Deal or No Deal?

Work has turned me nocturnal. The garden is getting little attention but then it’s raining all the time anyway, and I’m editing Marsha Webb’s book (nearly done) and have another Mark Ellott book to deal with next – then a collection of enormously imaginative short horror stories from a new author. I hope he’s going to put a few into the Halloween anthology.

Meanwhile, it seems the world outside is going insane. The Tories are set to pick a new leader and it really doesn’t matter who it is. Boris Johnson is their best hope of surviving as a party – if he can be trusted to do what he says. There’s not much trust in politicians left in this country. One more betrayal and you can expect a Nigel Farage government and quite possibly a Monster Raving Loony opposition.

Well, some would say we have that opposition now… and also in government.

Labour just tried to set up a motion that would make ‘no deal Brexit’ impossible. Well no, no they didn’t. They actually tried to take control of government in a sneaky underhanded way. They failed. Ten Tories voted with them and eight Labour members voted against them. There are now calls from both sides to have those ‘turncoats’ declared heretics and expelled from polite society because they went with ‘the other side’. It really has become that tribal.

It doesn’t matter. None of it matters. Sneaky Tess added a paragraph into the agreement for an extension to Halloween that says ‘the matter is closed, this agreement will not be opened for future renegotiation’.

No matter who the Tories put in as leader, there will be no renegotiation of the ridiculous surrender document Tessie devised. There is no point in anyone going to Brussels, they have declared they don’t want to talk about it. No further negotiation, take it or leave it.

‘No Deal’ cannot be taken off the table in any negotiation. It is not an option, it is the default position. If both parties cannot reach agreement on a deal then there is no deal. That’s how the real world works.

So, since the terrible deal cannot be renegotiated, and since if we don’t leave on October 31st the Tory party is history, the new leader has two choices.

Run out the clock, leave on Halloween and then start negotiating a proper trade deal, or push through the Tessie Travesty of a deal which will end the Tory party forever.

Or, as Michael (SnowMan) Gove suggests, get another extension – which will end the Tory party forever.

Well, I have no problem with the end of the Tories, especially if they take Labour down with them, as seems likely. It’s time it all fell apart anyway. The ‘standard procedure’ is stale and no longer works as intended.

Jerry Cordite is insisting on a general election because he thinks he will win it easily. He also needs to do it before the postal vote charade is actually dealt with. Oh I think he will have the biggest party in the Commons but I am sure he won’t get a majority. He’ll need to make a coalition and frankly, I don’t fancy his chances there.

The Tories can forget about winning the next GE, they should now be in damage limitation mode if they have any sense left at all. Which doesn’t seem likely. They could very well be looking at a wipeout.

The EU have said they will take out the Ireland backstop but only after the agreement is signed. Yeah, because they are so trustworthy, aren’t they? Sign that thing and we are done for, they aren’t going to change anything after they win. Come on, surely we have at least some politicians who know how politics works?

Nobody really wants ‘no deal’. Everyone wants a good, fair trade deal with the EU but that is not on offer. It’s May’s surrender deal or no deal, there are no other options available and of those two, ‘no deal’ is unfortunately the preferable option by far.

If Boris gets the job, as seems currently likely, let’s hope he holds his nerve until Halloween.

If a Remainer gets the job, this country is utterly fucked from the moment they literally step into Tessie’s shoes and carry on from where she left off.

There is no going back to the way things were. If the EU gets their hooks in they will punish us brutally for daring to try to leave and there will be remainers out there wondering how and why their chosen god has forsaken them.

There is no reward on offer for remaining. There was never any talk of ‘hey, if you stay, we can get you a better deal’. Never. There is only punishment for daring to try to leave. Either we get all the way out or we become the EU’s gimps. A lesson for the others who might consider leaving.

Remainers will never see that. Their Star Circled God can do no wrong in their eyes, no matter how hard the EU belittles and berates us, no matter how often they talk of the Hell they will consign us to. They see only the benevolence of Emperor Drunker and Darth Thermostat and they will brook no heresy against them. Idiots, frankly.

If the EU had any brains in charge they would not have set at once into ‘die, heretic’ mode. They would have come back with ‘Hey, we see you aren’t happy, what can we offer to fix it so you’ll stay?’ They didn’t even consider that approach. And they never will.

Obey or be punished. That is the EU way.

Well we are now in the position where we either get entirely out of this mess or we march, sullen and bowed, into the EU punishment dungeon forever. Those are the only choices available to us.

So what’s it gonna be, droogies?

12 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal?

  1. “There is no reward on offer for remaining.” Yes there is, you get to retain the four freedoms.
    Hopefully my wife and I will become Swedish before Brexit day and retain all our EU rights.


  2. Why do you and almost everyone else refer to it as Mrs May’s deal? I read it was written in Berlin by Merkel’s staff and translated into English. It is only her deal in the sense that it was given to her so she has ownership of it. And of course she loved it to bits. Of course she did it was everything she hoped for–it allowed her to achieve her objective.
    She DID NOT fail to get us out. She succeeded in KEEPING US IN. No wonder they make such a fuss over her in Brussels. All kisses and smiles totally at ease. Just watch the body language.
    Think of the times she ran to Brussels or Berlin for further instructions as well as telling them things before she told Parliament or her MPs.
    Thank God the MPs refused three times to approve it. They deserve our gratitude. They saved us.

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  3. Dear Mr Legiron

    “Nobody really wants ‘no deal’”

    Why not? ‘No deal’ is (supposedly) WTO rules. We already trade with 24 countries on WTO rules according to the BBC.

    Apparently we trade with another 68 countries under EU trade agreements. That leaves over 100 countries not accounted for. Hmm. Well it is the BBC.

    I have no idea why our beloved government™ decides terms of trade with any other country. After all, all trade is business to business. The only role for government is to screw everything up.


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  4. The way I see it, the EU laid its cards out on the table for all to see when it sent David Cameron packing when he went to ask for a few concessions so that he could try and put Farage back in his little box for good. The EU’s approach was to tell Cameron to bugger off and sort the matter himself.

    Now, the problem here is that the EU knew full well that an EU head of state would not come crawling to them if he could possibly avoid it, so knew that said politician was serious. So, they ought to have responded favourably. They did not, and this was not some arse-end-of-nowhere Eastern European place that was in net receipt of EU funds that they were fobbing off, it was the second largest net provider of EU funding.

    Telling a net source of money to bugger off puts the EU high command very firmly into the “Too stupid to live” category.

    We are therefore negotiating with idiots. This is a good and a bad thing, since idiots can be tricked, coerced and bamboozled fairly easily; it is also worth noting that this collection of window-lickers also has all of the major producers of the EU standing behind it with a choice collection of pointy objects and a powerful motive to insist that a favourable deal be done with one of their major markets, the UK.

    The best policy therefore is to try to negotiate in good faith, make a spirited and very public attempt to do so and if told to fuck right off by the EU, depart saying that oh well, we tried, too bad that we shall now have to impose import tariffs on EU goods whilst we won’t be doing any such thing for our American allies…

    Such a delegation would, I think, rapidly find its self side-tracked by a number of interested parties and the EU high command further destabilised by all the member states realising that they have a collection of complete mongs trying to lead them, and wouldn’t it be much better to bypass the dribbling idiots and sort things themselves?

    I honestly don’t think the EU will last much longer.

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    • The nearest neighbour is half a mile away. With a lot of trees in between us.

      I haven’t met them yet but I’ve only been here three years. I don’t want to seem pushy.


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