Epstein’s Monster

So, Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Apparent suicide. Is that even likely?

A difficult one for me. I cannot contemplate suicide, it is actually an impossibility for me. I might contemplate the eradication of all other human life on the planet but suicide? It cannot happen.

Epstein, however, was looking at charges he was almost certain to lose. A guilty verdict was pretty much definitely going to happen. So he would have been facing the loss of his rich boy lifestyle where he could buy whatever and whoever he wants, then life in prison or a few years on Death Row before getting basted in oblivion juice or a seat in the voltage chair, whichever option is available in the state he gets convicted in.

So, in his situation, perhaps he saw suicide as the better option. I don’t know and I don’t suppose we ever will.

The internet is abuzz with conspiracy theories and it’s really not surprising. Epstein was linked to all sorts of big names with his paedo racket. Yesterday, papers were released implicating many high-faluting big names and today he is dead. Coincidence? Maybe.

I’ve tried to piece it together but the story is full of inconsistencies, speculation and wild theories. He was on suicide watch, then he wasn’t, then the camera on the suicide watch he wasn’t on mysteriously failed long enough for him to die. The officers watching him or not watching him were sent away while someone did ‘maintenance’ on something unspecified.

The Russians are blamed, of course, though why Russia would have any interest at all in this case is not explored. No Russians were implicated in Epstein’s papers and Putin is not connected in any way. So why would Russia care at all? More to the point, Epstein might have implicated enough people in government to almost bring the USA to a standstill. Why would Russia want to stop that happening?

I think we can put the ‘Russia’ nonsense under ‘Oh, I cut myself shaving! Putin nudged my elbow with a nanodrone!’. Putin has quite enough problems of his own at the moment. If the American government wants to collapse under a wave of paedo charges, why would he even interfere?

Then Trump gets blamed. Naturally. Trump gets blamed if it rains on a holiday or someone’s cat gets mange. He’s been blamed for the school shootings carried out under his presidency. No other president was blamed for the ones that happened under their watch. Trump’s administration was prosecuting Epstein. If they didn’t want his secrets known, why didn’t they just leave him alone, or quietly ‘disappear’ him? Oh, all governments do that. There have been a few suspicious high level ‘suicides’ and ‘accidents’ in the UK too.

Trump is not implicated in Epstein’s Paedo Island escapades and is on record as having permanently banned him from his golf courses for trying to get into the knickers of the underage daughter of one of his employees. Also, Epstein could have taken down a lot of those in Trump’s target sights. So no matter how hard you hate Trump, he had no reason to kill Epstein and many reasons to see him go to trial.

One of the British Royal Family was implicated in the released papers. Could the Queen have ordered Epstein’s disposal? How much influence does the British Royal Family have in an American prison? Enough to set up a hit within hours? I doubt it.

The Clintons are in the frame also, of course. Lots of records of them flying to Paedo Island and so far, no absolute evidence they did anything untoward while there. Could the Clintons have arranged a hit inside a prison, while cameras mysteriously fail and guards are taken off a duty they are not allowed to leave? Well they’d have more chance than the Queen but even so, I think it would be pretty difficult.

It appears that Epstein either tried to commit suicide once before in that prison or was attacked. Either way he ended up in a cell on his own. So was he on suicide watch or not? Did the cameras fail or not? Were there cameras? Were the guards taken off their watch or were they not watching in the first place?

So what are the facts?

Epstein died in a single occupancy prison cell.

That’s it. That’s the only actual fact we have. We don’t even know for sure if he was on suicide watch. Everything else, all of it, is speculation at this point

Just to make it a bit worse, someone is saying he might have been ‘switched out’, that the corpse in the cell isn’t him, and he’s alive and hidden away by his rich pals somewhere.

Which of course has been the standard conspiracy theory since Elvis.

Was he murdered or did he commit suicide? Will we ever know?

More to the point, does it matter? He documented everything. Filmed things with hidden cameras. His flight logs are public knowledge. All that information is still there even after his death. Does his death exonerate his accomplices?

It also seems a bit silly. If one of your gang is in prison and paperwork emerges that implicates the rest of the gang, do you kill the imprisoned gang member right away? The paperwork is out. There is no escape. Killing the imprisoned gang member just brings out a mass of speculation and draws attention and accusations all round. It’s a stupid thing to do.

Was Epstein killed or did he commit suicide? I have no idea.

But either way, this monster is just going to get bigger.

