Watching the world burn

The UK election is in full swing and this one is looking more South American than British. Howling mobs on both sides, lies, utterly undeliverable promises, I can well believe there’ll be street battles by Thursday. Popcorn at the ready.

When it’s over there will be screeches of ‘cheating’ from the losing side and most likely they’ll want to do it again because we didn’t know what we were voting for.

I know what I’m voting for. The least deadly Pennywise the Clown on the ballot paper. If the real Pennywise is on there, he’ll get my vote. The rest are far more dangerous.

There has been rampant antisemitism to make Hitler and Stalin blush. There was a photo of a child on a hospital floor (it was clearly faked, no hospital has coats lying around to cover patients, and has now been proven fake). Pro tip: if you use a professional photographer to take a fake photo for political purposes, don’t let him tag it with his name.

Boris has been declared racist by Diane Addit, but that’s no big deal. Everyone paler than Bob Marley is a racist in her world. Except, strangely, her boss. Boris, meanwhile, has promised to reverse all of Beeching’s 1960’s cuts to the railways for £500 million. That should get maybe five miles of track relaid…

The Lib Dems have declared they want every child on puberty blockers so they can decide their gender when they grow up – except, of course, on puberty blockers they won’t grow up. It turns out they have had a load of cash from the puberty block makers and let’s be honest, the Lib Dem vote does rather depend on those who never grow up. So it does make a kind of sick, twisted sense. Still, who needs puberty blockers? We already have protestors playing dress-up, dressing like toddlers and having tantrums in public that would embarrass a two-year-old. They aren’t growing up anyway.

Coffee in sippy cups, ‘sports’ water bottles with babies’ dummies on top, onesies that are just big romper suits, the infantilisation has been going on for a long time and it’s close to complete. They actually dress and act like infants now, and have about as much understanding of the world around them. I’m just going to sit back and fire up the popcorn maker. I’m not going to do anything about it, it’s too late. Just watch it all burn.

Nicky the Fish thinks her Spiteful Nannying Party should run the whole UK so they can balls it up in equality with Scotland. Really, the Scottish NHS is not in great shape under the SNP. Neither is the Labour-run one in Wales. The English NHS might be suffering but under the Tories it’s actually less bad than the SNP or Labour versions.

I don’t have much contact with the NHS. I’ve spent a total of two nights in hospital in nearly 60 years and apart from the appalling food, it was okay. The doctors and nurses, especially the nurses, seemed very attentive and very nice indeed. I did find out the hard way that morphine doesn’t work on me though. I’ll stick with single malt painkiller.

My first visit involved general anaesthetic. I was in my twenties so was back at work – carefully – within three days. The second one was *cough* alcohol related. I had two broken ribs and a bashed kidney and had been barely mobile and peeing blood for three days before I gave in and called the doctor. They sent me straight into hospital and made me stay all night. I told them, ‘it all grows back’ but they wouldn’t listen. It did. Still, it got me two days off work.

Therefore I am possibly least qualified to speak on NHS care, having needed very little of it. I do have a niece who works as a nurse on children’s wards so I have access to some level of information – and I have worked with doctors on geriatric wards in cases of Clostridium difficile, but that’s a different story. That involves management, obstruction, lunacy and waste and a lot of it is still under confidentiality, unfortunately. Some of what I learned could get me Clintoned if I let it out. It’s that bad – and it has nothing to do with the doctors, nurses, or any of the staff who do actual work in the NHS.

It’s always ‘our NHS’ in the political world. As if any of those bastards use it. They all have private healthcare. On expenses. The wasteful layers of management in the NHS, the Departments of Nannying, do not feature in the private medicine of the wealthy. Oh and if you think that’s just the Tories, you really need to take off those blinkers. Socialism is a highly profitable business for those at the top. As it was designed to be. Reality check – neither side gives a shit about you. Look after yourself, because all government does is slap you down and rob you, no matter which party and no matter what they promise for votes. None of them have any intention of honouring any of their promises. Look at past election promises and see how many actually happened.

Over in the Rebel Colonies of the Americas, Trump seems to be fighting impeachment and at the same time welcoming it. If he is doing what I think he is doing, he must have planned every detail of this for years before running for president. Or he could just be a bumbling oaf who has no idea what he’s doing. Time will tell. Kim Jong Jinglejangle has threatened the USA with a ‘Christmas present’. If he sends a nuke, with Trump in charge, expect North Korea to be a slab of radioactive glass shortly afterwards. Trump won’t bother with discussion.

