More on survival.

Well. Boris has the virus and seems to be in a pretty bad way. Let’s hope he survives this because, even if you hate him, he’s human. Also he didn’t want to impose the lockdown and if he’s gone, his replacement might well revel in it. Boris would let everyone out a lot sooner than some of his potential replacements. Really, even if you hate the Tories, this is one man and he’s not Satan – but Satan might be waiting in the wings.

So what can you do? More and more we are hearing that we should be wearing face masks. Where to get them? Well… you can’t. I have modified some respirators and ex-army gas masks I have lying around but if you’re not an ex-microbiologist or a packrat with a massive junk collection you probably don’t have any. There are many clips of people folding fabric into masks. They won’t protect you very much but if you are infected (and you might not know it), they will attenuate the effects of a cough or sneeze so you won’t spread it far. Two metres (or two yards six inches for us old Philistines who refuse to believe Imperial units are no more) is plenty far enough away if your cough is masked.

There is an option to fold a couple of extra layers in there. A layer of any cloth soaked in 30% salt solution with a tiny drop of detergent and dried, even if you can’t get the right microfibre, will help. Also a strip cut from one of the fancy HEPA hoover bags. The paper ones are better than nothing but the HEPA ones are best. That’s the white fabric ones. It’s almost, but not quite, as good as N95 masks.

Remember to stitch or staple a pleat either side of your nose so it seals well. Also, wear wrap-around safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Medication. Hydroxychloroquine seems to be working in combination with an antibiotic and zinc. You’ll have problems getting hydroxychloroquine now, but you don’t really need it unless you are hospitalised anyway. Dr. Faust, Donnie Trumpton’s doctor guy, the Pharmers and the Billy Gates Gruff are going all out to stop this treament but that’s because it’s a cheap medication. You can’t sell expensive drugs or vaccines to a population who have a cheap quick fix. Also, Billy Gates Gruff won’t get to realise his dream of microchipping everyone on the planet. Listen to the frontline doctors. They are saying it’s working. Don’t listen to the buggers trying to make money out of this.

Vitamins C and D are a good thing to have anyway. Especially here in Scotland, where sunbathing really isn’t going to be viable for a few more months and citrus fruit just doesn’t grow. They aren’t a cure, they are vitamins that help your body fight off infections. So get some into you.

We take vitamin D here because there’s not much sunlight in Scotland over winter and when there is, it’s too damn cold to go out there. Also, I’m pretty much nocturnal anyway…

Some people don’t like oranges, a few are actually allergic to the point where too many oranges can cause a blowout down below. Not the most enjoyable of experiences. However, both D and C are available in pill form – I have pleasant memories of Haliborange tablets when I was sick as a child. Oh, and vitamin B6 (or just simple B complex mixtures) can be good to have too.

You won’t get the antibiotic off-prescription either, but like hydroxychloroquine, you don’t need it unless you get sick enough to be hospitalised. It does have a purpose and no, antibiotics don’t work on viruses. They prevent secondary bacterial infections. See, once the virus has minced your throat and your immune system is knackered from dealing with it, that’s the ideal time for a bacterial infection to take root and make things a hell of a lot worse. That’s what the antibiotic is for.

Zinc has long been known to help in wound healing. Zinc oxide cream is a common topical application for cuts. Do not eat it. That will just make you shit through every orifice. Zinc also helps reduce inflammation and can disrupt the cytokine storm this virus can cause in severe cases. This is available as zinc sulphate tablets but don’t take them forever. They can cause anaemia in long term use. Get some and start taking them (one a day) at the first onset of symptoms. Stop when you get better.

With all these supplements, taking more than recommended is not a good idea. Also if you are on any other medication, check with your doctor before adding to it. Taking too much can land you in other problems than the virus so don’t do it. Also, if you already have anaemia, talk to your doctor before taking zinc. You might be best to avoid supplements until you actually show symptoms but dietary sources of these vitamins/minerals are available. Look out for them.

This is a particularly vicious virus but even so, it has been blown into something even bigger by those who stand to make a lot of money from it. Listen to frontline medics, not ‘experts’ who are likely to get very rich out of vaccine sales. If it really is cured by these simple, cheap medications then the vaccine isn’t needed – and that scares the hell out of them.

So many groups are trying to use this to their advantage now. Even if you are so far to the Left you make Stalin raise his eyebrows, you know, deep down, Boris is your best chance of getting out of this with your freedoms intact. Stop wishing him dead.

His replacement could be a hell of a lot worse.

11 thoughts on “More on survival.

  1. Fully agree about Boris because he’s human and he’s in ICU, so he’s on his own. No visitors. Add the fact his other half has it and she’s carrying their child, so personal issues of big magnitude.

