In ‘1984’, Orwell defined ‘doublethink’ as the ability to hold two totally contradictory ideas at the same time and to assign equal validity to both.

When I first read that, many years ago, I thought it absurd. How can that be done? Surely, like Schrodinger’s imaginary cat, the mere internal observation of two contradictory ideas would cause the brain to collapse one of them and choose the other.

Maybe it used to be that way. It seems to me that in the past, people held one belief at a time. They either discarded opposing views, or, if sensible, considered them and then decided whether to keep their view or change it. Maybe there were doublethinkers back then, maybe before the Internet we just didn’t see so many of them.

Now they seem to be everywhere. The Corbyn Party is a hotbed of it (I don’t call them the Labour party any more, they haven’t been that since Blair took over and they’ve gone way off beam since then). The Corbyn party want an election and don’t want an election, they want to leave the EU and stay in it, they want a Brexit with a deal and they don’t want a deal, but they want ‘no deal’ off the table.

That’s like leaving the atmosphere and refusing to accept the vacuum of space. You can’t take ‘no deal’ off the table. It’s never been on the table. It’s what happens when a deal cannot be agreed. It’s not one of the options, it’s the default.

Then we have the youth claiming that Brexit has stolen their future while simultaneously believing the world is going to end in ten years and they have no future. Climate change is going to lead to a massive extinction event. We’re all going to die. Because of man-made carbon dioxide.

When I was a teenager, we were about to get a new Ice Age in ten years… because of man-made carbon dioxide. This magical gas, comprising a total of 0.04% of the atmosphere (and the human contribution is a tiny fraction of that), can cause ice ages and scorched earth simultaneously – and people believe it. They believe both things at once.

They also simultaneously believe politics will ruin their future while they have no future at all. A terrified generation – is it any wonder they are so full of nihilism and care so little for life? They think we’re all going to die anyway. Who did that to them, and why?

The one thing they will never accept is that the change in climate isn’t ten years away, as has been touted for about a century now. Climate change is happening now and it has nothing to do with carbon (they like to call it ‘carbon’, the stuff of pencil leads and diamonds, because they have never been taught that it’s not a gas). It has everything to do with solar cycles.

Those running the scam must have been aware of this. For those who were listening, genuine climate scientists have been warning about this for a long time. Nobody wanted to hear it. To be fair, those genuine climate scientists were shouted down and sometimes fired for telling the truth, but it’s still true.

Why this insistence on nonsense? You can’t tax the sun. All you can tax is human CO2 emissions so they have to be blamed for everything. This time, no tax will stop it. Nothing will.

So many people have moved north and south from Africa, Central America and the Middle East. Encouraged by those running the game. Oh it’s no secret, no conspiracy theory, that the aim is to massively reduce the human population to an easily controllable level. ‘They’ have been very open and clear on this point. They also intend to make Africa a nature reserve and concentrate what’s left of the population in small cities. There will be no travel for the worker drones, they can use the internet to see the world.

Climate change is very likely to kill a hell of a lot of people in the coming years. Especially those who have just moved from a warm climate into the frozen hell to come. They won’t know how to deal with it. They’ll be in flats and houses with no chimneys and they won’t be able to afford heating. It’s going to be horrifying.

All this information has been around for a very long time. Nobody wanted to hear it and now it’s too late. It’s not ‘coming in ten years’. It’s started. This year. Still they don’t want to hear.

We have spent decades preparing for the wrong apocalypse. And still nobody wants to hear it. Too late now, the clearout of humanity is under way.

Now we have another population reduction method. Transgendering children is a remarkably effective way of sterilising the next generation. Even if they transition back, they’ll have non-working plastic bits instead of the bits they were born with. Sure, there are real transgender people but these are rare. They are also, as with autism, on a spectrum.

There are men who like to dress in women’s clothes. Once called transvestites. and regarded as a normal English eccentricity, these men are not gay. They are straight. They just feel more comfortable in a dress and they like makeup. At the other end are those, men and women, who genuinely feel they are in the wrong body and seriously want it altered. It’s become fashionable to ruin your child’s life by pretending they are the wrong gender, long before they can decide for themselves. There are going to be a lot of lonely parents in the future.

Well I live in Scotland. Not so long ago, all the men here wore kilts and going back further, they’d paint their faces with blue woad to go into battle. I wore a kilt to my son’s wedding. It’s a comfortable thing to wear and the sporran is just the right size for a decent hip flask. Men in skirts hold no terrors for me. But then I’m not a woman. They aren’t creeping into my bathrooms and demanding I wax their balls. I will if they want. I’d use bitumen.

Now we have men dressed as women wanting access to women’s toilets and changing rooms, and taking the prizes in women’s sports – and this is done in the name of ‘women’s rights’. Rapists identify as women so they get put into a prison full of women and what are you going to do when they rape other inmates? Put them in prison? They’re already in there and they are surrounded by captive victims. Why would they ever want to leave?

