Utter chaos

Well, Boris has lost his first vote in the House of Conmen and the losers have won. For now.

Jerry Cordite is crowing that ‘his plan’ is working even though his plan to take control of the UK has now failed. It no longer matters who is PM, the legislation they plan to put through tomorrow means the UK PM takes his orders from Brussels and cannot object.

All of Jerry’s schemes will come to nothing. The EU forbid governments from bailing out industries so the steel works are now doomed. So are the car manufacturers and many others. The government, no matter who is in charge, can do nothing to help.

Even in the unlikely event that Grandpa Semtex wins an election, there is now nothing he can do. Not a damn thing, not unless the EU approves it first. Oh he’ll get socialism, he just won’t be the one in charge of it. Whatever they promised him, he really should know by now, they lied. He is not going to get a free hand.

The lunatics in Parliament want to hand the EU power to extend the Brexit date unilaterally and indefinitely. And remainers think that’s it – we stay in the EU and nothing will change.

Have they paid no heed to the spoutings of Tusky Don and Guy Thermostat and others? The EU is going to hammer the shit out of this country for trying to leave. All those remainers are going to have to cast very widely to find someone to blame.

Well, at least Boris has sacked the Remainers from his party. All of them. So he no longer has a majority, so what? Losing that vote means his government has no teeth anyway. He might as well clean house. There’s nothing else left to do but clear out the turncoats… and wait.

He might have failed. He might have gambled and lost. He might have royally screwed up.

Or he might be playing a blinder.

A general election is pretty much unavoidable now. The government has lost so many MPs it’s not viable to continue. The opposition cannot simply take over, and the government can no longer function. General election it is then.

Has he done this deliberately? If he tried to call an election before now, the opposition would have voted it down. Corbyn might be confident he’d win it but not all of Labour are so stupid. Also, all those MPs who switched party will have to face an electorate who voted them in on a manifesto they have now not just abandoned, but actually and vocally oppose. They certainly don’t want their gravy train to hit those buffers too soon.

A general election will see carnage. If there had been one when Boris took over, as the other parties insisted (including those MPs who changed parties and so had less of a mandate than Boris did), the Brexit party might have won a seat or two.

Now? Well it’s a whole new ball game. The House of Conmen is in chaos, MPs switching parties, Tories with no majority at all, Labour now outed as pro-EU and anti-Brexit, Lib Dems being Lib Dems with 20% of their MPs elected on the opposite manifesto for which they now stand and Catarrholine Mucus imagining she’s in charge.

This time, assuming the skin and bones of the Tory party has any sense at all, they’ll do a deal with Smoky Nigel and his Brexit party. If Boris is telling the truth then both parties want the same thing. At this point in time, no other policies really matter. It’s all going to be about Brexit.

And of course, if Brexit is achieved, the Brexit Party has no further purpose. They can stand down and trigger by-elections, or become Tories, or just see out their terms as MPs, whatever. They probably won’t get voted in again once they’ve done their job, and I’m pretty sure most of them will be happy to just let it go. Of course, if Brexit is not achieved, well… then it could get very interesting.

This general election, if it happens, will be that ‘People’s Vote’ the Remainers have been demanding. Here you go. Will you vote pro- or anti-Brexit? There really are no other issues that matter for this one.

The timing, though, is either incredibly lucky or a master stroke, because the EU dictatorship has to simultaneoulsy deal with the imminent collapse of the Italian and Spanish governments.

Add to this the continuing weekend protests in France and the refusal of the Eastern EU countries to allow themselves to be invaded by mass immigration and the EU has a lot to contend with now. Oh, and just to top it off, Italy is considering leaving.

It’s clear the EU is finished. It’s falling apart. Staying in it now would be insanity and if we do, we are going to be made to suffer for trying to leave before the entire edifice comes crashing down.

If Brexit fails, this country is going to suffer. Badly. The EU will make an example of us and they’ll want to do it before any other country tries to leave so it will be swift and brutal.

Hang on to the silly blue flags, Remainers. You’ll soon need them to keep yourselves warm.

11 thoughts on “Utter chaos

  1. If there is a GE, then the Brexit voters have a choice of the BP or the Tory Party. The Irish have the DUP.

    The Remainers have Labour, LibDems, Greens and we have the SNP. The Irish have their lot. That’s going to be very tricky and will involve a coalition hatched out of necessity.

    If BJ remains resolute in what is a personal vendetta against NF, then he really does risk losing to the above. The dynamics change greatly if the two of them can come to an arrangement in those constituencies where UKIP were strong and ahead of the Tories.

    I don’t think the BP will get more than a token number of MP’s, certainly less than 1% of the 650 up for grabs, so it’s no very big deal to stand aside in those constituencies.

    You can take a bet against me if you wish, my expectation is his opponents will do that as well (if you win you get 10 tobacco seed pods – first rate stuff, if you lose I get a link on your blog roll).

    Personally I dread to think of the SNP with 50 of their people in Parliament and the Scottish arm doesn’t even have a leader at the moment. They really must get their finger out and contest,

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    • I really do need to get around to sorting out that blogroll… When I do, you’re on it for sure.

      I’ll take the bet though, and put up a Leg Iron Books mug, of which there are only a few in existence 😉

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  2. Now Boris the Arch Fiend has purged his party of Arch Remainers he does need a GE. He would be utterly daft to ignore the helping hand offered by Farage. If Corbyn is too frit to go along with an election then Boris can sit it out. On 31st of October he can ask the EU for an extension as per this ridiculous law, the Corbyn Surrender Act. They grant him three months. Boris then uses the UK veto to not accept it and to object against it. Tick, tock and we leave at 23.00. Of course Boris could ask the Queen not to give it assent or Boris could refuse the Queens Consent which would kill it or he could be saved by fillibustering in the Lords. It ain’t over till the proverbial sings. Interesting times.

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    • The Tories don’t have a functional government, the Opposition can’t simply take over (much as they’d like to) so the only sensible course of action is a GE. The Fixed Term Parliament act prevents it unless the Commons vote for it.They won’t because they know so many of them would be out of a job afterwards.

      So as you say, Boris can just sit it out. I suspect he won’t have to veto his own request for an extension though – Spain is sick of the whole thing and I think Italy will say ‘no’ too. So whatever happens there won’t be an extension and unless Corbyn’s mob succeed in a political coup, it’s over.

      There’s still the Queen. Will she sign a paper handing control of her Parliament to Brussels?

      They don’t have very long. Parliament closes by the 12th September.

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    • Now the Squeaker has bailed out, tears in eyes. That means one of his deputies has to step in and Labour or the Limp Dems lose an MP because it’s usually a minority MP who gets the job and I think the MP who becomes Squeaker has to give up their party affiliation.


      • The Speaker is supposed to be impartial and have no party affiliation but Tyrion has pretty much wrecked that precedent now. So expect a Lib Dem Squeaker with an absolute anti-Brexit and anti-Tory bias next.

        They aren’t playing by the rules any more.


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