The Orchestrated Man

The world seems full of lunacy lately. In America, Tango Don has declared that flavoured steam is evil and his minions have taken this to mean they can ban vaping in their states.

Well, some people have become sick, some have died, from using cannabis oil in dodgy street vape juice. Nobody has died from vaping coffee, blueberry or roast chicken flavoured steam. This hysteria has crippled a lot of small businesses and hammered the most effective alternative to smoking that has ever been devised. Why? Well, money of course. If they aren’t smoking cigarettes, the state loses a hell of a lot of taxation.

Therefore the harm reduction must be stopped. To hell with the ‘health of the nation’. There’s cash involved.

In the UK, Boriswise the Clown has been accused of breaking a law that was spontaneously created three weeks after he broke it. Now there are calls for him to resign, including from Smoky Nige, which surprised me. I thought he wanted Brexit? Also Monochrome Man, the Forgotten Prime Monster who is best known for shagging a Currie, has been lifted from his formaldehyde bottle to demand Boriswise apologise for doing something that Monochrome Man did for far more devious reasons. Support for Boriswise grows by the day.

Well, Boriswise seems all funny and jokey on the outside but inside there are signs he plans to revive Tessie Maybe’s ridiculous surrender deal in a new cover. Oh yes, Georgie, they all float down here.

If he does that, the Tory party will be a footnote in the history books, assuming the EU Empire even allows their inclusion in those books.

So, did he see it coming? He should have.

He sacked so many Tories from his government that he knew he was in a weak position, but then with those Tories voting against him anyway it didn’t really matter which party they were in. Even so, he is very much in a minority government and is likely to lose every vote.

He must have known they’d come up with some law to stop him going for ‘no deal’ Brexit, but had he already realised that EU law makes what he has called the ‘surrender’ law irrelevant? We’re still in. EU law still overrides anything Parliament says.

The Gin Miller was always going to spend other people’s money in court after court to try to prove he broke a law. In the end they had to invent one, a law that puts the judges’ authority higher than both Parliament and the Queen. He must have known the Supreme Court would act as they did, since he knows who is on it. Video of him after the fact seems to suggest he’s unfazed by being spontaneously criminalised. Most people would be furious, or at least concerned. He’s acting like he expected this. I’d go so far as to say he’s acting as if he planned it.

He has twice asked to go to a general election and both times been voted down. He’s going to try again. He knows he won’t win it, that’s the point. They call him ‘dictator’ but he keeps offering an election. What do people see, out in the real world?

We have a Fixed Term Parliament Act that means he can’t call a general election unless the House of Conmen agree to it. If he resigns, it does not trigger an election. A new Prime Monster is appointed and with the Tory party now just a rump, it might not be a Tory. This is why the remainers demand he resign, so they can appoint a ‘caretaker PM’ for the rest of this Parliament. That ‘caretaker’ will lock us into the EU and by the time we get to another election, there won’t be one. We’ll be spending Euros, our kids will be conscripted into the EU army and the Mother of Parliaments will be an overpaid and toothless council office. With fewer powers than our councils have at the moment.

All this is not speculation. Guy Thermostat has been very clear on all these points. If we remain we will have to adopt the Euro within six months, the EU army is going to conscript the 18-30 age group and there will be no more autonomous UK.

Yeah kids, that Club 18-30 holiday isn’t going to be as much fun as it used to be.

Quite what any army is going to do with multi-gendered twerking rainbow unicorns is anyone’s guess. They won’t touch guns or knives, their weapons will be online insults and the terrifying milkshake mortar. That rainbow camouflage, well, you might want to rethink that after a battle or two against the Chinese People’s Army. But hey, there’s always the chance the enemy will die laughing.

