Free Energy

First of all – the new Leg Iron Books publication. It actually came out on Sunday but as tradition dictates, this blog is silent for Remembrance Day. Both the Sunday and the actual 11th. So announcing the release had to wait.


Free energy. Turn the heating up to ‘equatorial’, leave the lights on all the time and have the oven eternally ready to bung in a roast. Pay nothing at all, or maybe pennies, for all that.

A pipe dream. Of course. If you did that now you’d probably bankrupt yourself in a month.

And yet…

Tesla had designed a free energy system based on the pyramids that dot the world. The pyramids were not burial mounds, not even the ones in Egypt, and it is becoming more and more clear that the ancient Egyptians didn’t build theirs. They found them already there. Already in the first stages of decline.

Gobekli Tepe is touted as the ‘beginning of civilisation’ but it clearly isn’t. It’s pretty advanced and ‘suddenly appeared’ from the nomadic hunter-gatherers who lived in the region. They took one step from animal-skin tents to advanced stonework. Really? It was deliberately buried. Were they embarrassed by their non-tent-based endeavours because other tent-dwellers laughed at them? Or did they not even know it was already there? Was it a beginning or an end?

Did Tesla’s system work? We might never know. Free energy is the ultimate horror to any energy company. Of course they are going to shut it down – and energy companies are very, very powerful. Imagine every oil, gas and electricity company saying ‘Yeah, okay, it’s all free now, we’re closing down’. Then try to imagine it again. If you managed to do it the first time you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. If you managed the second time you probably vote Green.

Those companies, just like any other companies in any other line of business, will not go quietly into that good night. If anyone comes up with a free energy system based on Tesla’s ideas or zero point vacuum energy or anything else, they will be made an offer they can’t refuse and be silenced.

It’s not ‘conspiracy theory’, it’s perfectly logical business theory. If someone is going to shut down your multinational business at a stroke and you can afford to offer them enough cash to shut up about it, of course you’ll do it.

Then you get them to sign a draconian ‘shut the fuck up’ contract in exchange for enough cash to drink themselves into a coma. It works in every field. The penalties for breaking the shut-up contract are beyond anyone’s ability to pay.

Renewables, eh? Why didn’t the energy companies shut down the bird chopping windmills and the solar panels?

Simple. Those things are bollocks. Fads. Inherent failures. Incredibly polluting and anti-environmental horrors that the Greens think are wonderful, because they believe every word of the Green God of Utter Destruction of Everything the Greens Pretend to Stand For.

They are not competition for coal and oil and nuclear. They are a joke not even worthy of being included in a Christmas cracker. All the energy companies have to do is wait, watch and snigger. Let then screw up all they claim to want to preserve. They’ll be back.

If anyone comes up with a real free energy system, the big boys will fight it. They have not bothered to fight the wind and solar nonsense at all, and nobody seems to wonder why. Some have even got in on the subsidy act. Free energy? The hell with that- here’s free money.

‘The love of money is the root of all evil’ is an old saying, but the truth of it is imminent. The sun is now entering grand solar minimum – not ‘in ten years’, right now. Yet all the money is in warming while the planet cools.

Soon we’ll see climate protestors carried along by the glacier in the high street, shouting ‘global warming’ through their snorkel Parkas. The Green God’s acolytes will still believe.

Energy is not going to be free in the coming years. It’s going to be very expensive indeed. The windmills and solar panels will be of no use at all. There is nowhere near enough infrastructure to cope with extended cold. It’s all fallen for the warming crap.

It is not a surprise. Science has warned about this for a long time but you haven’t heard about it because it’s not ‘warming’. You can’t legitimately tax cold. Oh, some scientists have been warning for a long time. Chinese and Russian scientists aren’t silenced by the scam and their governments have been building reliable energy supplies to cope with it. Meanwhile our Western governments still think it’s getting warmer. Idiots.

You’ll pay more for heating and they will charge more for global warning.

This year, the winter death toll will take far more than the pensioners. And yet, the same idiots will be voted into government once again.

This is why I have a large stock of firewood, a petrol stash, and will be getting a generator in the coming weeks. The time for preparations is nearly over.

Winter is here.

14 thoughts on “Free Energy

  1. Winter is certainly Here. We’ve got loads of wood, plenty of paraffin and I am now using up the remains of my free electricity. The Free Electricity come courtesy of The French State because they feel sorry for me having to survive on a Basic British State Pension.
    The cast iron kettle is on top of the wood burner for making hot water bottles and the food bank sausages will get cooked into a stew in the same fashion.
    I personally have no hopes for global warming.

