Has Trump blown it?

Donnie Trumpton has decided to ban all flavours for Electrofags.

Why? Well, six people have died and more have been hospitalised for using their vape devices (Electrofags) to inhale illegal drugs. Don the Trumper thinks this is solved by… banning the legal flavours.

No, Don-boy, what you intend will boost the sale of illegal drug-based vape jiuces and destroy the legal market. It will also boost the numbers of hospitalisations and deaths due to illegal vape liquids because the legal ones are no longer available. That is going to be used to beat you down, every single day. I have often wondered whether you are a genius or an idiot – this move puts you firmly in the ‘idiot’ box.

All the Democrats have to do now is oppose this, support the vapers, and in 2020 you are fucked.

It’s not just the vapers’ votes you have just lost. All their family, all their friends, were delighted to see them switch from smoking to vaping because, you see, in the real world we all know that vaping is at least 95% less risky than smoking. Now, all those family and friends have to watch their loved ones switch back to smoking and they all know that you are personally responsible.

Every time one of those ex-vaping smokers gets emphysema, they will blame you. Every time one of them gets lung cancer, they will blame you. Every time one of them so much as coughs, they will blame you. Don Trump, the Tobacco Pusher.

Look, Donnie, I live near Balmedie in Scotland where we haven’t liked you very much for decades anyway (you know why) but I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt as POTUS. So far you did pretty well, I thought, but it seems you have reverted to type. You don’t like it, nobody can have it.

You have no idea how deep this goes. Smokers who wish to try to quit were looking at vaping as a viable alternative. Let’s face it, the Pharmer crap doesn’t work even though it is mysteriously exempt from nicotine warnings on its nicotine products. Those smokers aren’t going to vote for you now.

And neither are their family and friends who hoped they’d quit smoking.

Donald, Don, Donny, Don-boy, Donnybubble (you don’t mind if I call you Donnybubble do you? Millions of vapers and their families are calling you a lot worse right now) you have fucked up big time.

You have just handed your opponents the nuclear button. ‘So the President is not interested in gun control but is going to ban mango flavoured steam’. Get out of that one.

You just have to hope the Democrats are as dim as you think they are, and my bet is, they ain’t all Alex Occaisonal-Cortex. They are going to latch on to this and they are going to swing millions of vaper votes their way.

Also, did you know that many Hollywood weirdoes also vape? Big names, Donny. Popular names. All inhaling harmless raspberry and coffee flavoured steam. Not oil-based illegal cannabis crap.

You, Don, the man who likes to shout ‘Fake news’, has just fallen into the trap laid by the fakest news of all. And your opponents will take it to the bridge. If they don’t, they must indeed be stupid.

I know you don’t like smoking and I’m betting you don’t like vaping either. So what changed?

Well, now the smoking and vaping voters don’t like you either.

Get that goodbye speech written. Ban the legal flavours on the pretence of stopping the illegal drugs and trust me, you’re done.

4 thoughts on “Has Trump blown it?

  1. Something just struck me, and that is these vague references to I guess Trump and his wife’s son? Baron?

    It’s not unusual for the government to treat the citizenry like children, and sometimes prolly rightfully so because the citizenry are actually acting like children, but are we seeing honest to God political/governmental parenting and actual parenting at the same time from the President here? He’s got a son, doesn’t want him vaping, wife puts a bug in his ear how to deal with their own personal problem, he outlaws vaping for the whole country, any vaping issues regarding his/their son = SOLVED! “Sorry kiddo, but not only do me and your mother not want you vaping, but the whole country doesn’t want you or anyone else vaping.” How old is this kid anyway? 13? I just looked it up…this kid is 13? Why is this even an issue? Ya gotta be 18, 19 or 21 to purchase vaping stuff, depending on where you live, and he don’t appear to qualify.

    This whole thing is kinda misty tho as to who is going to “ban” this stuff, and how they are gonna do it. He’s got no magic wand to wave and make it so, and even if he did, that wouldn’t make him right. Regardless, this whatever it is that he’s doing sounds downright monarchical.
    (no offense meant tho those living under monarchies or similar)

    Could be a diversionary tactic to draw heat away from the FDA over the Monsanto/Roundup-Glyphosate business. Lots is going on there. The Germans sure as shit seem panicked.

    Maybe the royal couple (US version) is just getting empty nest jitters.


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