Milky Milky

Two more days before the EU elections we really shouldn’t be having.

Seems we have to do this thing anyway. If you are a Leave voter, your best bet is the Brexit party unless they are all arrested or assassinated, Soviet-style, in the next two days. I really wouldn’t rule that out. They are riding very high in the polls, if polls can be trusted at all. Remember, polls once put Hillary Clinton as 95% likely to win the US presidency.

There’s always UKIP as a backup although they are currently down there with the Changey McChangeface party who want to keep things as they are.

If you are a Remain voter, the Lib Dems are your best hope. Or if you don’t like them, the Greens. Both have at least been consistent in saying they want to stop Brexit. MEPs, of course, can neither force Brexit nor stop it. Think of this as a proxy second referendum. Send your message, whichever you choose.

The Tories had their chance. They won a general election (just) by claiming they would deliver Brexit and they have royally screwed it all up. Taking ‘no deal’ off the table in any negotiation is the most stupid move anyone could ever make. They did it. All they offer is a surrender document that would make the UK permanently the voiceless property of Emperor Drunker and Darth Thermostat. That, or revoke Article 50 and re-enter the EU under the full control of the EU with no more say in anything. Really, if this government had been in place in 1940 we’d all be goose-stepping now. They are actually worse than useless, and that might well be the first time that phrase genuinely applied.

Labour… well, they were also re-elected on a promise to deliver Brexit and have morphed that promise into a pantomime of ‘Oh yes we will – Oh no we won’t’. Neither Leave nor Remain voters can trust them.

Neither of them understand why they are plummeting in the polls.

Instead, they have gone on an anti-Farage offensive. Following the milkshake incident involving Tommy Robinson (NHRN), there have been more against UKIP candidates and now one thrown over Nigel Farage. Lefties are crowing ‘Oh it’s only a milkshake’ and some, rather sinsisterly, are lamenting that it was only a milkshake.

To his credit, Tiny Blur has condemned this latest attack even while his minions applaud it. Yes, I am finally agreeing with Tiny Blur. The world will now end in about five days, I reckon.

It’s silly. It’s pointless. What does it achieve? Well it achieves one thing. It empowers nutters to take it further, like the mob of Muslims pelting a Tommy Robinson (NHRN) rally with bricks and eggs and even more serious attacks.

That next milkshake might be acid. Le Creuset Fiend on Twitter has opined that a Brexiter will be killed by an attack in the coming days and the level of lunacy in this country means it could actually happen. If not killed, at least seriously injured. It has become insane enough to make that possible.

Of course, it won’t happen if the Brexit Party are all in jail. They have been accused of designing a logo with an arrow pointing to their box on the voting form to force people to put their X there. Really. If you ever wondered whether politicians thought you were utterly stupid and easily led, there’s your answer right there.

Some TV dick called Dan Snow (I’ve seen enough of Game of Thrones to know what that surname means) pretended he had a Brexit party leaflet in his postal vote even though it’s actually totally impossible for that to happen. He has since pretended to apologise.

Digression: I was disappointed to find that Game of Thrones was not a Japanese game show where five guys each eat a baked bean Vindaloo and there are only four toilets available. Come on, Japan, you can do it. You’ve done worse.

Now we have claims from shrieking harpy Carole Cadwalladr that the Brexit party is accepting foreign money. She proves it with a screenshot of a £5 donation from Switzerland. Therefore they are getting millions from Russia. She thinks we’re all stupid too.

The Brown Gorgon got in on the act and now the Electoral Commission is going to inspect the Brexit Party’s finances in the face of no evidence of wrongdoing, two days before the election.

They do not need to declare any donation below £500. So those £5 shots from Switzerland aren’t counted – because they are not illegal. You know what? The same rules apply to every other party too.

Someone on Twitter did a little test and found that the Labour party website would accept a donation of £499 from Saddam Hussein of Iraq without batting an eyelid. Because it wouldn’t be illegal. Same rules, you see? Electoral commission investigation? Somehow I doubt it.

I’m surprised the Brown Gorgon has any feet left to shoot. He must be walking on colanders by now.

I rather suspect that all these attacks on the Brexit party will win them more votes, not less. All the other parties have done their best to keep Farage in the news and they have all forgotten the British attitude to the underdog.

A common complaint is that the Brexit party have no policies and no manifesto. Well, for the EU elections they don’t need one. MEPs can’t do very much anyway. Also, both Labour and Tory parties have proved that manifestos mean nothing. Once they get voted in they just do what the hell they want. Waste of paper.

What are the policies of the other parties? All they have, any of them, is ‘bash Farage’. I have seen no other policies mentioned apart from the Tory ‘give it all away’ and the Labour ‘well… maybe or maybe not’. Lib Dems, Greens, Plaid Cymru etc have at least a clear message, as do the Brexit party and UKIP.

Tory and Labour parties are offering nothing but indecisiveness and despair.

And they don’t know why they are losing support.

So they throw milkshakes at people and pretend it’s valid political discourse. I thought about boycotting milkshake sellers but that fails on two points. The milkshake sellers have, until now, always believed the customers actually drink them and secondly, I don’t like milkshakes all that much.

Milky milky.

7 thoughts on “Milky Milky

    • I don’t frequent pubs. The nearest is a 40 minute walk away along an unlit country road populated by Audi-driving maniacs. There’s no bus service (well, two a day, nothing after 6 pm) and the nearest taxi is 20 miles away. Drink-drive limits in Scotland are less than one pint and if you take a chance you risk being caught by the annual police patrol.

      Plenty of booze in the house though, and lots of room for crashing out 🙂

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  1. “Digression: I was disappointed to find that Game of Thrones was not a Japanese game show where five guys each eat a baked bean Vindaloo and there are only four toilets available. Come on, Japan, you can do it. You’ve done worse.”

    LOL! Beautiful Leggy! :>

    And they can always throw milkshakes at me…. as long as they’re CHOCOLAT milkshakes!


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