Killing yourself to live

No competition this time. It’s a Black Sabbath song that should really be the theme song for the Extinction Rabble. They should play it at Davos every time the Doom Goblin takes the stage.

This planet is turning into a lake of toxic waste thanks to mining for the materials needed to make windmills and solar panels. All those trees lost to the wind farms and short-lived suncatchers… planting a few more isn’t going to bring them back.

(I cut out the original poster’s ID so they won’t get flak from the loonies)

I have even seen a ‘scientist’ declare that the phrase ‘CO2 is plant food’ is an ‘unsubstantiated claim’.

Really. That’s the level of intelligence running the show here. Biology so basic that no university lecturer feels the need to even mention it. If you didn’t learn that at school you really have no business in any biological science subject of any kind at all.

So they remove acre after acre of photosynthesising plants that are absorbing atmospheric CO2 and releasing oxygen, only to replace them with panels that absorb sunlight and turn it into electricity. Those panels neither remove CO2 nor produce oxygen. They only work in daytime, if they’re not dusty or covered in snow. After 20 years the panels, and all the toxic materials they contain, go into landfill. They cannot be recycled.

Neither can worn out blades from those windmills. They go into landfill too.

The windmills have a finite life. When they are scrapped, they leave behind several hundred tons of concrete in the ground. Well what did you think was holding them up? Those huge concrete blocks will be marvelled at by future archaeologists who will write papers entitled ‘How stupid were our ancestors?’

The windmills only work in the right amount of wind. Too little and they don’t move. Too much and they have to be stopped or they explode. If there’s no wind and it’s sunny, they use power to rotate them because differential heating can warp the blades. If the wind is perfect but nobody currently needs power it goes to battery storage. Hahaha! That last line is a lie. The windy millers get paid bucketloads of cash to shut them down when they aren’t needed.

We are told to panic over plastic straws and yes, I am absolutely in agreement that there is far too much plastic waste being dumped. But that is going to pale into insignificance against the toxins generated by the ‘green’ industry.

The Electric Spaceman, Elon Musk, is currently building a massive factory in Germany and is chopping down many, many trees to make room for it. I would have preferred he put it somewhere that was already treeless. In fact I would have thought that would make considerable economic sense. However, watching the ‘greens’ handwringing outrage over this, when they have destroyed massive tracts of forests for their silly lawn ornaments masquerading as ‘sustainable power’, is actually sickening.

The windmills kill birds. Certain styles of solar power, the ones that reflect sunlight to heat a central tower, have been filmed frying any flying wildlife that gets into the path of the beams.

Mass killing of wildlife is apparently okay when the Greens do it. Australia is about to kill thousands of wild camels because they give out the long-debunked ‘greenhouse gases’. Those camels, birds, all the animals that used to live in those forests, must be wondering who exactly the Greens are trying to save the planet for. It’s clearly not them.

It’s not the farm animals either. There is a big push on Veganosity this month, they call it Veganuary (also Dry January, Januhairy, and other things, all of which is childish silliness which I have ignored). Lots of nonsense about farm conditions (although some farms are shit and end up prosecuted, most are not).

Photos of pigs in restraining pens, with the story that they spend their entire lives in there. This is bollocks. The restraining pens are called ‘farrowing crates’ and the sow is in there so she doesn’t inadvertently lie on her piglets when they’re born. A full grown sow can reach 300 kg and she won’t even notice a 5 kg piglet under her arse when she takes a nap. The restraints give the piglets a fighting chance to get out of the way.

Once the piglets are weaned, the sow goes back to roaming around with the other sows. She isn’t in that pen forever.

‘Oh, but pigs wouldn’t do that to their own babies!’ I have personally rescued screaming piglets pinned against the side of a pen by an uncaring mother. She has so many at one time, she doesn’t worry about losing a few. Pigs are pretty smart but the adults are not cute. They are evil bastards, as a visiting electrician who left without a large chunk of his leg will attest. The Brick Top character in ‘Snatch’ wasn’t using fiction when describing what pigs can do to a human body. These buggers will eat you.

So, are you going to let them run wild? They can’t find food. They don’t know how. Food is brought to them every day. Even then they are not averse to taking a chunk out of you if they get the chance. Imagine a pack of them set loose. In a couple of days they’ll be really hungry. And they will eat absolutely anything.

Cows? Pretty placid most of the time. Take a dog near them – especially when they have calves – and well, your chances are not good at all. An angry cow is not something you want to be within a mile of.

So let’s suppose the whole of the UK went vegan tomorrow. What happens to the cows, chickens, pigs, sheep etc? They all get killed, butchered, frozen and shipped to other countries at bargain prices as farmers try to salvage what’s left of their lives. They are not going to be set free. They are all going to die.

