Against stupidity…

…the gods themselves contend in vain.

I don’t know the source of the quote, I only know it from a very-long-ago reading of this book. Blimey, a new copy is expensive! I hope mine is still in a box somewhere here. It could be, I’m something of a packrat with books.

It seems so appropriate today. The UK government thinks we will all be driving electric cars in ten years. There isn’t enough cobalt on the planet to make enough batteries for the cars needed in the little UK. The batteries gradually die, the car’s range gets shorter and shorter and in just a few years it’s a lawn ornament. New batteries? The old ones can’t currently be recycled and there’s no cobalt left in the ground. What then?

How big a battery do you need for a truck? Or a tank?

You know the best thing about these cars? The drive is permanently coupled to the wheels. There is no neutral. If it stops, it stops dead. No matter where you are or how fast you’re going. If you’re doing 70 mph on a motorwat and it dies you don’t coast into the hard shoulder. You stop as if you hit a wall. That’s going to be fun, especially when the ones coming behind are still going.

We have people proudly advertising their electric building equipment, a small digger that runs for two hours on one charge. A charge that is replenished by running a diesel generator for eight hours. So the diesel engine runs for eight hours instead of two, and that’s good?

To make Scotland green, we have cut down 14 million trees to make room for wind farms while governments claim they want to plant more trees. That’s just Scotland. You can barely see it on a map of the world. The windmill parts are not recyclable, they will, along with all those solar panels, be in landfill in 20 years or so. Leaching extremely toxic waste into the soil that will be growing a future vegan world’s food.

Oh don’t worry about the animals. The vegans want to kill them all to save the planet. So do the ecoloons. The animals must be scratching their heads and wondering who the planet is being saved for.

The Swedish Doom Goblin has been to Bristol to talk about how the planet is burning up… in a country beset by flooding, in the rain, while wearing two coats against the cold. Her parents should have been prosecuted for child abuse long ago but they are being allowed to continue on a massive scale. The only thing Extinction Rebellion achieve, all they have ever achieved and all they will ever achieve, is destruction. They have utterly ruined every single place they have ever visited. In the name of saving it.

Now we have coronavirus. The name is not new, there are many coronaviruses, but in the modern world nobody can remember beyond five minutes ago so there are people wondering how Dettol can claim to kill coronavirus ‘before it existed’. This variant is new. Its biggest danger is not its kill rate, it’s that someone could be spreading it for weeks while showing no symptoms. It will overwhelm medical services and close down supply chains. It doesn’t need to kill more than enough to cause panic. The asymptomatic carriers will increrase exponentially. A million Typhoid Marys. The perfect blind assassin.

Most of all though, what is the Left of politics doing? On the right we have Trump and Boris, both of whom appear to be bumbling clowns but they aren’t. They are very calculating people. Brushing them off, underestimating them, is a big mistake.

The Left, both in the UK and America, are in the process of choosing a new leader. The lineup in both cases looks like the starting gate of the Olympic window licking competition. There is no Tony Blair in the UK or Barack Obama in the US. It’s as if they raided the Shady Rest Home for Weary Minds and put up the most insane candidates they could find. Are they trying to lose? Is this really the best they have?

If there is a God he must surely be reaching for the reset button now and maybe he has already pressed it. Pestilence and Famine are loose upon the world and one look at the Turkey/Greece border will surely have the shadow of War over it. Turkey and Greece have been enemies for a long time, mostly because of Cyprus. So war there would be no surprise. Erdogan is as mad as Hitler was. Opening up a new front with Greece when he already has war with Syria would not surprise me/

Notably absent is the new ‘EU army’ that the EU claims they have command over. Also notably absent is the UN. Greece are members of both but they are being left to deal with this alone.

This level of stupid has appeared and accelerated in only a couple of decades. There is so much more, I could extend this post to whole book levels! Ten years ago there were two genders, I have no idea how many there are now. It’s as if the entire world has gone insane, as if we are being set up to destroy ourselves while thinking we are saving ourselves.

I’m sort of getting used to the fiction coming true, you know…

18 thoughts on “Against stupidity…

  1. Greece experienced brutal colonisation by the Turks for over 400 years. In living memory Turkey expelled hundreds of thousands of Greeks.
    See Wikipedia”
    The Greek genocide, including the Pontic genocide, was the systematic killing of the Christian Ottoman Greek population carried out in Anatolia during World War I and its aftermath (1914–1922) on the basis of their religion and ethnicity.[1] It was instigated by the government of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish national movement against the indigenous Greek population of the Empire and it included massacres, forced deportations involving death marches, summary expulsions, arbitrary execution, and the destruction of Eastern Orthodox cultural, historical, and religious monuments.[2] According to various sources, several hundred thousand Ottoman Greeks died during this period.[3] Most of the refugees and survivors fled to Greece (adding over a quarter to the prior population of Greece).[4] Some, especially those in Eastern provinces, took refuge in the neighbouring Russian Empire.

