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Author payment time has been calculated and it’s not great this quarter. With all that’s happened it’s not too surprising, I suppose. It does need to boost and that will need some author activity. I cannot market all the books alone and to be honest, with my policy of not taking a cut from low royalty returns, if the authors want to get anywhere they really have to do something to achieve that.

One author gets it and is doing well, within the limitations of this tiny publisher. I am going to copy this approach with my own books and see how it works out. Remember, we are not in competition here, we are each chasing a different market, so sharing ideas is not disadvantaging anyone.

It doesn’t have to cost money and the scare on Coronavirus could indeed help.

We make more per sale on ebooks than on print copies anyway 😉

2 thoughts on “Book stuff

  1. “We make more per sale on ebooks than on print copies anyway”
    That’s my big argument over Kindle: Amazon really do their best to take the piss. I use it quite a bit and have my favourite authors but will not pay stupid prices – often half the price of a print copy – for downloads with no physical entity other than a batch of electrons.


    • Did you know Amazon have a delivery charge for eBooks 😉
      They also have a delivery charge for print books. On top of their printing costs. This is why we only make pennies per print book. If I were to price them for a decent profit per book, nobody would buy them.

      On eBooks, the only way to use the 99-cent price is to accept 30% royalties instead of 70%, and that percentage isn’t a percentage of the list price. It’s a percentage of what’s left after Amazon take their cut. It’s still a much better return than from the print versions though. Writers don’t get filthy rich unless the film industry takes up the story.

      That said, I have seen eBooks priced actually higher than the print version. Which is seriously taking the piss, in my view. I’d always rather have the print copy. eBooks can be remotely altered or even deleted, but print is permanent and doesn’t run out of battery five pages from the end…


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