Sowing the seeds of hate

Well, the vapers are getting a real taste of antismoker hate this week. With one important difference.

The Puritans won’t ban smoking. Too much tax income involved and too many rich peoples’ pensions are locked into tobacco company shares.

Vaping has no such backroom protections. The Puritans can openly hate us smokers but they’ll never ban it because of the cashflow. Vaping doesn’t generate that cashflow.

So, we have the moves to ban flavours, very rapidly (not surprisingly) followed by moves to ban vaping altogether. Orange Don has tried to roll back on his ridiculous anti-vape stance but too late. Rolling back on it now is just going to get him tarred with the ‘You don’t care about the cheeeldren dying!’ hysteria. Which, incidentally, is coming from people who support abortion up to the moment of birth. Still, Don fell for that trap, let’s see if he can find a way out. I can’t.

Abortion is a separate argument. Personally I’d support it up to the point where they get elected to government but that’s possibly leaning towards the slightly extreme end of the spectrum. It seems to be all or nothing in the USA though. Some states you can have your photo taken with your newborn and then sell it for spare parts, other states you go to jail for a natural and unfortunate miscarriage. There seems to be no middle ground.

Anyway, back to smoking and vaping.

We’ve had pompous, self-important antismoking vapers since it started. Not all, I hasten to add, but a vocal minority, who delighted in siding with the Puritans against the smokers they left behind. We told them, one day they’ll come for you, but the ones breathing the Holy Steam never listened. I bet they still aren’t listening even as their Electrofags are snatched from their non-yellowed fingers.

It does wear off, by the way. The yellow finger stains, I mean. Change the way you hold your smokes and the stains from your habitual holding pattern will fade in time. Switch to vaping and they’ll vanish forever… until you are forced back to smoking by Orange Don’s Puritan Loonies.

The Puritans took full advantage of their new temporary vaper allies, letting them whip up more smoker-hate, until they realised the effect on their bottom line as vaping became more popular and tobacco taxes declined. So now they have turned on the vapers, and they have turned very hard indeed.

So hard, in fact, that they are trying to turn smokers into vaper-haters.

Yes. Really.

I inhale the smoke from a little bonfire in my face. You really want me to be scared of flavoured steam?

There can be absolutely no effect whatsoever from your nearby Electrofag while I’m actually burning leaves in my mouth. I’d get more effect from a kettle with a vanilla pod in it.

What this study actually says is that a third of smokers have experienced some poor bugger with a steam-stick thrust out into the same cold, inadequate shelter as the smokers. It does not equate to any kind of harm from that experience and it never will – because there can be no possible harm.

It’s fucking steam with a bit of flavour, a dash of nicotine and the chemical they use in asthma inhalers. Damn, if it does anything, it’ll do smokers good! It might even get a few interested smokers to try it for themselves. The price difference is a big pull here (that’s why I keep trying it, even though I haven’t found one to totally replace the real thing yet). That price difference is almost all tobacco tax, and that is why the alternative must be destroyed. Antismokers are losing money!

Get ready, vapers. The Puritans are turning smokers against you. It won’t be hard in many cases, remember how vocal your pompous bastards were in denouncing us? Petty revenge is petty, but you know it’s coming.

You are going to see smokers mysteriously diagnosed with ‘popcorn lung’ which, if it was real, should have been affecting smokers all along. You are going to see smoker cancer cases attributed to second hand vaping. Biologically impossible, but then look at the silly pictures on cigarette packets. You can’t get ‘meth mouth’ from tobacco, but here we are.

We already have ‘danger: contains nicotine’ warnings on packaged Electrofags that contain no nicotine. We do not have that warning on tomatoes or potatoes or the Pharmer’s nicotine patches and gum.

The aim is, of course, to split smokers and vapers further. There will still be the Holy Vapers who see their former compatriots as less than human. There will now be the Holy Smokers who at last have the chance to smack down the smug bastards – and to be honest, who can blame them?

Oh it’s going to work. It won’t take long.

If smokers and vapers were to come together as ‘nicotine consumers’ or similar, under a banner that covers us all, the Puritans would be screwed and they know it.

Will it happen?

Doesn’t look like it.

11 thoughts on “Sowing the seeds of hate

  1. Well it’s as you say “we” don’t do protests. Nor do drones, or block streets, or laud a teen with pigtails. Crickey our “spokesperson’s” that chap heading Forest.

    What we do is in polling booths and boy have we done good.

    So logic would imply that President Trump may as well enjoy the next 17 months and prep for retirement. Now the hacked off cape people won’t be singled out as the straw what broke. No they’ll say its because his farting around with China resulted in a whole bunch of farmers losing millions.

    Same as the myopic twats think UKIP got popular just because they want us out of the political construct in Belgium!

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      • All their infighting and frequent changes of leader. Their acceptance of Tommy and their inability to post a clear manifesto on their website were factors.

        The loss of Farage and the far more credible Brexit was another.

        From a personal standpoint the way their MEPS behaved in Brussels was another.

        I do understand your statement and yes they really haven’t a clue who their core supporters are. However they did not drop their support of changing the smoking ban, as I posted earlier this year.

        What’s odd is they appear to have a core support that’s low at between 1 and 3%. Not enough to get anyone elected, but large enough to screw things in marginal seats.


  2. Whilst one can understand the enthusiasm people have for discovering something they believe to have transformed their lives, in the long run it really doesn’t pay to slag off one’s ex-confederates. Sadly, too many vapers appeared to lack those visionary qualities.

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    • Nope. Let them deal with it. We tried to warn them, they didn’t want to hear.

      As with the Church of Climatology, the time for talking has passed. Just get the popcorn, settle back and watch the show 🙂

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  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else conceal a tiny “we told you so” smirk whenever there’s a new story dredged up by the anti-alcohol, anti-sugar, anti-salt and (now) anti-vaping brigade to highlight the dangers of “their” little pet hate? I know it’s not good to stoop to their levels, but I just can’t help but feel ever-so-slightly satisfied when I hear, almost word for word, the same old hackneyed mantras (“for the sake of the cheeeldren,” “cost to the NHS,” “[scary percentage] increased risk of [scary illness],” “research has shown” etc etc etc) being rolled out against some new target or another.

    It’s just surprising that none of these new targets, whilst they will argue vehemently about the inaccuracy or unfairness of the new “blame game,” never seem to have that “aha!” moment of having heard those pronouncements before in the dim and distant past. Neither do they seem to have the ability to recall where those first baby-steps towards creating a new Health Enemy No 1 ends up. Maybe they blank it out because it’s just too difficult to explain how they can argue that these self-proclaimed “experts” are completely wrong, or liars, or funded by interested parties when it comes to their own vice, but at the same time hold the belief that those same “experts” are totally saintly, truthful and honest when it comes to smoking.

    Or maybe they are just the living embodiment of the fact that smoking improves the memory, and that the moment you give up your ability to remember events from more than a year or two ago, unaided by tobacco, is simply impossible …

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