Fine weather brings them from under their rocks

Every summer it’s the same story. All through the shitty weather, the antismokers delight in watching smokers huddled outside pubs. The first day it’s actually pleasant to be out there and…

Note the ‘in this weather’ part. When an area is horrible to be in, smokers can have it. When it’s nice, smokers can just get lost so the Righteous Ones can enjoy themselves.

Doesn’t affect me personally, my pub visits dropped from weekly to monthly and now getting to less than once a year since the ban. Since I now have to drive to the nearest pub I can’t drink much (Scottish drink/drive limits mean one beer can put you over the limit) and I have to go outside to smoke, no matter the weather. There’s nothing left in there for me now, other than a very occasional meal.

I go to Local Shop, next to the pub, buy whisky and take it home. So I’m not troubling Jeremy or his army of pompous, self-important, smug filth. I have whisky and tobacco at home where I don’t have to put up with fake coughing and don’t have to share a space with people like Jeremy.

It does affect a lot of smokers though and more than that, it affects pubs.

I’m sure pub landlords will be delighted with Jeremy’s plan to ban those persistent smoking customers who just keep coming back in all weathers and spending their filthy smoker money, despite having it made clear to them they aren’t welcome inside. Now, thanks to Pompous Jeremy, they aren’t going to be welcome outside either, at least during the short British spells of pleasant weather. So why would they ever go back?

Yes, the regulars just keep on coming back, don’t they? Clear them all out so Jeremy can have a smoke free pub garden for a couple of weeks every summer. Next summer he’ll be sitting in an untended garden behind a closed-down pub – but it’ll be smoke free. Alcohol-free too. Bonus, eh, Jeremy?

At the time I took the screenshot (a few minutes before writing this) he had over 100 more retweets than likes. Also 14000 comments against 216 likes. On Twitter that’s called being ‘ratio’d’ which translates as ‘nobody likes you’.

A well deserved result for Jeremy Vine there, whoever he is.

Meanwhile, smokers, pray for rain so Jeremy and his ilk will fuck off back inside again and you can smoke in peace.

12 thoughts on “Fine weather brings them from under their rocks

  1. 52 to 48? I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere before, Leggy 😉

    *Ah, the poll’s already shifting, Clicky…/lights up… Excellent…*


  2. Mr Vine has had enough of my money, and that of every other BBC tax payer, to buy his own pub. Then he can pre-select his own customers and have his own pub garden to himself. No BO, no farts, no aftershave, no cheap fragrance, no smelly plebs, no sticky fingered, screaming urchins.

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  3. Going to be an interesting law to formulate and awful difficult to enforce.

    And by whom?

    In Australia what the landlords did was banned people from eating outside – and they claim a far lower smoker count.

    So Jeremy may have to revert to actually complaining directly to his perceived offenders – and face the consequences.

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    • It’s always interesting to watch an Anti twenty feet away come marching up to you to tell you that you’re fouling his/her air. Anyone here handy with their maths this morning? If a random pattern/diffusion of smoke is at X concentration (ug/liter or whatever) two feet away from the smoker, then what is the concentration after dilution in the half spheroidal volume with a radius of 20 feet?

      Once you’ve got that number you should be able to figure out how long they’d have had to stay breathing 20 feet away to get the same amount of smoke in their lungs that they get during the 15- to 30-second confrontation with you smoking two feet away!

      – MJM, who’s brain is too tired at the moment to try the workout on this one…

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      • Years and years ago, I worked for a chemicals testing company for a while. I was validating a method for determining how much tobacco smoke someone had been exposed to, based on the cotinine (metabolite of nicotine) levels in their blood.

        These levels are tiny, even with a smoker. You’re talking about 5-15 picograms per ml of saliva (or blood, but saliva is easier to get) for a non-smoker who never went into smoky pubs, 20-30 for someone who lived with a smoker and was present with said smoker when they smoked, and 300-500 for an actual, honest to goodness smoker.

        So really, even if you’re practically sitting on a smoker’s lap, you’re being exposed to what is technically known as bugger all smoke. Smokers in any passably-well ventilated bar or pub (a pub with an open fire counts here, as does one with a decent extractor fan system) produce so little smoke that it dilutes to almost nothing in seconds. Second-hand smoke is a pernicious myth.

        The reason we can smell tobacco smoke, indeed any smoke, is because of where we evolved. Humans evolved in East Africa, on open savannah and out there, if you can smell smoke then you’re downwind of a fire and either getting the hell out of the path of the fire, or cautiously investigating it are very good things to do. Being able to smell smoke was a survival factor in our evolutionary past.

        Humans are also exquisitely sensitive to the smell of soil after rain, as befits an animal that evolved in semi-desert with next to no water conservation adaptations. We don’t actually need such adaptations, our brains let us find water perfectly easily. What we do not have is a poor sense of smell; our noses are perfectly functional for what we need.

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  4. Vine is a liar. No one ‘pushed’ him off the table. He made the conscious decision to move, if he really did move, which I suspect he did not, but just wanted to use his ‘celebrity’ to show off his SJW snowflake credentials.
    Perhaps someone could tweet “Pushed off my table in the sun by the smell of Jeremy Vine’ s body odour. Should people who smell be allowed to mix with clean people?”

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