The elves are almost silent…

Underdog Anthology 10, ‘The Silence of the Elves’ is being loaded now. There is an issue with the fancy scene separators in the eBook versions that I will have to fix and retry, but the print book seems to be loading okay. Here’s the cover –

Half-sized image, so might not be easy to read.

I am still learning this publishing business. One thing this year has taught me is that my closing dates for submissions are too tight. I had left myself one week between close of submissions and publication in time for Christmas. I really hadn’t expected to get sixteen stories!

It comes hot on the heels of the Halloween anthology so it’s getting a little bit knackering. The spring anthology has a little more leeway and it’s out on its own, but these two are close together and – as you can see from three new names on this one – it’s getting bigger.

Next year the deadlines for both Halloween and Christmas books will have to be earlier.

I have also learned that novels are so much easier to deal with. You’re only dealing with one author per book. Marsha Webb’s book took longer than it should have because I was all tangled up in the Halloween anthology. This one has delayed Gastradamus’s book. Fortunately that now really only needs a cover – Roo B. Doo did the editing on that one. It shouldn’t take long.

I don’t much like Christmas. It’s cold and damp and the weather is rotten, the shops are full of crap nobody needs and yet everyone is in there buying it. I have to get Christmas cards written and woe betide me if I miss one. Maybe I should just take the easy way out and miss them all.

This year I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s just be me, CStM, Gloom Dog and the Fat Hamsters. No visitors.

Right. Get this book finished off and then I think, tomorrow, we’ll have a night watching the Grinch.

There’s a guy who really understands Christmas.

8 thoughts on “The elves are almost silent…

  1. “Maybe I should just take the easy way out and miss them all.”

    I gave up Xmas and birthday cards and presents about 10 years ago. Completely.
    They continued to trickle in for a while, and a few still turn up,

    It’s not that I’m tight (though I am), it’s just the agony of what to buy.
    And getting stuff that I don’t need!

    I always spend Xmas at Number One Girl’s, with her daughter and granddaughter.
    N.O.G doesn’t get me anything, but D and G still do.
    I always put in a healthy cash donation to the Xmas kitchen fund, though.

    One great thing about the British – they eventually tolerate eccentrics. You need to be determined, but eventually they decide that the rules needn’t apply to you.

    Or maybe I’m just a sociopath?
    Whatever, I’m happy! And I still have enough friends!

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    • The cover looks fuzzy in the reduced size image, it’s crisper in real life.
      However, you are right – the Christmas cover is always rushed because it comes so close after the Halloween one. The Halloween cover was done by an actual artist, although I doubt I can afford to do that for every book.

      It’s a catch-22: if sales improve I can pay for better covers, but better covers would improve sales.

      Next year I’ll set the deadline further back. I hadn’t expected such a big response in submissions so I’d only left myself a week between the closing date and publication. It was far too tight…


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