18 years ago

I was at work. I had just returned from a work trip – by plane – and had been held up by security for a while as they passed my bag again and again through the scanner. Looked inside then scanned it again. I was quite relaxed about it, I had nothing in there to worry about and, as was usual on that particular trip, I was at the airport way too early anyway.

Turns out they thought my hip flask was a knife. It was edge-on to the scanner. There was no drama, no tension, it was resolved and I went on my way.

The date was September 10th, 2001. Ihave often wondered what the security reaction might have been if I had been flying home on the 12th.

The next day, on the lab radio, we all heard live coverage of the maniacs flying planes into US buildings. The most dramatic, the one that caused most harm and death, was of course the World Trade centre.

Sure, I’ve heard all the conspiracy theories but for those nearly 3000 people who died that day – plus of course those on the other hijacked planes that rarely seem to get a mention – theory is of no consequence. They died, all in horrible circumstances, and the blame lay on Osama bin Laden and whoever was behind him (again, there are many plausible theories).

Will it happen again? The place, and particularly the date, have significance in Islam. This is a long read but worth your time.

The place? Why New York? Why not concentrate the attack on the White House? Oh there was a plane headed in that direction but it was brought down by the passengers, revolting against the hijackers, because by then they knew what happened with the other planes. The White House was a secondary target, as was the Pentagon. The hijackers concentrated on the Twin Towers in New York.

In 1453, the Ottoman Empire took control of a city that was deemed the centre of civilisation at that time. The great city of Constantinople. The city known all over the known inhabited world of the time as ‘The Golden Apple’. Taking control of that city was part of Islamic prophecy, although the prophecy could have been adapted (maybe even originally written) to refer to the main hub of world commerce at any particular time.

The centre of world trade in the modern world was in New York. The Big Apple. Taking that was a major coup in the minds of those who believe in prophecy. Don’t be too quick to poo-pooh prophecies. They might all be nonsense but they inspire people to do terrible things in an attempt to make them come true.

Well that could possibly explain the target. The date?

September 11th 1683, the Ottoman Empire was poised to take Vienna. It was the last day that their force was considered unstoppable because they were stopped, quite comprehensively, the following day. The army surrounding Vienna was almost wiped out completely by a large Christian force commanded by the Polish. If you have never seen the Winged Hussars, they are worth looking up. Seeing that cavalry come at you, especially if you are deeply religious, would be terrifying. There were, of course, far more than just the Polish in that army but just as Islam has not forgotten that day, neither has Poland. Nor have the countries to the east of it. Which might open some eyes as to their current immigration policies.

So we have the Golden Apple/Big Apple, the centre of world trade and we have September 11th, the date the Ottomans started losing ground.

Those who planned the attack would certainly have been well versed in Islamic history and prophecies and may well have set the target and timing quite deliberately.

It’s been difficult to pay any attention to American politics lately, what with the utter shitshow that is current UK politics. Tyrion Bercow has been an absolute embarrassment as Speaker and the Remain idiots in Parliament are currently staging a student sit-in in an empty building. Leave them in there, I say. Let them sing their silly songs and we can all ignore them for a while.

However, there has been much ado about Donnie Trumpton inviting the Taliban for talks this week. The timing seems particularly insensitive. The talks were cancelled by Trump because those idiot Arabs thought it would be a good bargaining ploy if they blew up some people just before the meeting. Hint, beardies: it was not a good ploy at all. Now they are threatening terror attacks because Trump cancelled the meeting. Well, you turbaned ruffians were going to carry out attacks anyway, so how is that even a start at bargaining?

I wonder, did Trump set the timing deliberately too? So that if there was another September 11 attack he’d have the culprits right there in America, surrounded by his security? Maybe he expected them to screw it up and never planned to meet them at all.

Or maybe he just wasn’t thinking. I suppose we’ll never know for sure.

A couple of decades ago, few people outside Islam were aware of the details of its history, and of the prophecies its adherents are trying to fulfil. Now there cannot be a government advisory office on the planet that hasn’t studied it all in great detail.

The difficult part is going to be getting their governments to listen.

