I have suffered an attack of Meh the past few days. I don’t know what it is but I had it once before, years ago.

It was the time I spent New Year’s Eve sober. Meh is characterised by general fatigue, listlessness and total loss of appetite. Last time I didn’t eat anything for almost a week, this time it seems to have lasted just a few days. I managed half a pizza today. Recovery has begun.

It’s a strange one. I don’t feel ill, I just don’t feel hungry nor indeed have the impetus to do much of anything.

At least this time it didn’t coincide with New Year. That New Year I drank one beer over the course of the entire evening and watched New Year TV sober. It’s seriously crap if you’re sober. It went downhill fast after 1999.

A dose of Meh comes at a bad time, I’m already way behind but I should be able to catch up quickly.

It’s not as if I’m going to be able to go anywhere…

10 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Sounds like you have Mehvid-20.

    I don’t know if this fella’s a crank or legit, but he says we have it all wrong with social distancing and all that jazz. Everyone who is healthy (and not pregnant) should welcome the virus into their bodies and then the virus is happy and doesn’t feel the need to mutate to become more virulent. He seems to give the virus a mind, but other than that, it looks like he’s basically correct that those countries that have put in place these draconian distancing rules have much higher death rates.

    He ends by saying, “I, for the first time in my life, sympathise with conspiracy theorists. I have written extensively against conspiracy theories… something is seriously awry… something very bad is happening; very evil.”

    Latest data appear to confirm what he is saying:

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  2. I get it regularly when in the UK for any length of time or suffer watching main stream media, i call it the “what the f$$k is wrong with people?” syndrome.

    Have a rant – works for me. (Thanks once again Legion).

    Got a bad case of it yesterday so sent the following to Central news knowing it won’t do any good and they won’t do anything bit relieved frustration a bit:


    I won’t put any links in this mail in case your spambot rejects it but the names I state will get you to the relevant websites.

    For years my wife has watched Central News, the BBC News, ITV News and at times Channel 5 news (along with reading newspapers online and watching Loose Women) and I never really took much notice of what was being “reported” as I spend most of my time abroad working without access to television.

    Now I’m forcibly imprisoned at home under threat of punishment from officialdom and cannot return to work as my business is destroyed I have realised that all of you are basically teleprompter reading talking heads for the propaganda arm of the powers that be. No point changing channels as it is all the same worded reports from the same “source” or “spokesperson” that reinforces whatever the agenda is at that time, just a different person reading the teleprompter or expert pretending to be more knowledgable than they really are as they just parrot the narrative without question.

    Notice how I did not say Government, there is a distinction and a few minutes research will point you in the right direction – maybe something for Bob Warman to do during his self-isolation. Common Purpose is a good phrase to start with but I could give more, lots more.

    The standard of main-stream media “reporting” is pretty dire ranging from scaremongering to complete distortion of facts if not outright lying. Independent research – long gone. Questioning authority – long gone.

    Add in the current situation and it is totally devoid of real news.

    Over a few nights I noticed you managed to combine Conservative and right-wing bashing, a rabid left-wing self-serving MP, heresy, 2nd hand gossip, the NHS is just above God, NHS failings all the Tories fault, a couple of stories that ticked the right heartstring tugging boxes and the pro-green Agenda 2030 (which makes the present situation look rosy and cheerful) all in 20 minutes but real, investigative news – nowhere that I could see.

    Why keep showing film clips of people wearing dust masks or normal surgical masks? Neither of these types of mask are any good against viruses or illnesses especially if you are healthy. N95 masks are rated for viruses and the people being interviewed were definitely not wearing these. Also wearing of a mask is only recommended for those who have symptoms of a respiratory disorder to stop them spreading it, not to stop you catching anything.

    Why did your reporter not question this? Were the people being interviewed told to wear a mask of some sort to increase the fear factor or make the story all the more dramatic? If so why?

