Friday the 13th

A full moon for the election, counts on Friday the 13th, and we were meant to leave on Halloween. Is Boris working his way through the horror film catalogue?

Anyway, I voted. Nothing more I can do about it and I’m not sitting around all night watching results pop up one by one. This place is a straight fight between Tories and SNP and the SNP lost it a while back with their attacks on alcohol. Well, it’s smack in the middle of whisky country. Lots of rural pubs buggered by the Scottish drink-drive limits and minimum pricing just made it worse. I’ll be really surprised if they can take it back.

I’ll find out tomorrow. I hear the exit polls have Bozza winning. Twitter is full of Corbynites hurling abuse and threats. They’ll never see it, will they?

Meanwhile I have a rather more important thing to worry about. I have copies of The Silence of the Elves and the cover has printed with an overall blue cast. It looks dreadful. I can’t put in an entirely new cover this close to Christmas and anyway, all three books will be available as an omnibus edition in a month or so. That will have an entirely new cover.

So, I have brightened the background, outlined the title text to make it clearer and tried to set the colour balance to offset the printer’s blue cast. It’s loaded but it’ll take a couple of days to show up.

It doesn’t affect the eBook versions too much but it really does matter for the print book. I changed the Kindle cover too since if they don’t match, Amazon might not link the Kindle and print version on their site.

Next year I’ll need to have covers ready in advance. I’ll also have to close the submissions window earlier. I’d only left myself a week between closing and publication, didn’t expect the volume of submissions and it really wasn’t enoiugh time.

Next Christmas the cover will be done before the submissions even start. In fact that will apply to all the anthologies. I’ll need a few suitable images all prepared for each one, so I have a choice of readymades to add titles onto.

I really didn’t expect the anthologies to grow this fast. Better get ready for an onslaught for the next one!

12 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Gosh. Better than I ever dreamed of. I am now exhausted but I won’t be able to sleep because I am on a high. I shall rush over to my neighbour’s house when he is up and hog his Sky Television, mostly to see which biggies lost. My revenge is best served hot.

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  2. I’m on a bit of a high like Elena. Not because I’m a Tory (I would be if they were a conservative party), but because the SNP lost here (to the Tory). The SNP candidate was our MP from 2015-17 and I got to know him and his wife quite well. He asked to meet with me every couple of months and I very naively thought, “At last! A politician who wants to listen to the people.”

    After about a year, he turned on me because I said something distinctly uncelebratory about a ‘gay pride’ march, which he had thought almost merited police intervention. I didn’t waste my time going back to see him.

    I put this on Facebook this morning to try to explain why such vile people as the SNP have been so successful. I would be interested to know if people agree or disagree with my analysis – if anyone can be bothered to read it…

    The Election: Why So Many People Voted SNP and Why They Have Been Conned

    Let me say firstly that I am not opposed in principal to (real) independence. This is a very rich land whose potential has never been realised due to the hopelessness of every mainstream party here.

    Did you realise that before 2015, the SNP were fortunate if they won half a dozen seats in general elections? Those days seem far away now, but I expect this is due to the constant exposure to the SNP in the ‘news’ which has pandered to their constant whining and divisiveness.

    And…here we go yet again: the SNP gets 45% of the vote at this G.E. and declares that it has a ‘mandate’ for independence (with laws made in Brussels).

    As the other parties are Unionist, this is no mandate at all, any more than the 2014 Referendum was a mandate for independence when 44.7% voted for and 55.3% voted against.

    If it wasn’t for independence, the SNP would find it hard to get their six seats at Westminster like they did in the dim and distant few years ago.

    The socialist vote has simply changed hands, so that the once rampant Labour Party (back to a single seat in Scotland as in 2015) has lost out to the more extreme socialism of the SNP.

    It can’t be the SNP’s policies which attract people (other than Indy). Most normal people wouldn’t touch SNP ‘values’ with a twenty foot caber. How many Scots would vote for their booze to double in price? Which parents would vote for a party on whose watch basic education standards have fallen continuously (and are no longer updated!) and where sex ‘education’ promotes sodomy and promiscuity and encourages pornography as being a good thing?

    Our schools, NHS and economy go to pot, but the ‘progressives’ in the SNP seem to have beguiled 45% of the population into believing in their fake Utopian future free from Westminster.

    It will not happen. It cannot happen. Not with such people making the decisions.

    Mind you, 45% of the vote does give the SNP some semblance of a mandate to continue abusing Scots with their insane new rules and regulations for living, especially when almost every MSP in Holyrood is a whore to the same sort of ‘progressive’ delusions.

    All I can say is: enjoy your endless power cuts when the power stations are shut down; enjoy walking when you cannot afford an electric car after the petrol ban; have fun trying to rewire your children’s minds after their ‘schooling’; learn to laugh when your hospital appointment is delayed or cancelled; if you enjoy a tipple, look forward to a 70p per unit minimum price; if you want to express a ‘non-approved’ idea, prepare to be questioned by police…. and worse.

    Or start thinking about how you vote and don’t just rely on a gut reaction to a single policy – and hold your politicians to account. They’ll despise you for it, which means you’ll be on the right tracks when you stand up for what is right and sensible. Choose your words with caution, but write to, email, telephone and visit your elected politicians.

    The standard reaction from politicians in Scotland (and probably everywhere else) when their progressivism is challenged is, “This is what I believe and I will vote accordingly.”

    I am sick of being told this; they don’t seem to understand (or more likely, wilfully ignore the fact) that they have been elected to *represent* their constituents, not themselves or their parties.

    I would like to make a huge big sign:

    “Welcome to Scotland. Please vote carefully.”

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  3. The science novel will be next year now, old fellow. My co-writer seems to have other things on his plate, so I’m going it alone. It’ll be about 125,000 words or a bit more.
    The plot seems to adjust itself as I type along. I can’t help this, and a well-known author who I’ve known for years and is fairly successful has told me not to worry about this but to let the main thread of the story take the book where it wants to, and just to write.

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  4. I think the media and the politicians grossly underestimated the anger in England about the Brexishambles and the repeated efforts to block it by remain politicians. As for the gay propaganda and the progressive green shit, well Im gay but I dont throw it in peoples faces. I dont see the need to. After all its personal to me. What you see is usually what you get. I was out with my gay friends at a pub quiz the night of the election and when the exit polls came in they all started to profess doom and gloom. I have never seen such fear in all my life. They all wanted to leave Britain. Yes the health service is badly managed and boy if I were put in charge of it most if not all middle management would go. PFI well that could get screwed off by the government. The Banks own the Hospitals and like the bank branches they are closing down hospital branches. Bad. I was relieved because Labour would have screwed me financially.

    Im an ” eccentric person with no belief in human induced climate change” and no belief in the Green agenda I am unhappy that there are no coal fired power stations to take up the slack. We should be using it until we are 120 % nuclear. ( have the solar by all means but on a dark day it produces fuck all.) The SNP are a bunch of deluded idiots. As Swinson Swansong was.

    The conservatives tried to win me over last night at the count. They couldnt understand why if I was anti Labour I would be anti Conservative too. Bunch of cunts on both sides but at least one side is less evil than the other. I dont like any of the mainstream as they are all funded by the EU.

    Anyway. my two pennorth at this stage.


    • Boris the Spider or Mao Tse Corbyn. It wasn’t much of a choice but the least crap option was taken, I think.
      It all depends on what happens next. Now he has a majority we’ll get to see what a Boris government is really like.
      If he abolishes lampposts and piano wire, we know where we stand 😉

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