I’d support them going into a women’s prison. Yes, really. The sentence would include a stay in a secure hospital first, where they get surgically transformed into a woman before they serve their sentence. I have a feeling after one or two of these, rapists won’t self-identify as women any more.

I have strayed from the point here and there, but if you’ve read my babblings for any time at all you’ll know that’s normal.

Now I think about it, there were indeed doublethinkers in the past. There were women who demanded access to men’s clubs but still wanted their women-only clubs. There was once a publisher who wanted to publish only ‘man’ stuff – cars, violence, trousers, that sort of thing – but was shut down by a gaggle of harpies. Women-only publishers thrive.

Blackpool has, I hear, gay hotels where non-gays are not welcome. Bakers who don’t want to bake a cake for a gay wedding are taken to court. These bakers, and it’s also happened to at least one bed-and-breakfast place, are targeted. There are other bakers who have no religious issues with baking a cake with two men or two women on top. No straight people have ever bothered to target a gay-only hotel or club.

The whole ‘only white people can be racist’ narrative goes back a long way. Usually attached to thiose who want to kill all white people. They’ll never see it, there’s no point trying to explain.

I live in the middle of nowhere. It’s the only sensible response to all this. I am off grid for water and sewage, I have alternative heating and cooking arrangements, if food supplies ever have a problem I can hit rabbits, pheasant, partridge and sometimes even deer from the living room window. I just need a reliable, non-fossil-fuel electricity supply (solar panels won’t cut it in winter here and I don’t want a bloody windmill) and this place will be right off the grid.

This place survived the last mini ice age and it’s still standing. I think it might be the best place to stay for now. There are horrors coming and there are so, so many people who will enable them. Not because they want them.

Because they don’t have the ability to see the consequences.

9 thoughts on “Dichotomies

  1. In just about six weeks we will be celebrating the turning point in my views on global warming !

    Just about 15 years ago I read a new book by a guy named Michael Crighton title ” state of fear “. , back in 2004 Michael wrote a book about ecoterrorists trying to get more money for their cards by convincing the world that global warming was a dangerous threat . What was it particularly interesting about the book was that it had all sorts of graphs and science woven into the storyline pointing out the fallacies in global warming issues and talking about climate change as being a new and different approach to such things and also as a tool to extract more money and power. Michael Creighton was a well-known fiction writer and definitely not someone who is dependent upon big oil or anyone else of that ilk for his paychecks.
    The book made a strong impression upon me and was also very enjoyable reading so I would recommend it to any who have not already read it.

    – MJM, who once spent an enjoyable evening determining a town called Asheville North Carolina probably has the best climate of any place in United States! It is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer then almost anywhere else and it manages both of those feats admirably!

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    • It really is all about money and control. All of it.
      I don’t care about money, other than what I need to survive, and I have no interest in control. It baffles me why others are so set on those things.

      Maybe I’ll settle for watching the world freeze, since it’s not going to burn 😉

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  2. I suppose that I am about as off the grid as I can get, mainly due to saving money as I haven’t got a lot of that. Huge supplies of managed wood for the wood burner, and quite lot to be foraged. The abundance of trees sort out the whatever it is everyone seems to be worried about.
    Rain water barrels, and I live on top of a big hill between two rivers anyway. What else is there?
    Oh, thousands of books, a few of which I haven’t even read yet. And my son is about to buy a rather nice shot gun. Pigeons and Rabbits galore and an abundance of Chestnuts and Apples. I swear to God that The Bretons lived on Cider and Chestnuts during the War.

    I expect to survive for a good bit yet.

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  3. Amazing Polly on YouTube talks about Future Faking (https://youtu.be/p_OD5p3bClQ) and links to an article “How Narcissists Use Future Faking to Manipulate You”. She argues that people are being manipulated through Fear Future Faking, rather than the Promises Future Faking of a narcissistic relationship.
    I’ve often said that the powers that be would be better off with ant farms as they now want to control the whole world through their UN Agenda XXXX, “Smart” this and that, Climate Change (because it’s always changing and they could not rehash Global Warming or Cooling). What they do have in common from Local Council Representatives (i.e. not representing you) is narcissistic tendencies.

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  4. Water power may well be the salvation of Legiron Towers, along with some sort of thermal system. Water is common in Scotland, and so is firewood; hot air is also in good supply but only where the politicians gather.

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    • I have wondered about fitting lots of mini-generator waterwheels into the rain downpipes. Perhaps better would be a waterwheel in a nearby stream (still on farm property) because it would be more reliable.

      As you say, running out of water isn’t likely to be an issue here. Freezing, however, might be.

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