    To be factual and correct you need to report not just deaths “with coronavirus” but all of the following to put it all into perspective:

    – normal number of deaths in the UK for this time of year – easily found on the Office for National Statistics website
    – total number of deaths for ALL reasons within the reporting timeframe – easily found on the Office for National Statistics website
    – total number of deaths for people “WITH coronavirus” – easily found on the Office for National Statistics website
    – total number of deaths for people “FROM coronavirus” – easily found on the Office for National Statistics website

    To assist your initial research from the last ONS update which was updated for deaths up to 20 March 2020 with some quickly reported deaths up to 25 March 2020 the numbers are and quotes are:

    Of the deaths registered in week 12, 103 mentioned novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which is 1.0% of all deaths.
    A total of 138,913 deaths were registered in England and Wales between 28 December 2019 and 20 March 2020 (year to date), and of these, 108 involved COVID-19 (0.1%); including deaths that occurred up to 20 March but were registered up to 25 March, the number involving COVID-19 was 210
    The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 20 March 2020 (week 12) was 10,645; this represents a decrease of 374 deaths registered compared with the previous week (week 11).
    This starkly highlights the difference in deaths for people “WITH” coronavirus and “FROM” coronavirus.

    The numbers also do not support a “pandemic” is taking place.

    Looking at the European Mortality Monitoring website, the data is showing much the same – generally lower deaths than normal throughout the 24 countries that submit data during the yearly “flu season” with just a little blip showing last week in Italy for over 65s.

    Also report that on the UK Government’s own HCID (High Consequence Infectious Diseases) website Covid-19 was downgraded about March 18th as it was not a major risk.

    There are more and more reports coming in that the majority of people (75% is the figure normally given) who are dying (sad and tragic that this is for the individuals and families on a personal basis) were probably going to die within 3 months anyway due to their existing conditions which were killing them at the time. Covid-19 was a contributing factor but it did not kill them, just speeded up the process.

    If I can find them in minutes with my minuscule resources surely an organisation like your’s with paid researchers and varied resources could find just one report that even possibly maybe contradicts slightly the official narrative of “we’re all going to die unless you do as you are told at all times or else, do not question our authority, do not think for yourselves”.

    Try interviewing some of these people to name a few for a change:

    – David Icke
    – Jim Stone
    – Ben Fulford
    – Dr. Ansgar Lohse
    – Dr. Richard Capek
    – Professor Sucharit Bhakdi
    – Professor Yoram Lass

    The Swiss Propaganda Research website Covid-19 page has more factual and researched information on it in one day’s update picked at random than I have seen on any news programme from the main stream media to date. They have a lot of information and links to studies, interviews etc that you can actually fact-check for yourselves.

    Also, with great fanfare and relish you report about young people, especially 21 and under, dying quickly and having no pre-existing health problem. When it subsequently transpires they did have pre-existing conditions – undiagnosed leukaemia, asthma, possible suicide – there is a vast silence in putting the record straight. Webpages are even taken down when they report this, it happened to a Guardian page recently.

    How about putting things into perspective with some facts:

    – “Covid-19” deaths (both with and from) worldwide approximately 1 000 000, world population approximately 7 000 000 000 – not a great infection percentage is it? Somewhere about 0.13% if my maths is correct.
    – From the World Health Organisation website, in 2017 there were 808 694 children under the age of 15 that died of pneumonia, an infectious respiratory disease cured simply enough by cheap antibiotics. This works out at over 67 000 a week, every week. Why no outcry on the YEARLY figure as it repeats every year and cheap to cure.
    – poor nutrition is estimated to kill 3 000 000 children every year, again easy and cheap to solve with political will power and following the new green agenda keeping the people in poverty is not the answer.

    Looking at these yearly numbers alone, why the mass panic now over Covid-19?

    Plus question why the videos are appearing from independent researchers from different countries, including the UK, that show hospitals are not under a state of siege but empty with queues being staged just for the TV cameras.

    Question why the Diamond Princess disappeared from the news very quickly when only 5 or 6 deaths occurred and not the 1000 that was predicted.

    Question the indiscriminate use and push for Do Not Resuscitate in GP surgeries and hospitals.