    Of course Greeks do not like Turkish presidents….

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  2. It’s not the last ten years this country, the west in fact, has been going downhill for the last thirty years. We have turned from men to a bunch of limp wristed women, even the tough guys among us are only 5% of the tough guys of the 70s.

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    • It’s true. Kids can’t even climb trees or play conkers now. Damaging yourself and watching it grow back was part of growing up.

      Now they think they’re indestructible and get the shit kicked out of them by 70 year olds. I cut firewood with a long handled axe they’d shit themselves at the sight of, and I bet most of them couldn’t even lift my sledgehammer.

      Sometimes I look at those insectoid arms and wonder how they lift their soy lattes…

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  3. Thank you for the link to “The Blind Assassin”, I have just read your story and am wondering whether you should instruct your lawyer to begin a case of plagiarism against Terry Hayes. I finished re-reading his book “I Am Pilgrim” last night!! Hiis copyright is 2012! Go for it – this time next year you could be a milliner….


  4. If there is a God he must surely be reaching for the reset button now and maybe he has already pressed it.

    He pressed it right at the beginning, or at most recent, after Adam sinned and cursed us all. Our only hope lies in the ‘last Adam’ who died to wipe out our sins made possible by the sin of the first Adam. Can’t help but feel a bit sorry for the first Adam, though – being tempted by the devil and a woman at the same time.

    I commented thus five months ago on your post Apocalypse when?:

    And the world’s demonic elites also believe. That’s why everything G-d has decreed, the elites via the UN, EU, national governments, etc. support same-sex ‘marriage’, support the idea of gender fluidity, are pro-abortion and euthanasia, don’t love their neighbours as themselves, peddle nonsense about evolution at every opportunity, reject males as the head of the household, etc. And now, via the likely vote to approve the smacking ban here, a rejection of the Proverbs, e.g.

    “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.” Prov. 13-24.

    But our politicians don’t understand what love is.

    The truth will set you free and that’s the last thing the elites want for humanity.

    And to add a bit more…

    Of course the vote to ban smacking north of the border was successful. Next is Wales in several months, I understand?

    They have perverted just about everything divinely-created or inspired; everything that makes us human; ridiculing or debasing ideals and ideas such as fidelity, honesty, childhood, marriage, sanctity of human life, objective truth, self-sacrifice, loyalty, charity and love; turning art, architecture and music from things of beauty to please the eye or ear to refresh the soul into creations deliberately made to be ugly or to ‘shock’ or disgust to aid in the degradation of mankind. Quite an about-turn in the arts over the past, say, three generations.

    The author of this manifesto of turning love into hate and vive versa and beauty into degradation can be no other than ‘the father of lies’. The Saviour’s words to those who wanted to kill him were these:

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44

    Truth is not an interest of today’s relativists either (the ‘truth’ is what they decide it is). Is it any wonder that the same spirit of evil inhabits the minds of the ‘great and the good’ who are running everything (into the ground)? Abortion is not murder, but ‘a woman’s right’. The ‘father of lies’ could not have phrased it more abominably – woman, whose role is to bear fruit of the womb and to nurture it with love and care, is turned into the heartless, selfish executioner of her very own children.

    Was it a coincidence that the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 included amendments both for ‘same-sex marriage’ and an ultra-liberal abortion regime being imposed on the Province – English MPs with their own obsessions had their amendments accepted and then forced onto N. Ireland because Stormont had not reconvened, so a chance to sneak the top devilish stuff into N.I. by the back door after them having managed to resist it for so long. Cromwell lives on and apparently now welcomed by Sinn Féin/IRA when it suits their own ‘progressive’ ideology. Murdering unborn tots ‘legally’ means none of these creatures goes to prison and they won’t be heavily infiltrated by British secret service operatives as was the IRA that stuck to murdering adults – and any kids and pregnant women that got in the way, but that was mainly collateral damage; could happen to anyone!

    2,000 people with Down’s syndrome and their families have written to Boris asking him to add a clause to make it illegal to abort Down’s babies in N.I. right up to full term. Can you imagine the carnage involved in killing, say, an eight and a half month old baby, maybe eighteen inches long, and vacuuming out all the limbs and body parts? What kind of ‘doctor’ would even consider doing this? Probably not even Dr Crippen, who dismembered his wife after killing her.