Meanwhile, poor Gritty Thunderbird is still being used and her life is being ruined by those who pretend to care. Including her parents. Tell you what, try this with my daughter and they’ll never find your body. I had a career working with pigs 😉 On the plus side, at least she is out of Sweden, which is currently not a safe place to be a young lady. Think Rotherham, but countrywide.

This is a sixteen year old girl with Aspergers. Her parents have sold her to the Green God’s acolytes and let them use her as they will. She has now missed a year of schooling at a critical time in her life and is likely to end up with poor or no qualifications. Which makes her an ideal leader for the modern UK Labour Party, but not for any actually useful work.

I have seen videos where her Aspergers has her on the point of a panic attack in front of a large crowd. Recent photos show dark rings around her eyes. She is 16! Don’t her controllers care about her at all? Stupid question. Of course they don’t. She is no different to the Druidic sacrifice to the sunrise. When they have finished with her they will discard her. She is going to really suffer when that happens but the Church of Climatology will not care at all. They will have a new indoctrinated totem to hide behind.

Just as the doctors and nurses are not to blame for the NHS disaster, little Gritty is not to blame for the nonsense she has been indoctrinated into and forced to spout. Attacks on her are what ‘they’ want. It makes it so easy to deflect from the real argument.

Well, the Grand Solar Minimum is not ten years away. It’s started now. I’m not bothering to argue with warmists any more. Let them freeze. Population reduction is a big part of their dream but I bet they don’t think they will be first. Actually they won’t be. They can watch all the people they moved north from the tropics die first. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan.

As is the forced sterilisation through transgendering children, turning the common people into ant- or bee-like worker drones, the destruction of transport for any but the wealthy, turning all of Africa into a human-free nature reserve, and so much more.

Yeah, I know, it’s all tinfoil-hattery. Ignore, sneer, I genuinely don’t care any more. I’ve had enough of trying to tell people what’s happening and anyway, it’s too late now. Just be happy in your beliefs while you can.

I’m just going to watch it all burn.

17 thoughts on “Watching the world burn

  1. Can I ask your advice? I had early stage lung cancer nine years ago, might have had some comments about it at the time, no symptoms, found incidentally, surgery it’s no further treatment. A couple of months ago latest scan showed what looked like cancer, had surgical resection at Guys, worse than the original open thoracotomy and far worse facilities. Long story short it turned out to be something I had never heard of, Organising Pneumonia. I have been on a course of steroids and it has been dreadful! Any advice? It’s an 8 week reducing course but when I reduce it gets even worse, can’t sleep, weight gain, nothing functioning normally and I feel worse than I did before I started them, never again. Glad of any advice from anyone with steroid experience. As for politics, I am past caring, usually a political junkie I just can’t get into it this time, maybe that’s the steroids too!


    • I have taken two courses of steroids, but both were for skin related problems that were totally non-life threatening. The first thing that both prescribing doctors said to me was that you must not stop taking them suddenly. You can only come off by gradually reducing the dose. You may be able to speed up the rate of reduction, but that depends on the top dose you have been given and how many graduations of that dose you have available. Not much help I know, but it is all the information I have.


    • Hi Cherie,

      You omitted one word, its Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia (COP) and there’s a stack of stuff about the condition on the Web. Google gives this place prominence.

      Spoke with an experienced nurse who knows the condition and does what he’s told by the doctor regarding medication. Steroids is the standard treatment and what you’re experiencing is fairly common. He explained that COP is a very fast growing thing and as your medication is reduced COP will do its best to get going again – essentially your body is going through very testing times.

      Stick with the treatment because a relapse means doing the whole shebang again.

      I know you’re in a dark place Cherie, but hang in there. You did you the chemo – and that’s shite as well. 90% of this is you and attitude. You gotta want to beat the shyster and gotta want to get better. And hey 56 days is naff all in a handcart.

      One lady I know gets a great deal of enjoyment from watching old videos on YouTube; the two Ronnie’s, Spike Milligan and such. Oh and blasts from her past – I walk the line, even Tommy and Laura. My own is I got stoned and I missed it.


