September workfest

It’s already started really.

This summer we have been more sociable than either of us has been in our lives. Many visitors, to the point where when we went to Denmark for a week we just wanted to sit around and do nothing. September’s rule is ‘no overnight visitors’ and we only day-visit anywhere. October we are visiting Wales, and we might have my parents here in November. Christmas is going to be quiet.

I have spent the last few days catching up with the much-neglected garden. Crappy summer weather put far too long between grass cutting events so every one was a pain. So, like the farmers who are now frantically harvesting during this little patch of fine weather, I have spent a few days getting the garden to look like this –

Lawn One
Lawn Two
Lawn Three and part of the driveway.
And two shots of Lawn 4, the big one.

There is much more to do but on September 1st it all has to stop for a month.

I have to complete my tax return. No urgency this year because I don’t think I’ll get a rebate this time. It still has to be done though. Also, this month is author payments month. The results look ‘meh’ as usual but I think most authors get something. There are a couple of early books that would benefit from better covers, now that I know how to do it better but first I have a novel from Marsha Webb that just needs the cover finished and a short story collection from someone who calls himself Gastradamus online, but hasn’t settled on a pen name yet. I have to get those completed this month.

There is also the next Underdog Anthology which is now open and which must be finished in early October.

Lots to do before Brexit, if it happens, on Halloween this year.

If it doesn’t, Boris is going to be the face on every carved pumpkin and every one of them with have a hammer buried in it.

I have noted that we could buy a house in a village in Denmark that has far better internet access than we do, for a fraction of the cost of a house near Aberdeen. It’s an option I’m leaving open in case Brexit fails to happen.

Because if we don’t leave this time, the EU are going to shit on us from a very great height to discourage any other countries from trying it.

It’s really not ‘leaving’ you need to be scared of. It’s ‘failing to leave’ you need to worry about. If the abusive spouse wins, there is no second chance to escape and the EU will never forgive us for trying.

Shit or bust time, as they say in Wales.

6 thoughts on “September workfest

  1. I love the look of your place Leggy and I bet the rent is less than my poxy 3 bed house in the South West of England. Not sure I could handle the size of that garden though!!!!

    Liked by 3 people

      • Wow, that’s what you call value then!!! The only thing (other than the garden) would be the distance from a large town or city. But I’m sure I could get used to that so long as it’s not higher than the £875 a month I’m paying now!

        Liked by 1 person

    • There are sheep in the field next door. I have wondered about accidentally leaving the gate open… but the one who does get into the garden doesn’t eat the grass. The little sod eats the leaves of the strawberries and blackcurrants!

      Liked by 2 people

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