    So, the Creator got it wrong when He made two sexes – Westminster MPs say so. The different anatomy created in each sex with very specific and important objectives must just have been a mistake, even though coding the DNA to make men and women different yet complementary, was a major and extraordinarily purposeful feat of genetic engineering.

    When I read something like Fifty percent of transgender persons in Australia have attempted suicide at least once in their lives.[12] In England, 48% of the transgender young people had attempted suicide at least once in their lives.[13] (H. G. Virupaksha et al 2016), then it is clear that transgenderism is a mental illness and no amount of bodily mutilation is going to change that fact, but truth turned into lies is killing people, as they seek a new gender identity instead of mental health treatment, if such exists in any meaningful way.

    More lies leading to death so that politicians can legislate for the devils they take their orders from. This is a spiritual battle. Why is all this sickness, from anatomy to art, happening now?…

    “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Rev. 12:12


    • Whenever I bring up Satanism I get ‘Duh, that’s not real’.

      Then I try to point out that it does not matter if it’s real or not. What matters is that there are people who believe it is, and if they stab you on an altar, it still doesn’t matter if it’s real. You are still dead.

      Much the same with the 72 virgins Allah gives you if you blow yourself into 72 bits in his name. Real? Doesn’t matter. It only matters that the guy in the exploding waistcoat believes it.

      By the way, there’s no guarantee the virgins are female. They could all be fat pasty-white basement gamer boys… or goats.

      I’ve been looking at Revelations lately. Madness has descended on humanity, there can be no doubt. Plague and Famine are running loose and War is getting up to speed on the Greek/Turkish border, Mexico/USA, UK/France and more.

      One more horseman to go.


      • I’ll try and make this a lot shorter – and get the closing italics tags right.

        Whenever I bring up Satanism I get ‘Duh, that’s not real’.

        It’s DEMONstrably real. The elites aren’t stupid; they are very learned, very patient and violate every commandment of the Almighty’s that they can. They are gaining souls like never before to join them in eternal misery. It’s real, all right. I have my own experience of being in Hell, which retelling I reserve for individuals who will not mock. I’ll say this much – that we shouldn’t complain about our lot on Earth, because life (or death) in Hell is immeasurably worse than the worst things we are subject to in this life. It is so utterly vital not to be sent there.

        Yeah, sex in Hell is going to be such fun. If you’re lucky, you might get Bernard Manning to bugger you – with a red-hot poker. Not that there will be much luck down there. No smoking after sex either, other than from the burning flesh from between your buttock cheeks.

        If Muslims want dozens of virgins, they don’t have to die, they can join a fundamentalist Mormon group. Or start a new religion combining the best of both worlds: and call themselves Morlims. I’m sure the British police and courts wouldn’t want to offend them with charges of bigamy or by them marrying eight year-olds.

        Yorkshire police, especially, will love this brand new religio-predatory diversity. Well, as long as the Morlims adopt the Koran and ditch the KJV Bibles the Mormons use.

        The point about Down’s abortions I intended to make was that people born with it and their families understand that abortion is actually murder. You’re erasing a human being from history. I was having a discussion with a ‘pro-choice’ progressive on Facebook. She was full of feminist, pro-death agro, but after I left her with that thought, I didn’t hear from her again. I was hopeful that it finally sank in what abortion really is.

        One day, everybody will be forced to accept the truth. Nobody can hide from it forever.


      • It’s actually 72 “raisins”. “Virgin” was a mistranslation from a non-original text, of the word “Sultana”, which is supposed to mean “unmarried or un-betrothed young woman of royal descent”. But it fact means “sun-dried grape”.

        My father, who knoew the Muddle East during the War, had read the Koran and the Arabian Nights while there, and brought editions home with him (somehow.) He said that “in Paradise, we learn that all the saved drink “honey-flavooured water”…and (wait for it…) “There is No Desire”… (I’d hate it I think…)


  5. “The lineup in both cases looks like the starting gate of the Olympic window licking competition. ” You not only got a real LOL but a GUFFAW with that one. So funny because it is so sadly true. Old time Corona viruses. like Adeno viruses gave us a cold. This new one gives us a quasi ‘flu plus economic and social dislocation. Why, it’s almost like it was a weaponised virus. From CAMR on Wuhan? Never ever thought of that one (reaching for Al/Sn hat). I’ve been spouting on about Cobalt and rare earth elements saying that you cannot replicate all cars in the UK without mining asteroids let alone planet Earth. Just not enough unless we mine the core itself. No-one listens to plebs though.


      • I don’t think we’d like that one, if it was more than even a couple of hundred yards across. The “Tunguska Event” was thought to be one much less than that, and it just “grazed” us, which was fortunate. We must be vigilant, and keep open our otpions about demolishing such things, as they get seen and are on course, if we can.


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