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  2. A friend of mine a former meter reader ,told me a lot of people get free energy via a stout length of insulated copper wire, he sent me photos of the devices, he received a bonus for catching people but they where rarely prosecuted , you cant get blood out of a stone, I think that is the reason for smart meters to stop the fiddlers, he also told me about fast food premises who had the gas meter doctored ie every second or third tooth removed from a cog he received £50 bonus for every prosecution, you can even buy security tags on ebay with the pliers to crimp them made in china of course, they even fake royal mail stamps anything to make money, ive been at the bottom of several large windmills and i have never found a dead bird but perhaps scavengers dispose of them

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    • I’ve heard of the use of stout wire to bypass the meter. These days it would work more effectively – they tend to rely more on self-readings – as long as you don’t electrocute yourself in the process!

      China is incredibly good at duplicating things and they have absolutely no interest in copyright laws or intellectual property. As one food company discovered when I advised them not to lodge their patent in China. The Chinese simply nicked it.

      I think the bird problem has more effect on large raptors, who are coasting along looking down for prey and not paying much attention ahead of them – because they aren’t expecting anything to be in the way, 60 feet in the air.

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    • My late night forays into the deeper creases of Tinfoil YouTube pulls up some excellent story ideas. Usually the ‘amazing thing’ turns out to be pretty ordinary but once in a while you do find someone who’s put a lot of tinfoil in their hat.

      It’s true that Tesla was working on wireless energy transmission and it seems his prototype worked. Nobody seems to have followed up – perhaps because it was one hell of a contraption and possibly extremely dangerous. Most of his stuff was extremely dangerous, but a lot of fun. The theory that the pyramids were wireless energy transmitters is, of course, pretty damn wild but it can be made plausible and that is an essential element for a story.

      So it doesn’t really matter whether I believe it. The game is, can I weave it into a story that will make you believe it? 😉

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  3. I live in north Norway. We have just experienced the coldest October in a decade and the heaviest November snowfall since 1922. Still one early winter does not an ice age make.
    It will be interesting to see how the warming crowd incorporate this years weather into the “warmest evah” narrative that has followed pretty much every arctic winter for at least the last decade. One thing is certain, we are not melting at the moment.

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    • Similar stories all over the world. I don’t think it’s a full-on ice age, the real science is talking about a mini ice age similar to that of the 1600s.

      The Church of Climatology had the Arctic ice-free twenty years ago and the Maldives should be just a memory by now. And yet the Maldives are building new airports. It’s not getting warmer, sea levels are not rising and those telling us they are are snapping up beachfront properties at bargain prices.

      With the sun now entering a grand solar minimum, it’s going to get pretty chilly. It’s also going to get harder and harder to keep the ‘warmest evah’ narrative going. Hence the big push now, to get the socialist world in place before the scam falls apart.

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  4. That’s interesting MarieC that some of Norway and a lot of North America too had a really cold October. The EU are informing us that for the world as a whole, October was really warm.
    I think though that our host’s argument is weak, for if it were true then we would expect there to be be at least some evidence that the big oil and gas companies were lobbying against things like LED lighting, cycling including e-bikes, congestion charging, insulation programmes, food localism and much more. I’m not aware of such lobbying. Then again, petroleum derived products are so useful that lobbying ain’t needed.

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    • LED lights, much of insulation and a lot of bike parts are made of plastic 😉

      The oil and gas companies don’t care about congestion charges, they aren’t paying them.

      And really, if the entire UK stopped using any oil products at all, globally it would make no more than a blip in profits. China would take up the slack in a month.

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  5. I have a plan to put giant “drinking birds” all round the coast, with generators attached. They run 24/7, nothing stops them until the sea runs dry.
    Who do I contact to get paid to shut up?

    Re the pyramid stuff – Leggy never admits it when he’s winding you up. Or not.

    Update – Re the drinking birds, I’ve been contacted now.
    So forget it, I was winding you up. Nothing to see here.

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    • I once wondered about putting waterwheels all the way down drainpipes. The water won’t run out of energy on the way down because the driving force is gravity.

      Here, certainly, rain is far more reliable than wind or sunshine.

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  6. The chaos in California is a foretaste of Western Society in the next 20 years or so. Power shut off with no prior planning or warning. Just the power goes off. When the power goes off people die not just because boilers don’t work in houses, but because petrol and diesel don’t get pumped, food doesn’t get delivered…. the list goes on.
    It’s a salient lesson and people need to read up on the issues caused in California and prepare. For instance could you travel 50 miles Because it is coming to other Western societies and soon. Not because of the same issues, but because electricity generation capacity is being reduced on such a huge scale. In the UK many coal-fired power stations have not just been mothballed, but they have been demolished. That capacity is gone and cannot easily be replaced. It would take years to rebuild. Renewables are backed up by gas-fired stations that can switch on more quickly, but gas supply comes predominantly from outside the EU, from Putinland.
    Given a frozen, windless winter, would Putin turn off the gas taps and hold us all to ransom? You betcha he would!
    California also shows us the future when it comes to our medical future and the effect mass immigration of un-inoculated people have on herd immunity. But that’s for another time.

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