Apocalypse when?

Well, submissions have closed for Underdog Anthology 9. We have 8 authors confirmed and one more still to confirm. Not much editing to do this time, everyone has put in well pre-edited work. I should have this one done by October 10th.

Then two more and then the Christmas anthology. It’s all a bit frantic right now but if it ends up with an easy Christmas, it’s worth it.

It’s all a bit mad in the outside world. The American health nuts want to ban vaping because some idiots used the devices to inhale cannabis oil. Well, let’s be honest – they want to ban vaping because smoking rakes in so much more in taxes. So we are hearing a lot of outright lies now.

The UN are now claiming that toilets won’t flush because of catastrophic sea level rise. The Maldives are still there. The ice caps are still there. There have been glaciers receding and a couple have vanished. Elsewhere, glaciers have grown bigger. I live in Scotland, a country of rolling glens carved by glaciers over millenia. There are no glaciers here now and we don’t really want them back, thanks.

Earth’s climate changes. Always has and always will. Looking at 40 years of weather means nothing at all. There were times in the past when the oxygen concentration in hte atmosphere was so high, spiders could grow to the size of dinner plates. You really want that climate back? There were times when it was so warm there were no ice caps and times when it was so cold most of the planet was covered in ice. Life, believe me, preferred the warm option.

We are now told that a rise in temperature of one or two degrees will kill us all. Really? Then every Brit who went to Corfu for their holidays died there. None could possibly have survived that much of a change in temperature.

It’s all complete crap and have you noticed how panicked the Church of Climatology is at the moment? It’s because their controllers know what’s really coming and they have to push their agenda very hard indeed before it arrives. Not long now. By January, all those demanding the closure of power stations will be demanding they reopen. Too late. The time for discussion has passed. Reality has arrived. Governments have been preparing for the wrong Armageddon.

In politics, we have the panicked shrieks of globalists as they see their plans fall apart. They are doing all they can to bring down their opponents. I mean. look at the current attack on Boris the Prime Monster in the UK. Some woman claims he squeezed her thigh 20 years ago and the press is pushing it as if he’d dismembered a baby and walked around town using its head skin as a hat. All I see is, ‘if that’s all they have on him, he must be pretty clean’.

It’s happening all over and none of it matters. This civilisation is done. We have men pretending to be women so they can get into women’s prisons where they rape women. Nobody is allowed to question it. We have weekly riots in France that nobody is allowed to report on. We have so much fail, this civilisation simply cannot survive.

In a story called ‘Pandora’s Lost Luggage‘ I used the idea of a previous, long forgotten civilisation destroyed by a god called Moros, but now I wonder…

Maybe they didn’t ‘go back to the stone age’ as I had thought. Maybe they really did wipe themselves out entirely. Maybe it will happen to us too.

We don’t need to go back to any stone age. There are already people on this planet living that way. Isolated tribes in South America who have no contact with the outside world. The island off India where the natives kill anyone who comes within range. Other places too. The seeds of our replacement are already sown.

It’s said that humanity originated in North Africa (I know, it’s disputed, but it really doesn’t matter where that first small tribe started). Maybe in a few thousand years, historians will tell their people that humanity started in South America. Without ever realising that they weren’t the first, but that they were the only ones left. Then they will marvel at the remnants of structures ‘created by the primitive ancestors’. We have that now – who built the pyramids and the Sphinx, when it is clear that they predate the Egyptians? How about those Inca walls that we can’t even replicate now?

Maybe it’s a cycle. We get so far then wipe ourselves out, and another remote tribe gradually explores the planet and starts the cycle again. How many times can it have happened?

And is it happening again?

17 thoughts on “Apocalypse when?

  1. The end of this post sounds like a pitch for another Battlestar Galactica reboot. All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again……

    De ja vous?

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    • It might be why we never get visited by aliens. Civilisation gets so far and then falls apart and starts again. With nobody having any clue how the stuff left behind by the last lot even works.

      If that happens on every planet then nobody ever gets further than their own solar system at best. Unless a civilisation somewhere manages to avoid making up crap for profit and pandering to their lunatic fringe…

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  2. Future civilisations will speculate about, and learned professors will pen best sellers on, the weird religion that caused people to cover the Earth with enormous symbols of their cruel God Mercedes, who threatened to fry the Eartb and all the people on it for their sins.
    Other religions required that all the productive agricultural land be covered in reflective mirrors, massive heliographs, used to communicate with extra-terrestrial saviours.
    But all to no avial. The Ice returned and covered all of Earth.

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    • Oh they’ll think we sacrificed teenagers to the Glacier Gods because they believed in the heretical Green God of Warming. They’ll think of us the way we think of the Incas and the pre-Egyptians and imagine we spent all day making rectangular bricks out of slabs of rock to build our homes. If there are any left – modern brick isn’t likely to last as long as those massive boulders.