    Question how many others with major, serious and critical illnesses are going to die as the NHS has stopped their treatments – cancer, liver, kidney dialysis, transplants etc. It will end up more than die from Covid-19 for sure unless things change quickly.

    Murders and murder/suicides are now ramping up during the lockdown and stay at home. Given how bad the programming is from ALL broadcasters and EVERY channel on Sky, Freeview, ITV, BBC, Netflix et al with the continuous repeat after repeat, Only Fools and Horses on continuous loop, films and 50s to the 80s shows repeated ad nauseum or depressing wrist-cutting soap opera “entertainment” from here and Australia (all of which are riddled with the box-ticking, PC agenda narrative) that is being shown over and over I’m surprised it is not a lot higher by now.

    Knowing most people are effectively imprisoned at home against their will do any of the broadcasters make any effort to improve the situation? NO, emphatically NO.

    As well as this the links between EMFs, 5G and illness especially coronavirus, influenza etc need to be investigated. They do exist and they are dangerous – my wife has electro-magnetic hypersensitivity so I have done my research on this over a few years and again the main stream media are covering up the links by not questioning and just parroting and reinforcing the official narrative.

    Again, maybe something for Bob to do or maybe Matt or Sameena on their days off when social distancing as they cannot both sit at the desk at once – I hope you disinfect it well on the day’s they swap over as the coronavirus can live for days/weeks/months on surfaces depending on who you are talking to.

    Maybe they could start with the following:

    – the microwave illness page on the Radiation Dangers website
    – read articles 9375, 10380, 10659, 7709, 7636 and 10107 on the State of the Nation website
    – last year you reported over and over how hospitals were installing 5G everywhere for all the tablets and ipads the staff are now using and how great it would be and how well it was working. Now staff are ill, patients and staff dying, unexplained illnesses in and around hospitals (and anywhere else 5G has been switched on, ask why Sweden and Japan have banned it)
    – Research why there are unexplained deaths occurring in the UK, Italy and Germany where perfectly healthy people go to sleep and are found dead in the morning and no cause found.

    Know anyone who has started suffering from any of the below, I’m sure you do when you think about it:
    Screen-Shot-2020-01-30-at-7.54.40-PM.png – I don’t know how to put the picture in

    Research in Germany dating all the way back to 1932 confirms these effects on the human body. As the electrosmog is now millions of times higher than in 1932 what is the modern toxic load of the human body?

    Yours in frustration

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  3. It pains me to say it, John L, but you’re pissing into the wind. Challenges, long words and facts are anathema to the MSM when all they are interested is the party line, sensationalised as far as possible.

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    • Unfortunately I totally agree with you, sad but true and a completely useless gesture.

      But at least I had a rant and got it out of my system for a while. I would strain myself (as I’m getting into the fifties now) hitting everyone I wanted to with a big enough stick to make an impression on their thinking ability.

      Went shopping today, frightening how quickly people became so scared and pathetic – wouldn’t look at you, veered away when you walked towards them, wouldn’t speak, wouldn’t question “orders” to stay behind the yellow line, no laughter and so on. What a sad, depressing population of sheeple is out there.

      Only one person even looked like speaking so I told him that he was not to laugh, smile and so on as it was against the official narrative of we’re all doomed and going to die, some prodnose will report us for breaking social-distancing rules and he may catch coronavirus just thinking of interacting with me. He did engage in conversation though, went straight onto his mobile to look at the Swiss Propoganda research page and promptly asked “what the hell is going on then?”.

      One person at a time to get thinking as it cannot be done wholesale.


  4. Meh – I suspect it’s the realisation that whatever amazing concepts for new horror stories you imagine, bloody bastard reality overtakes your writing before you can publish it.
    Life imitating art!

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  5. I feel the same way except for one significant difference. I’m snacking a lot which isn’t going to end well with no exercise. Not felt like this before so I’m guessing it is because I’m stir crazy or just finally had enough with stupid people in the UK..


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