Let them die

So the police moved on a few widely-spaced people from a London park, but ignored hordes of Muslims praying in the street. This is normal.

Someone was handed a warning by police because they drove to a park where they could walk their dog without meeting anyone. This is now normal too. Not legal, not remotely sensible, but normal.

Muslim Imams in the UK are telling their congregations that the virus only affects non Muslims and they are going to be saved. Yeah, okay, tell that to Iran. Tell it to UAE or Saudi Arabia. It’s almost as if those Imams are planted there to wipe out British Muslims. Nobody human is immune to this thing. It’s new, no immune system has seen it before and that ‘mild’ version is pretty damn horrible. Poking essential oils up your arse will not help, no matter what the Ayatollahs say. You are all going to die and your Imams made it happen and they will say it’s Allah’s will and you will believe it just like Christians did in the Black Plague of the 1600s. You are, basically, fucked. And you will still follow the ones who did it.

I don’t care any more. I can’t. I was in Local Shop yesterday picking up some bits and pieces and posting some mugs. A woman of maybe 30 was telling the counter guy (looked about 20) how she had just seen the film of ‘War of the Worlds’. Their conversation hinged on whether it started as a film or a computer game and whether someone should make it a book. I nearly bit right through my lip, but I said nothing. There is no point any more.

How did H.G. Wells disappear from the collective mind so fast, even as his books were made into films and radio shows? The education in this world is finished, the restart is coming, get your wooden clubs and animal skin clothing ready and find the best caves now. Oh and relearn how to make fire, that thing they are all so terrified of right now. You can do it without matches or a lighter. Never mind stocking up on arsepaper and pasta, find out how to make fire. Now.

On Twitter, I posted a response to a comment about people ignoring quarantine with ‘If they be wont to die, they had better do so, and decrease the surplus population’ and offered a Leg Iron Books mug to the first one who could tell me character, book and author for that quote. I have a few left and probably won’t be able to send any anywhere soon so I’ll offer another one here. One rule – the same person can’t have both. Nor can anyone who already has one. Two rules. No hoarders here. Leave this for someone else. Three rules. There are three rules.

I’ll send it anywhere in the world but remember it could currently take months to get there. No problem really, it won’t go off. You’d just have to drink your tea or coffee from one of those plain ordinary mugs in the meantime.

Tomorrow I will have to get dressed. Again. That’s twice this week. They say a mask and gloves is enough to go to the shops but it’s still pretty damn cold here. I’ll be dressed up like the Michelin Man.

We are going to visit Tesco and find out whether they have things on shelves or have given up and are just selling shelves now. We have a list of stuff and if we get half of it then it’s a good trip. We do not go out daily. The shopping trip is once a week.

I can’t get the chimney sweep out here now. I’m not even going to ask. Chimney sweeping is an essential service and he won’t be getting paid while on lockdown but nobody seems to care. A soot filled flue is a hell of a fire risk. Meanwhile, bicycle shops will still be open as essential services even though we aren’t supposed to be going anywhere.

Vape shops are being closed in many countries but off licences are still open. You can get booze in supermarkets but they have limited options for vapers. Proper fags are, of course, unaffected. This is not about essential services. This is about maximising a reduced tax intake.

In London they will shout at you if there are three of you in one place even though you arrived in London on a tube train that makes a sardine can look like social distancing. If ever there was a case for another Great Fire, this is it. Any bakers operating in Pudding Lane now? Go for it, it worked last time.

Croatia is intercepting aid to Italy. France is intercepting aid to the UK. Italy just intercepted aid for Greece. The EU is sending aid to… Iran. And fining Italy for trying to stay solvent.

So many say the EU has prevented war in Europe since before it existed. What will they be saying when it causes war?

We live in interesting times. As the Chinese curse said we would.

What a coincidence.

12 thoughts on “Let them die

  1. As I was running low on vape supplies, I’ve been getting 88vape short fill bottles with nic salt shots from B&M. It costs no more than my usual stuff from the vape shop and the 88vape is excellent in comparison. While I was there I also picked up a cheap vape pen and some 10ml bottles of pre mixed with a higher nic content. I’m using that MTL when I can’t get the stuff for the 200 watt box mod, that gobbles up liquid as if going out of fashion. I didn’t think I could go back to doing MTL with a vape pen but so far so good.

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  2. Belgian State Television (VRT) : (translation from Dutch) The Conservative British government has allowed the epidemic to expand and no one has responded adequately. The first case of corona was diagnosed at the end of January, yet the UK seemed to live on its own in the following weeks. The corona epidemic was reported in the British press, but rarely about the situation at home. The British government, like the Netherlands, also pursued its own strategy. It deliberately deviated from the isolation measures applied in China and South Korea as well as several severely affected countries in Europe.
    The UK allowed its residents to roam free, visit old people, exercise and shop for weeks. It’s called “herd immunity” to make the people immune by letting the virus break out so that the sick would make antibodies to defeat the virus. The Sunday Times even wrote that Prime Minister Johnson’s personal advisor, Dominic Cummings, was a big fan of that approach in February, “even if that means some older retirees are going to die,” the Times quoted a person who attended the meeting. Downing Street strongly denies that statement, but the strategy was implemented.
    Last weekend, several thousand doctors and nurses wrote a letter to the British government. They begged for medical supplies, for face masks – because theirs were outdated – for tests, for respirators, more beds, and most importantly, more staff.

    The signatories write that they have been getting questions from concerned doctors and nurses for weeks because they are not protected from facing the corona epidemic with the right means. Doctors on intensive care must perform the most risky procedures with mouth masks that had to be discarded as early as 2015. Sometimes there are simply no masks available.

    So there is great fear that this sudden turnaround with blitz measures will not be enough to face a crisis of this magnitude, however much Prime Minister Johnson beats his chest and continues to proclaim that the British will be able to face this challenge too, “as they have already done that in the past “.

    Will the United Kingdom ask the European Union for support? That would be a humiliating. Europe has launched four tenders for the purchase of mouth masks since February. Most of the 27 Member States participate, but the British do not. And the United States? President Trump must face his own disastrous shortages in the medical field there. The coming weeks will look particularly bad for British citizens, especially the most vulnerable. Afterwards it will become clear who the real heroes were. If they will still be alive.

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  3. Dear Mr Legiron

    If the Muslim colonies don’t self-isolate and the rest of us (mostly) do, we’ll have a real live experiment to see which approach works best, or if there is any difference between them.

    Assuming of course any studies are done, and any inconvenient results are not supressed.


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