      • Thanks, but from what I read I do not have the COP kind of organising pneumonia and the culture taken during the resection did not suggest that. I didn’t have chemo after my original thoracotomy so missed that thankfully. I guess I will just have to get through it until I see the consultant in January. When I started, as instructed, to reduce the dose I got withdrawal symptoms which take a while to wear off so I expect that will happen every time the dose is reduced. As regards sleeping pills, I already have Temazepam which I don’t use often but they work very well for me with usually no side effects. However when I tried one to get some sleep,I was dazed the whole day! so I will just have to sleep when I can. My health is pretty good, I didn’t even know I had this until it showed up on the scan looking like cancer, the surgeon was quite convinced it was hence the resection. The other effect of the steroid is a fast heart rate which worries me though it slows down a bit later. Oxygen is fine, just hope the, so far, 5 lbs weight gain goes quickly. I am grateful for any advice re steroids as I have never had this sort of reaction to any drug before.


        • Hiya Cherie. I have just finished two courses of steroids. Not reducing. Short, sharp and stop. 8 x 5mg tabs a day for 5 days. They have helped. Didn’t have any side effects apart from they make me starving!! Bear with it, they are wonder drugs x


          • Thanks for the encouragement, unfortunately they don’t seem to be working like that for me. At least I could stay up,all night for the election as it is difficult to,sleep. I was on 8 x 5mg for two weeks then 6 x 5 for two and next week 4 x 5 for four weeks. Just hope they are doing some good though my cough is worse I think.


    • Missed a bit. Nurse normally handles severely weakened patients in hospital. Lack of sleep is indeed common, it’s also something to avoid – big time.

      In hospital they get sleeping tablets on request. Your doctor will need to know you’re experiencing this side effect and should do a prescription without an appointment (just phone).

      If possible try to get him/her to do Tranxene 5 mg. Not habit forming and no side effects. (I still prefer Valium – aka Diazepam – because it helps with extreme stress).

      It may not be the case with yourself, but steroids do make some people retain fluid, hence the “weight gain”. That’s self rectifying.


    • I’m not much use, I’m afraid. I’m not a medical doctor and have no experience of pretty much anything stronger than aspirin. The other responses are likely to be much more useful.

      Politics has become a comedy show now. Well, actually more of a horror show but I prefer to laugh.


    • You know, if I had the money, I’d buy them and YouTube myself drinking them.

      In a cheap glass. While smoking rollups made from dog-ends and eating fish and chips. Oh, and of course, wearing a string vest and a knotted hanky.

      The whisky snobs would probably put out a hit on me 😉


  2. My NHS stories are legion as I used to work as a consultant but two stories as a patient both of which were when I was at school. First one: I saw pale green gas flowing under a door when in school swimming pool. (me) Sir! Chlorine gas is escaping. (him) Stay in the pool, boys. The moron had no idea Chlorine is a heavy gas. So I got gassed. Went to hospital and they claimed I was in a high oxygen environment. I think the hydrochlorous acid had to be expelled by me or metabolised or kill my lungs. Anyway, I still live but not am pretty susceptible to respiratory viruses.

    Second one: In the school Biology lab (my class room in lower and upper sixth). Bent down to put a microscope away, slipped on polished wooden floor, ended up with top edge of cupboard door in left eye socket. Stood up. Very warm feeling over half my face. Palm to face. Palm covered in blood! Off to hospital again a few years after being gassed. Stitches in eyelid skin. Stitches out 5 days later. Nurse pulled them out backwards so pulling the knots through the holes in very thin skin with lots of nerve endings. It really hurt!

    My area of expertise BTW as a microbiologist is/are Clostridia


    • Surprisingly I didn’t damage myself too severely at school, although I still have a scar from the shin cut that went septic. It’s under all the subsequent shin scars, including the ones left by this year’s infected tick bites.

      I remember the topical antibiotic Cicatrin that the school nurse used to put on when she changed the dressing. It was very effective. Seems they don’t make it any more so I have to make do with Germolene these days.


  3. Remember Brewster’s Millions? Remember his political campaign to vote for ‘none of the above’? I really think we need that now.

    You don’t mention the even greater dilemma that we who live in Northern Ireland have. If you think a choice of Boris or Corbin is bad, have a look at the shower who stand over here!!

    Many years ago, The Natural Law party used to stand in our elections. To give you some idea of just how lunatic fringe their ideas were, one of their policies stated that they would send an ‘army’ of 200 yogic flyers into any trouble spot worldwide, and the energy flowing from their karma would instantly bring peace. I suppose it would be difficult for either of the opposing sides in an fight to keep going while tears of laughter were clouding your vision, hence peace. I had to vote for these guys as the least worst option.



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