Boriswise looks calm and collected and is taking no nonsense from the rage-faces across the playpen of parliament. Did he set it up? I would have. Hysterical, enraged people are very easy to lure into even the most blatant of traps. They take the bait even when that bait has spotlights on it, a fanfare and a huge sign saying ‘Hook inside!’ They really do. It works so much better if you’re the one who enraged them in the first place. I could tell of the times I sent scientific opponents on wild goose chases so they could ‘steal my ideas and get there first’ but that’s a much later post 😉

All Boris has to do is stay calm, not resign, but keep offering a no-confidence vote and the resulting general election. They dare not take it, but the public see a Prime Monster really trying to let the people have a say, up against an establishment determined to silence both him and them. The longer they refuse an election, the stronger Boriswise gets.

It all hinges on whether he wants a real Brexit or some form of Tessie Maybe’s vassal state nonsense.

Well, Boriswise? Do we float?

Or sink?

3 thoughts on “The Orchestrated Man

  1. As you have pointed out before, and as Boris well knows, until we leave the EU, EU law remains paramount over UK law AND over whatever the supreme court squawks about this time. Article 50 has been invoked, no more extensions have been requested so the assembled politicians, legaloids and clueless bollocks-talkers can burble on all they want to whilst the deadline slowly runs out and Britain gets set to leave the EU.

    Boris knows this.

    Boris planned this.

    Boris is busy now setting out his stall for an election, partly by tempting the Old Red Morons and the Yellow Something Else parties into ever-greater feats of foot-shooting, and partly by repeatedly waving the red cape at Parliament in an attempt to trigger an election. Regardless of what the Great Unclued think they can make happen, EU law is paramount over UK law until Brexit, whereupon EU law is irrelevant.

    Consider the alternatives to the Tory Party. You may have to hold your nose as you do so. The main one is Magic Grandpa and his merry band of roustabouts, fantasists and assorted buffoons. The safe, sane policies that they think are sufficiently anodyne as not to cause any fuss at all include boosting the rental sector by means of state-sanctioned theft (a right to buy from anyone at a price set by government which is lower than the market value) which ought to make any sane investor run like hell away from building rental properties. This muddle-in-waiting also wants to renationalise pretty much everything out there, since obviously a bunch of innumerate politicos are better at running a business than are trained, experienced businessfolk.

    Remember, those are the sane, non-controversial policies being mooted. Odds are there’s worse, especially as McDonnell claims to have war-gamed what would happen if there was a run on the Pound (which is as good as running up a flag to the City saying “Caution, economic fuckwits at work! Prepare to repel boarders!”). Warning the City that you’re about to do something very silly is never a good idea, since the assembled ranks of City gents will then prepare the lead lifebelts and concrete overshoes that every sane merchant adventurer keeps handy for the disposal of inconvenient politicians.

    But remember, behind all this is Boris. He consistently acts like a clown so that whenever he does something daft by accident, then that’s just Boris being Boris the clown, but behind all of this is Boris the very sharp man who knows the EU, knows how it will react, and is currently doing a fairly good impersonation of Lord Vetinari in a silly wig.

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  2. I believe Boris is an extremely ambitious individual. I’ve worked with his type and prefer to get behind them rather than stand in their way.

    The job he’s got is the best in his profession and he not only wants to keep it, he wants to grow in it.

    The fact he’s booted and will continue to get rid of more “Tories” in name only indicates he wants to cleanse his party as well, so he’s deadly serious.

    It also means he used his time on the benches to suss who they are, and that’ll include the party hierarchy, so don’t weep when Major says he’ll quit at the next election.

    His appeal lies in making an advantage out of a disadvantage. Nigel wants a clean break, no deal full stop. He and his party are a serious threat in marginal seats, so he needs to break them.

    That’s one powerful reason for him to hang in there until 1 November. And yes he can, and will continue to use insulting language because they can’t do jack shit about it. And to a very large extent what he says is actually true; they are “lily livered” and cowards.

    I think he’ll be around for quite some time and he’ll be able to wash his hands of the inevitable no deal, pointing – correctly – to “them” as the reason it happened.

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