined from within, that’s it, end of.

    I’m just mulling out loud, but I am convinced it’s been a dreadful mistake by the EU and our turncoats to drag Brexit out for so long. They may win a battle, but they ain’t going to win the war.

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  4. We appear to be a pragmatic lot in Wandsworth, one of the country’s lowest council tax areas. We have a Tory led council but return a Labour MP.
    Personally I’ll be voting my wallet, so, sorry Nigel you’ll have to wait for the EU elections.

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    • Smoky Nigel wasn’t in the local elections at all 😉 His new gang are too new to have had time and anyway, councillors are not what he’s after this time.

      UKIP, likewise, are keeping back their campaign activities for the coming weeks 😀

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  5. I doubt you will need to stay up, because Tessie the Desperately Bad and Jeremy the Even More do , will combine to thwart the Brexit Party, by cancelling the elections , owing to some stitch up.

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