    He’s mid 50’s, so in the 1.5% mortality lot and while no one cares to mention it he’s in another risk group because he’s overweight. If he needs intubation then they’ll induce a coma – and that’s risky.

    I hope he pulls through and I know his health carers will be giving him the best they can. It’s not good on any CV to be associated with a high profile mortality – harsh but true.

    Should he pull through he’ll need to be isolated for a further 15 days because he’ll still be infectious. Then there’s the problem of reduced lung capacity and scarring of his lungs.

    Next time we see the fellow, the physical will be a significant loss of weight. We shan’t see the psychological impact, but we will see older, wiser, more pensive eyes and – as happened with Brown when he lost his first born – a greater willingness to up the funding for the NHS.

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    • The NHS as a monolithic structure is one of the things holding the UK back.
      We need to move to a system like Germany, Austria, Switzerland has, much more responsive, virtually no waiting lists, GPs are not the best paid in Europe etc.
      I’m aware the agenda driven here will try to tell you these continental states are howling wastelands because they don’t have OURNHS.
      Also if the medical establishment are prepared to croak the PM to keep cheap cures off the agenda, as Leggy outlines above, what hope for the rest of us?

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      • One of the problems with putting actual medics in charge of the NHS is that they are trained medics, not trained managers. Actual trained, good, bona-fide managers are what is actually needed in the healthcare system, along with a dose of commercial reality.

        That isn’t going to happen for quite a long time, since there are too many vested interests at work with the NHS. For a start, the medics and press have done too good a job at promoting the NHS as the one system which is best for healthcare, when by objective patient outcome statistics and by value for money statistics, the NHS lags badly behind the European systems. These are all based around heavily regulated insurance-based systems, with a government-funded, means-tested basic layer which means that everyone has healthcare.

        These sorts of systems are, as I say, heavily regulated. They are not like the parlous and terrible American system, and they out-perform the NHS. If implemented they should go hand in hand with a reduction of taxes so that they are revenue-neutral.

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        • Phrased much better than I could have managed.
          Only one question about the parlous and terrible American system, why do we only see press reports about charitable appeals in the UK to send children to America for groundbreaking treatment and not the converse?
          By what you say there must be a lot of American children coming over here for treatment as well.

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  2. Two metres (or two yards six inches for us old Philistines who refuse to believe Imperial units are no more)…

    Imperial units will outlive coronavirus or any other virus. As long as there is one true Brit alive!

    I’m over six feet tall, but I’m still only one metre something, so that makes me feel small. I’m not having that.

    But thanks for the health advice, but I won’t catch this virus. I haven’t had a cold or flu for many years. Even as a child, I never got mumps or measles or anything, so I missed out on several weeks off of school and eggs chopped up in a cup.

    I see that YouTube are removing videos which link coronavirus with 5G technology. I thought it was a video-hosting platform. Who appointed them the guardians of ‘truth’? I watched a video a few days ago about something, I forget what, but at the very end was a few minutes of chemtrail footage, but it wasn’t the subject of the main video. Anyway, underneath the video was a large excerpt from Wikipedia declaring that chemtrails are a conspiracy theory believed by morons, or some such insulting rubbish. Whether they are or not, YouTube is either removing videos or ridiculing some that it allows to remain. I don’t know enough about chemtrails to comment, but I do know that people are entitled to believe in them without being bullied by Google, the evil leftists.

    Has anyone else found that almost every Google search in the past few weeks has a link to Reddit on the first page? I found Reddit to be another gatekeeper site. If you’re a progressive, you get free speech, if you’re not, you can get lost and your links won’t be seen by anyone but you.

    First page on Google searches include:

    Wikipedia (where alternative views are dismissed as ‘pseudoscience’ or ‘conspiracy theories’)
    BBC (no comment needed)
    Guardian (where ‘comment is free’ if you’re a loony lefty)
    Independent (ditto)
    Reddit (directing you to the above ‘news’ sources)
    Twitter (no list of garbage would be complete without it)

    and of course, Google’s two biggest advertisers,


    No wonder ignorance reigns and small traders like me get shunted onto page 3 or 4 if we’ve done a reasonable job on our SEO, but where few people end up looking. Their Adwords used to be dirt cheap and very effective, but they got more and more expensive and less and less successful.

    I’ve had a few gripes, so I’ll go away now and trim my beard. Plenty to do, even when housebound.

    Have a good day, all. Stay safe. Watch crossing the roads. Eat your greens. Don’t talk to strangers.

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  3. About 5 years ago when my wife had a shop, she bought job lots of clearance stuff for stock. One of these was a metric fuckton (500+?) of Flufender kits, none of which ever sold.
    These things

    And now? Well we’re banned from selling them (ebay/Amazon etc).

    Maybe I should post my contact details here (or Timmy’s / etc).

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