9 thoughts on “18 years ago

  1. The Turks, determined to achieve their conquest, planned a strategy that involved digging a tunnel under the Viennese walls and reaching the center of the city. In order not to be discovered, they would dig at night, advancing little by little towards their target. Nevertheless, their plan wasn’t flawless. The city’s bakers used to work after sunset, so as they were baking bread, they heard the scraping and tapping sounds of the tools their enemies were using to dig. Frightened, they alerted their kinsmen and the defenses hastily prepared for the attack.

    It was thanks to the bakers that the Turks were finally forced to stop the siege and Vienna was saved.

    The emperor, who was very thankful, rewarded the bakers with honors and privileges, including the right to bear a sword. At the same time, the victory was a reason to celebrate and that inspired the bakers to invent two varieties of pastries. The first one was called the “emperor”, and the other one, as a way to mock the invaders, was called the “croissant”, which means crescent moon, because it was shaped as the symbol used in the Turkish flag.

    In order to celebrate the defeat of the Turkish army at the siege of the Austrian capital in 1683, the Viennese bakers came up with a brioche in the shape of a crescent (which was part of the enemies’ flag) to take a bite out of them!

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  2. I was working at home that day. I was an I.T. manager and our company had many clients in the twin towers. The week before I had a pair of technicians in New York for a client and they did the trip to the observation deck on top. On the day of the attack we lost one of our salesmen: he was on his way to talk to a client about a new installation. Had the project gone ahead I would have been there a couple of weeks later.
    Scary to think what could have been if the timing had been different.

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  3. I do wish they’d try to get their heads around what’s happening in Yemen. The Saudi coalition is not winning and it never will. Even the current interim President of Sudan wants to pull their troops because the attrition rate is appalling.

    Exactly the same situation in Afghanistan. Our lot will not win… ever.

    Trump is perfectly correct, they can only contain it. Keep it the region and top down vet everyone even remotely suspicious. It may not play well with some talking heads, but ordinary people understand this.

    Like in Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and of course us lot.

    I’m not saying for one second that every person from the region or who follow the religion are horrid individuals, far from it. Just the wholesale mass migration Europe is being subjected to is fundamentally flawed and vetting after entry doesn’t hack it.

    The departure of Bolton is encouraging. He being the reason for so many attempts at dialogue with other leaders being scuppered. Kim being the greatest fuckup of all.

    All this demands greater resources into intelligence gathering, and isn’t it convenient that the revenue from tobacco is being slowly eroded and the budget for tobacco control going ballistic.

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  4. Me and my girlfriend had booked a weeks holiday in NYC at the beginning of October 2001.

    After the attack, we decided to still go as 1) our hotel was just south of Central Park, so nowhere near the WTC and 2) we reckoned NYC in October would be the safest place on Earth.

    Others clearly did cancel as we got upgraded to a suite.

    We weren’t ghouls so didn’t go anywhere near the WTC. The atmosphere in the bits we visited was exactly the same as on our holiday there in April 2000. We went to see The Mikado and you’d never have guessed from the atmosphere that anything so horrific had happened only a few weeks before.

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  5. Interesting the theories about Islamic prophecy and the attmpts to fulfil them. But why is no one suggesting solutions to all this? it might sound a lost cause but why do we not love our enemies? That might sound a bit feeble but “love can cover a multitude of sins.” Make friends even and we may then be able to have a dialogue. As that Russion gentleman said, “it is better to jaw jaw than war war.” Islam, along with most of the Christian denominations is an authoritarian religion. Would they listen if we asked them to consider the great age of reform for mid eighteenth century to the early twentieth. This was a peaceful revolution of manners. It was unique but we have given up on the Judeo-Christian ethic which motivated it.
    Anyway does the real threat to our culture, what is left of it, and to our identity come from the extremists and the crackpots who blow themselves up in the cause of Islam. What it all the good and peaceful Muslims out breed us and then outvote us and impose their authoritarian and extremist law, just as they did in Lebanon. We could be in for another Civil war our extremists took into their not pretty little heads to start one. If a dialogue was going on and some Muslims actually read the Bible or at least the New Testament might they not begin to have doubts about the rightness of their standpoint. Civil wars are not nice and it is the common people who suffer most and not the toffs. Nor are revolutions likely to solve anything except to make it easier for a dictator to tell the people what they want and need and then go about it. That is not what we want, even Sharia might be better than a new, highly polished and modern Hitler. I reckon there is such a person waiting in the wings and and longer for his chance at a ‘peaceful’ and ‘democratic’ takeover.

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