10 thoughts on “Epstein’s Monster

  1. He’s not the first, nor the only one at the moment who has used sex as a means to further his own business interests. I suspect he had more dirt to bribe, or ruin careers than needed to make sure he got the best deal possible.

    In that respect Bernie Madoff was very wealthy and well connected, however he’s got 150 years in federal prison AND $170 billion in restitution. So in the end “friends” is just a descriptive term.

    There are a few issues I thought about.

    1. He genuinely loved sex and the younger the better. I doubt he’d fancy a future of DIY, so he’d be feeling pretty low.

    2. Didn’t much like being on his own. He revelled in the high life, receptions, banquets, fund raisers. Big comedown, left to speak to lawyers and prison guards (with the power to make his life unpleasant). Ego? Bye!

    3. He was a target in jail and he was physically assaulted, this would have highlighted his age and physical weaknesses/vulnerability. In short real life caught up with him.

    All those are issues I feel could have lead to depression. Not unique to Epstein of course, however there are stacks of examples of prisoners topping themselves within the first few months of incarceration.

    His Wiki entry is huge, it says he owns an island in the Bahamas, so why didn’t he go there and fight extradition? Clearly something didn’t work, or he didn’t realise they are deadly serious.


    However I read this on his Wiki and it’s little more than a spoilt child’s wet dream. Quote:

    According to various sources, Epstein, beginning in the early 2000s, showed a strong interest in improving the human race through genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, including using his own sperm. He addressed the scientific community at various events and occasions and communicated his fascination with eugenics.[210] It was reported in August 2019 that Epstein had planned to “seed the human race with his DNA” by impregnating up to 20 women at a time using his New Mexico compound as a “baby ranch”, where mothers would give birth to his offspring. He was an advocate of cryonics and his own idiosyncratic version of transhumanism, and had said, perhaps in jest, that he intended to have his penis and head frozen.[211][212]

    Reading that lot and my opinion changed. The guy was a full blown nut case with a narcissistic complex.

    By hanging himself, he destroyed his brain, so there will be no freezing of his head. And the pecker’s no use on its own, so either burn the carcass, or let the plant life have a wee nutrient boost.

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    • One thing I missed – other prisoners.

      It’s not uncommon for the rest of the prison population to beat the shit out of child molesters and often kill them. They might be vicious criminals but they have family – including children – on the outside that they can’t protect.

      Sometimes it’s an obvious hit, but I wonder how many paedo suicides in jail had a bit of assistance from the other inmates.


  2. Two slight corrections. Nothing he did or was accused of had a death penalty, and it was Clinton (singular) not plural who traveled with him. The Russia Did It (after it ate my homework) idea is meant to implicate –and therefore cover up for Trump, their alleged Manchurian Candidate, a meme that will never die no matter how many times it’s staked through the heart. Finally, some of the papers in the document dump are apparently exculpatory for some of the accused partiers and show some of the accusers are themselves less than reliable. Other conspiracy theorists see the Clintons as behind it, and yet others attempt to implicate Atty Gen. Barr because (get this) 30 years ago his father hired Epstein for a job from which he was eventually fired under a cloud. It’s all quite lunatic. And meanwhile, we’ll likely never get to know what actually happened and even if we’re told, almost no one will believe it.

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    • Corrections noted – although the Clintons tend to operate as a team. I believe current estimates have somewhere over 50 of their ‘friends’ committing suicide, incluing one who shot himself in the back of the head twice.

      As you say, it doesn’t really matter what the final explanation is because nobody will believe it.


  3. It’s interesting that in the end, we are all human no matter how superhuman we feel thanks to the privileges life deals us. In the world of high finance, being a billionaire is not the same as having the cold hard cash in your hand. I suspect that the possibility of him having scarce resources and friends to defend him might have come crashing down on him. Or someone did him in. Let the court of the internet decide. From most reports I read, he tended to use and abuse friendships and overstep the mark and lose friends quite regularly so he might have felt quite alone in that prison cell.

    The documentation released by the courts seems to paint a pretty sordid picture. From those he seems to have had quite a compulsive personality.

    Of true journalistic/public interest is the relationship between Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell. I won’t go into details. Hopefully she has a black book tucked safely away as insurance. Fingers crossed there isn’t a Hatton Garden type job at whatever establishment she may (or may not) be using to hold such a document. God forbid she loses that document (if it exists ) and the protection it affords.


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