I am no fan of abortion. It sounds horrible for the mother and it sounds like the foetus goes through a horrific ending in many cases too. I am just glad I have never had to be in the place where I needed to make that choice. However, I an not against abortion. I do not believe a rape victim should be forced to give birth to a child who has the genetic makeup of a rapist for a lot of reasons. I do not believe that a mother whose life is at risk from a pregnancy gone wrong should be forced to risk it. I do not believe that parents who could not cope with a severely disabled child should be forced to continue that pregnancy…

…and cue the outrage.

Look, I know, you can be born disabled and still lead a good and happy life. I had a narrow escape myself. My mother was pregnant with me in 1959, she had morning sickness, she was offered Thalidomide. Thank all the Gods anyone has ever worshipped, she refused it.

Consider parents at an ultrasound scan who are told their baby will be born severely handicapped. Some will say ‘We’ll deal with it’ and that is a noble and brave decision. I’d like to think I’d make that decision but honestly, I can’t be sure. I was never faced with it. Some will not have the family support or financial ability to deal with it even if they want to. Some will be utterly repulsed by the deformed child and that child will soon learn that it is hated and resented by its own parents. Would you want to be the latter child?

I wouldn’t. But maybe you would. Still my opinion is that abortion should be available for parents in that situation who could not cope. I believe that forcing them to go ahead will just result in three miserable lives.

On the other hand, I do not believe that abortion is a valid form of birth control – except in instances where birth control failed, as it sometimes does. Certainly not as a routine way of getting rid of mistakes.

I’m unkind, that’s how I’ve got to be. (competition – which band, which song, which album is this line from? To win decisively include the name of the singer and the year and the record company. I have it on vinyl here ;)) But I have to feel that idiot couples who get pregnant when there are so many birth control options available – in the UK most can be had for free – are not people we want to encourage to reproduce.

Also, I believe there must be a limit. A time limit set where the woman can no longer be unaware of her pregnancy but not to the point where the foetus has a chance of living on its own.

In America, some Democrat places have decided to allow abortion up to the point of birth. This is absolutely horrifying to me – premature babies can survive, if you’ve had that child in you for nine months how can you change your mind at the end? You’re not clearing out a clump of cells at this stage, you are killing a baby. There is a big difference, to me at least. Once they get this in, the death penalty becomes ‘retrospective abortion’ and then, well…

Sure. ‘a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body’ and all that but for fuck’s sake. Make your bloody mind up a lot sooner than the day the contractions start. I know women are famed for taking ages to decide on things but nine months is just taking the piss.

At that point you could just give the baby up for adoption. Why kill it? Well, there are reasons… and I have a Halloween story in mind. It will, of course, be fiction.

Republican states have reacted to this Democrat baby pogrom. They have not done the British response of ‘Hey, hang on a minute, that’s a bit off’. They have done the American thing of going to the other extreme. Sometimes, America, it might have been better if you had stayed British.

Some states have now made abortion so illegal that a woman can be jailed for a miscarriage. Miscarriages happen. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out. It is neither parents’ fault. It just happens.

Rapists can expect their deadly genes to be carried on with full State support. If a ten year old is impregnated by Stepdad Filthy, she has to have the baby even though it could kill her.

That is going way too far the other way. Republicans could have had a sensible response to Democrat baby-killing but there is no sense at all in their over-reaction.

Look at this –

Sweet home Alabama, eh? Not if you start an argument, get shot and your baby dies. It’s all your fault and the baby’s death is manslaughter and even though you were the one shot, you’re the one getting charged.

This is because the anti-abortion laws mean tthat the woman is responsible for the death of her baby even if it’s a perfectly natural miscarriage, if she gets pushed down a flight of stairs, or if someone shoots her baby in her womb.

There are people protesting Sharia law. This is far, far worse and it’s coming from American lawmakers!

Republican lawmakers. Trump, you fat orange fucker, do something about this. Stop those Alabama banjo players for a start, and if you said ‘Alabama law is what you get when cousins marry’ you’d likely get a round of applause.

It’s become ridiculous but it’s not funny. In Democrat places, killing a viable baby is okay. In Republican places, any loss of a baby for any reason sends the mother to jail. There is no sensible middle ground any more.

We are reaching peak polarisation. This is just one example. There are so many others.

No middle ground. No compromise. One extreme or the other.

There’s only one way this is going. Pick a side. There are currently about a hundred to choose from.

14 thoughts on “Abort!

  1. I thought you would have mentioned this, although it seems to have been buried by the mainstream: UK judge orders mother to have abortion against her will.

    I was one of those involved in sending emails and making phone calls to try and get this overturned. I’m delighted to say that three appeal judges overruled the well-known pro-abortion judge who ordered the original killing.

    As I wrote on a FB post: Maoist China comes to Mayist UK.