      The more I think about Gobleki Tepe, the more I think they have it the wrong way round. They have subsistence level hunter-gatherers suddenly building an enormously complex structure, which they then deliberately buried. I suspect it’s more likely that they deliberately buried it and then became hunter-gatherers. Why would they do that?

      Maybe a petulant teenager convinced them they were destroying the environment and the only way to save the world was to return to Pol Pot style agrarian communism.

      Could that have happened? Well it’s happening now…

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  3. “Some woman claims he squeezed her thigh 20 years ago and the press is pushing it as if he’d dismembered a baby and walked around town using its head skin as a hat.”

    And how much of the press has pointed out that the “some woman” is actually the girlfriend of TV political reporter and rabid remainer Robert Peston?

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  4. Repent, for the end draweth nigh. I think that is true, but probably not from global warming.

    If our coastline is under threat from imminent disaster, what steps are being taken? What new defenses have been constructed since climate change was declared the world’s biggest issue? What steps are in place to rehouse about 7 million people when London is under water?

    If the answer is ‘nothing is being done’ then the politicians aren’t taking it as seriously as they ought to. Everyone who lives at or near sea level should have an appointed room in someone else’s house well above sea level, so that they can go and live there when the time is right. It wouldn’t be that bad, because people in blocks of flats can still live in the upper floors and travel by canoe and underground trains could be replaced by submarines.

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    • Many photographs have surfaced lately showing coastal images from the 1930s and beyond, compared with the same places now. It is clear there has been no detectable change in sea levels in that time.

      The Maldives are still there. Miami and New York are no more underwater than they were in the roaring 20s. Even Venice, which you would expect to really notice any change in sea level, remains as it was.

      It seems to me that all this sea level stuff is millionaires trying to bring down the price of beachfront properties they had their eyes on. If it was really happening, no insurance company nor mortgage lender would touch any coastal property with a bargepole. A 25 year mortgage on a house that’s going to be underwater in 10 years? The bank manager would have security escort you out. That doesn’t happen though, does it?

      Sure, sea levels have changed. Between the UK and Europe are the sunken remains of settlements that existed when sea levels were lower than now and there was dry land there. There are marine animal remains found on dry land from the time when sea levels were higher (you will reference that as Noah’s flood, it doesn’t matter, the principle is the same) Sea levels go up and down over time but over very long times. Hundreds or thousands of years. Unless some catastrophe hits, nobody is going to notice much of a change over a century or so. We are told a few centimetres of sea level rise is catastrophic. Maybe that’s happened. Nobody who isn’t taking very, very fine measurements is going to notice any difference.

      The end times though? Nothing to do with global warming. I suspect it will have rather more to do with financial greed and the consequence-blindness associated with it, and the pandering to really daft things like demanding your pronouns are ‘flibbity/wibbity’ and that you identify as a Lycra walrus and everyone must respect your choices.

      This civilisation is now far madder than the end days of Rome. Can it be saved? Wrong question.

      Is it worth even trying?

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        • I’ve moved my PC to a comfier room and was so chilled out I posted that last thing by mistake. Let’s try again.

          “Is it worth even trying?”

          I have been badgering my MSPs about the smacking ban vote (later today?) – all 8 of them – how stupid is that, to have 8 MSPs? No wonder they don’t listen – if, for nothing else, than that I want them to know that we’re not all idiots.

          Plus, the more of us who use up their time, the less time they’ll have to think of new ways of persecuting us.

          I wrote to the two Labour ones: How to give Labour some highly-needed credibility: The answer is to vote against the smacking ban this week in accordance with public opinion and the rights of families to chastise reasonably.

          Let this nefarious farce be consigned to history along with the Named Person scheme, so that the limited resources can be aimed at those who need them and not on criminalising decent parents.

          Waste of time in a way.

          Good point about mortgages. I’ve watched a few videos recently about the new mega skyscrapers going up in New York and other sea-level cities. I don’t think they would be doing this either if they believed in rising sea levels.

          “There are marine animal remains found on dry land from the time when sea levels were higher (you will reference that as Noah’s flood…)”

          Yes, indeed! There are flat-topped mountain ranges all over the world, planed flat by the action of hard boulders like quartzite being thrashed around in turbulent water acting like a Black and Decker sander (there are still massive deposits of quartzite boulders at the tops of some ranges). I don’t know of any other mechanism which could achieve this other than a worldwide flood which covered the highest mountains.

          This is way off topic now, but the Earth’s plates moving at incredibly slow rates would slide over one another. You would need fast collisions to force the mountain ranges. As far as I understand.

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        • Well look at them. Avocado toast. Skinny lattes. Arms so thin they struggle to lift themselves. And they think they are the pinnacle of humanity.

          The best meme I’ve seen was one of these teenage ‘warriors’ claiming ‘My generation will start a revolution’ followed by ‘Your generation can’t even start a lawnmower’.

