Can you hear, can you hear the thunder?

Not a competition this time. It would be too easy anyway. Competition responses have been poor, most likely because I am rather intermittent with blogging these days. The next one will be an amalgamation of all the previous ones.

Okay, a lot of it is because Leg Iron Books, my retirement ‘hobby’, is at the stage where I have to seriously consider taking on some part time staff. Freelancers, ideally, because I can’t guarantee regular work. Yet.

We are also in thunder season. A big one fried the router and landline phone recently. There was another batch Thursday and more forecast for later today (Saturday) which didn’t happen. Even so, I go to bed never knowing if I will have phone or internet in the morning.

I’m tired. We have CStM’s father visiting, he’s no trouble but it’s an extra drain on time. He is at least keen on trains so we have something in common. I am at least down to two books in the works now that Mark Ellott’s latest book is completed and online.

Ah well, we have the spectacle of the EU having a comic vote on Drunker’s replacement using a ballot paper with one name on it. Then the media ignore this while reviling North Korea’s elections that have a ballot paper with one name on it. You know, Kim Jong Jinglejangle won by a much wider margin than the EU’s new bimbo. Yet he is the illegitimate leader. Figure that one out.

Farage has said the win was illegitimate because of the narrow margin. Is he insane? Surely it was no vote at all, since there was one name on the paper. Yes or no were the options.

Humanity is crashing. The species is done. The human race is over. Nobody won.

In Canada a man who pretends to be a woman is sueing a fanny-shaver for not shaving his balls. Just like the poofs demanding a Christian baker make their cake. It has all become very silly.

They have an inflatable Boris to join the inflatable Trump now. They think they are right-on and cool. I think they are children having a tantrum.

Is Boris the saviour? No, there isn’t one. Among all the politicians we have now, there isn’t one. They don’t care about us, any of us. They want power. Over us.

I think, about now, it’s time for another King Charles and all that it brings. It is not going to be nice.

But it might well be neccessary.

12 thoughts on “Can you hear, can you hear the thunder?

  1. What sort of help do you need?
    I’m relatively literate, and am happy to hep if I can. I’m solvent, so ex gratia is fine by me.
    You know where to find me. Ignore the muffled thumps you hear from the boot of my Bentley – it’s the catalytic converters cooling down.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Well, it wasn’t intended to be a competition but what the hell. I have stuff for prizes from previous ones. Send an address (email is under ‘contact’ in the top menu) and I’ll send a surprise 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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