    Whether all that campaigning did any good or the appeal judges would have reversed the situation anyway, who can say, but when I can fight the feminist fundamentalists, healthists, gender-obsessed fruitloops, etc., I’ll try and have a go.


  2. Pretty well my take on things and like you, born in 1960 thalidomide could have been me. Did my mother have morning sickness? Almost certainly, but I suspect being of that wartime generation she just got on with it and taking drugs more than absolutely necessary was likely an anathema.

    Quick wikipedia shows a total of 2000 defective UK births. Wonder how many that would be over a compatible period today given the fetish of medics these days for drugging up to the eyeballs for anything. Doesn’t bear thinking about really.

    Abortion is perhaps the most graphic example of the degeneracy of politics and what passes for “debate” and the current situation in the US you describe is the lunatic asylum that results when the fanatics bypass everybody else.

    But too often there is only one bunch of lunatics. Think “climate emergency”, think LGBTQEIEIO, think EU.

    I’m of an age now where, when faced with one of these morons I go all Bernatd Manning when dealing with Esther Rancidteeth (old farts will remember this textbook lesson in how to deal with a smug, preening – but essentially barren and ignorant – self entitled popinjay. Youngsters it’s easy enough to find on youtube).

    Laugh at them, it’s all you can do.

    That said, I don’t despair for the future, I really
    don’t. Maybe I’m a naive wishful thinker but one of the advantages of advancing years is that you can put things into some sort of perspective.

    Who are these people and what do they essentially have apart from hatred and ignorance. All they can do is destroy and the first thing that they destroy are the frameworks that support them.

    They’ll get no sympathy from me when their particular tide recedes. Why should I? One of the charming things about Brexit has been all this “hurry up and die” bile directed at those of us who had the temerity to disagree. Well fuck you!

    I’m actually quite looking forward to when the competing groups of the shrieking demented turn on each other as they inevitably will. Unfortunately in the US, the abortion morons have produced a hell for some unfortunate women.

    In most cases all they will end up producing is a hell for themselves.


    • A refusal to take drugs does run in the family – I once took Ibuprofen when I had cracked ribs and a bruised kidney. It made me throw up so didn’t help much at all.

      The groups are starting to turn on each other already. It’s time to get the popcorn ready šŸ˜‰


  3. In fact, being on the mailing lists of organisations like ‘Right to Life’ and ‘Reprieve’ – https://reprieve.org.uk/ – gives us a better understanding of what’s happening in the world.

    E.g., how many doting Trump supporters stop to consider that the US still tortures, kills 100s with drones and has detained people at Guantanamo without charge for many years, just like Obama did?


  4. I read somewhere that mothers who have terrible sickness during pregnancy gave birth to highly intelligent babies, my daughter in law gave birth to a baby girl 4 months ago and she suffered terrible sickness , so we shall have to wait and see But the constant sickness ruins the teeth


  5. I suspect there’s more to that story of the woman losing her baby. Deadly force is allowed in self defence situations in some states, so if the shooter got off with no punishment, it’s likely it was decided that it was justified self defence. In which case, the woman was an agressor and put her unborn child in danger by being so
    or something…


    • Yes, if the shooter faces no charges they were probably defending themselves and an inexperienced shooter in that kind of situation is going to aim for the body, not an arm or leg. I can see where the shooter wouldn’t be held responsible for the baby’s death.

      She should have been charged with assault or whatever the US equivalent is, but to charge her over the death of the baby she just lost is, to me, cruel and unusual punishment. She didn’t intend for the baby to die, she lost her temper at someone and (perhaps) picked up something to batter them with, and got shot. So she caused an affray but by doing so, she caused the death of her own baby. Why rub salt into a wound that deep?


  6. From what I understand, the shooter is claiming that the pregnant woman started the altercation and she fired in self-defence.

    Even so, the concept of criminalising miscarriage is insane. And in this case, I simply cannot see that manslaughter is an appropriate charge. There has to be a level of foreseeable risk to the deceased for that one to stick.


    • I really hope that no jury would convict on that charge. Sure, convict on assault charges, even assault with a weapon if she had one, but she’ll live with the knowledge her actions caused the death of her baby. That’s punishment enough for that part of it.


  7. It’s an old article, however the latest are all medical and it does seem the authorities in Brazil are STILL using Thalidomide. Being used to help relieve some of the awfulness of leprosy, however the straight truth is those with leprosy are overwhelmingly in the lowest socio economic group and not well educated.

    So they don’t know the risk if they get pregnant, result is more cases there.


    Brazil does seem quite relaxed about making women carry to term even if they know the child will have an awful life. So you get Zika Virus, so what they say.


    Way I see it you can follow any religion you like, but do not use quotes from your holy book to justify your malice on the unborn.


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