          I grew up through the invention and disappearance of cassette tape, VHS and Betamax, CD and DVD, and so much more. I recall the time before central heating and double glazing. My father was born a couple of years after the discovery of penicillin. My grandparents were born before the invention of the automobile. There has been so much progress, so very fast, and what do we have now?

          We have bearded men who identify as women playing on women’s rugby teams and none dare defy it. We have police chasing hurty words on the Internet while gangs shoot and stab each other in our cities. So much more. So very much more.

          If the world looked up to me and said ‘Save us’ and I had the power to do it, I’d have to answer ‘Why?’

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          • We’re about the same age, so that goes for me too. I think the rise of atheism might be largely to blame. I would say that, but without people to save or any other cause for the benefit of humanity (humans being a pox on the planet, etc. – yawn), that just leaves saving the Earth or millions of people have nothing to live (or die) for. They just stare into the void of atheism’s nihilist philosophy and to save their sanity, they choose to save the world as religious fundamentalists who will not tolerate heresy – the accepted ‘facts’ of ‘experts’ are as if they are carved in stone tablets. Their brains won’t accept that they might be wrong for fear that they’ll go haywire facing a meaningless life.

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            • Well, I have no religion and no need of any God, but I realise the effect religion has. Apart from all the stake-burning and bombing concerts stuff, I mean.

              It’s a focal point for many people. It keeps them together, it gives something to hope for, to believe in. Maybe there is a Heaven to go to afterwards, I don’t know. There’s only one way to know for sure and I’m in no hurry.

              It’s a human thing though, you are basically pack animals and most of you need something to help you stick together. Okay, I’m an anomaly, but never mind.

              Now they stick together as ‘atheist’ which has become almost a new religion, complete with proselytising and anti-church meetings. But it offers nothing but oblivion. No afterlife, no salvation, just a transition from something to nothing.

              How bleak can you get? It’s worse than Hell. You just go into nothing. No eternal torment even. You just no longer exist. At all. For most people that is not an attractive prospect.

              Okay, as I said, I have no religion. I have seen and felt enough to know the dead aren’t always dead, I just have never seen any evidence that anyone is in charge of it all. The JW’s in particular will say these are demons pretending to be human ghosts but that still leaves a lot of interesting stuff to study. Something is there and it’s not just Derek Acorah trying to communicate with a mouse scratching in the wall (yes, I saw that episode).

              CStM will verify that this house has one woman and one dog, at least, wandering around. There is a part of the house, an extension added in the 1800s, they never go into and neither do I after dark. If pressed, CStM might tell you about the flat I lived in before, the place she would not go into certain rooms if I wasn’t there.

              I know, total sceptics wil say it’s all imagination and that’s fine. Believe what you want, ignore what makes you uncomfortable. Does that make me sound hypocritial because I ignore religion? Well I don’t ignore it. I just haven’t seen anything to make me believe it.

              Still, there is something. Not nothing.

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              • “I know, total sceptics wil say it’s all imagination and that’s fine.”

                I have communicated with many such people on Twitter. Total sceptics are about the last people I would ever listen to about anything. They have so much pride in the delusion that they are ‘free thinkers’ that they don’t seem to be able to bother to think, certainly not rationally.

                They can be very nasty indeed and I think that’s because they’re not really sceptics – they just want to live without proper morals and arguing against them causes the inevitable cognitive dissonance if they allow themselves to believe in anything, so it upsets them and they lash out.

                “Apart from all the stake-burning and bombing concerts stuff, I mean.”

                Don’t forget the paedophile priests. No, there is evidence that children are hardwired to believe in the Almighty and creationism, which is why ‘scientists’ like Deborah Kelemen of Boston University and colleagues would like to teach evolution theory at kindergarten, as only 60% of Americans believe in the theory and she’s obviously not one for live and let live.

                She wants to “suppress” childhood intuition. https://evolutionnews.org/2014/04/story_time_psyc/

                The house I grew up in from about 11 to 21 seemed to have some spiritual visitors, although I base that on the rest of the family’s testimony. I experienced demons through being an alcoholic, but the Creator pulled me through that, and that is part of the evidence I have for being a believer.

                I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a believer, but I have only been learning about creationism since I was 41 and that was because I was curious why atheists/humanists seemed so irrationally hateful about creationists. Atheists made me a creationist. Well, the evidence did.

                And the world’s demonic elites also believe. That’s why everything G-d has decreed, the elites via the UN, EU, national governments, etc. support same-sex ‘marriage’, support the idea of gender fluidity, are pro-abortion and euthanasia, don’t love their neighbours as themselves, peddle nonsense about evolution at every opportunity, reject males as the head of the household, etc. And now, via the likely vote to approve the smacking ban here, a rejection of the Proverbs, e.g.

                “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” Prov. 13-24.

                But our politicians don’t understand what love is.

                The truth will set you free and that’s the last thing the elites want for humanity.

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