You can argue that they don’t have a great life now, in most cases they actually do, but they have life. Vegans want to end that. Greens want to kill them all too because they fart the long-debunked ‘greenhouse gases’. At least we meat eaters let the animals have life before we kill and eat them. We don’t want them extinct.

Pets… dogs and cats are carnivores. They cannot survive on vegetarian, much less vegan diets. So they all die too.

Ah but we’d have loads of wildlife. Well, apart from the ones the solar and wind farms have displaced, minced or fried of course.

Large areas of this country are lousy for crop farming and I don’t mean the cities. There are huge areas that grow nothing but grass. Not even trees grow there. You can’t plant crops there. So, you need every square inch of arable land to have the slightest hope of feeding a vegan population and you cannot afford losses due to rabbits, crows, pheasant or anything else. They all have to go.

The Green idea of ‘saving the planet’ leads to a sterile world of no biodiversity at all. It leads to a deep-communist world where nothing that is not essential is allowed to survive. Where nobody can question the way of things and nobody wants to. It leads to Panoptica.

Where Panoptica leads is likely to become very clear by the end. It was 10538 Overture by ELO that started that story, but it was another, later, quasi-documentary that really brought it to life.

I’d better get back to it before it all comes true.

8 thoughts on “Killing yourself to live

  1. I’ve read that per unit of protein or calorific energy, meat production uses between 3 and 10 times the area of vegetable production. This is believable as there’s a weight bearing middle man, or middle animal, between the crop and the consumer.
    The vegans I know ironically want the UK to remain a member of a multi-national institution whose number one budget item is a centralised policy of hand-outs to large land owners based on land area, not output. Hence they support an implicit subsidy to big meat production over the alternatives. It doesn’t matter, as they lost, and if the UK buggers up its new system we can change it without having to get 27 other countries to change theirs at the same time.
    It’s sweet to win.

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    • That direct comparison is very likely true. A field of potatoes is all edible stuff, whereas a field of cows must allow a considerable area of grass per cow or they’ll eat it faster than it grows.

      However, as I said, an awful lot of land doesn’t grow anything but grass, and we can’t eat that. So the cows and sheep turn something inedible (grass) into something edible (pies) πŸ˜‰ So while the direct calories-per-area comparison is true, it’s not really valid because some areas cannot be converted to food crops.

      That land won’t grow food crops no matter how hard the militant wing of veganism wants to kill every farm animal in the UK. It’ll just grow longer grass.

      I agree that independently we can try and fail at agricultural systems until we find the best one – and we can try a new one every year without having to go through layers of beurocracy and persuading 27 countries to allow it.

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  2. During the last ice age large parts of the UK were smothered In the stuff and what remains when it melts looks like this:

    So those elevated areas (uplands) just have a couple of inches of soil before bedrock. Scotland’s blessed with stacks of land that’s only good for that hard, course grass that sheep and deer can digest – and are able to navigate what’s usually the side of a hill.

    On the flip, lowish areas got all the good soil – and that’s where farmers can grow anything.

    Anyway I have another beef with the green people. Ethanol.

    All of us drive using a minimum of 5% ethanol in our petrol vehicles. The EU wants that to 7.5% by the end of this year. Max they’ll go for is 10%.

    Now I don’t have an issue with ethanol in isolation, only with the raw materials they use to make the stuff in large quantities. That’s corn and the waste from sugar cane, so prices for corn went sky high a couple of years back – and that mattered to the poor in Mexico because their tortillas are made from corn flour.

    That does irk and is one of many reasons I chose a small car and scooter.

    (By the by, it has been legal for some time for oil companies to use a 10% ratio – and supermarket gas stations were the first to adopt. So if you do use them, watch as your mpg gets trashed and your engine runs a bit rough. If you use a small capacity scoot or motorcycle, avoid supermarket pumps.

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    • This house is built on bedrock and there’s exposed bedrock just outside. Over the centuries though, soil has built up around it to the point where the back end has the beginnings of a moat πŸ˜‰
      There is arable farming here but still most of it is cows and sheep. Most of the flat fields down by the river flood every spring so they’re grasslands, useable for livestock when not flooded but you’d be insane to try ploughing and planting them. They’d wash away.
      We’re in the (mostly) low lands but that bedrock isn’t far down in many places here. Further inland it’s grass and gorse and sod all else.
      On the ethanol side, all the barley grown on this farm goes to the malting houses to be made into whisky, not wasted in any fuel tank πŸ˜‰
      Is tyhere any way to find out the proportion of ethanol in the petrol on sale? Private garages here are mostly run by Gleaner Oils, including the ones which still have battered and rusted attendant-run pumps with mechanical counters in them. Unfortunately they don’t still have 1960s prices.


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