None of you seem to understand

I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me.

Rorschach’s best line from ‘Watchmen’, a good film but a much better graphic novel. You want to hear it in real life, with the rage dial turned up to 11? Take away the tobacco or vape from the smoker/vaper you’re self quarantining with. Take away all alcohol from that heavy (or even moderate but regular) drinker you’re locked in with. Force your somewhat rotund family member to diet.

That’s what the Nannies want you to do. They want to lock you in with people who have nowhere to drive and nothing to do and they want you to take away the last of the things that alleviate their boredom. Does that sound like a good idea to you? Oh they might be a little bit healthier but you’re locked in with them while they go through a forced withdrawal and have nothing to replace it. Better sleep with one eye open and hide all the sharp things.

Actually they won’t be healthier. Their stress levels will increase massively if you remove the booze and smokes/vapes controlling their stress at this time. Same goes for the overweight – try to force them to diet now and you will not only increase their stress but they might well get so angry they lash out.

And I wouldn’t blame them. Not one bit. The link between overweight and coronavirus is tenuous at best. There is no link at all between smoking or vaping or drinking and coronavirus, whether susceptibility to catching it or severity of symptoms. The major risk is underlying conditions, especially diabetes, cancer and heart problems. Those are the ones suffering the worst and dying the most. And you can’t fix those things with rules.

In fact, smokers are under-represented in coronavirus cases in ICU. I have no data to hand on vapers or boozers, which is a pity since I partake in all three hobbies. Nobody, as far as I know, has even mentioned heat-not-burn.

Sudden lifestyle changes, especially when forced upon someone rather than letting them do it by their own choice, is extremely stressful. Stress reduces your immune response. At this time, do you think it’s a good idea to do that? Stress puts pressure on your heart. At this time, do you think it’s a good idea to do that? Having one stressed-out person in a locked-in household will stress everyone else too. Is that a good idea?

Of course not, but then Public Health are hardly famed for having good ideas. In the midst of the biggest threat to public health in a hundred years, they have no ideas at all. Just more nannying.

Donnie Trumpton, Great Orange King of the Oompa-Loompas, has ideas. He is using this to wipe out his opponents’ voter base. By telling them the truth. It’s despicable, it’s evil, he knows what he’s doing, but it’s something even Ian Fleming didn’t think of in a villain.

He mentions chloroquine. Long known to have antiviral properties, long used in treatment of malaria, lupus and other things, very cheap, no side effects worth worrying about with proper dosage. Trump knows nothing of this, he spent his life in business, not medicine nor science. Someone advised him.

The anti-trumpers invent all kinds of side effects and demonise this common and easily obtainable drug. They will not touch it.

Today he mentioned zinc. Again, he won’t know about this from his own past. Someone advised him. Zinc oxide cream is the wound healer of choice for minor wounds, zinc sulphate is the internal version, helps the immune system and can break the cytokine storm that could kill you with this virus. Twitter is full of people calling it shamanism,idiocy, betting he has just bought shares in zinc, relating side effects (from overdose,they don’t mention that part) and generally inducing Trump-haters to have nothing to do with it.

His methods are so evil even I couldn’t have written it. But they are remarkably effective. Trump supporters will be on zinc sulphate supplements, and more, already, while his opponents will scoff at the idea. So if they get the virus, his supporters are already primed for treatment. His opponents are not.

All you need do is read the label and don’t overdose. You can in fact half-dose and increase to full dose when (if) you get sick. Probably best, you don’t want to be on these things long term.

Trump sounds like a bumbling idiot when he speaks. Some of that is because he doesn’t really understand the science he’s been told, some of it is, I think, an act. He (or his advisers) know that his opponents think he’s a complete idiot and he’s playing to that. Tell them the solution and watch them ignore it, even ridicule it.

I think he’ll tell them next that forced respiration is a bad idea and it’s better if patients lie on their stomachs for a while each day. It’s turning out to be true, but they’ll say it’s because he doesn’t want to buy respirators. And they will refuse to do it if they get sick. They will demand forced respiration and refuse to touch Trump’s shamanistic drug regime.

There are some things he will never tell them. Smoking reduces cell surface proteins the virus uses to attach, and gives the smoker a regular dose of virus-killing nitric oxide. There is emerging evidence that propylene glycol, used in vapes, is also antiviral. Trump will never mention those things because he is a rabid antismoker and has recently shown his antivaping credentials.

The alcohol? No idea yet but there is nothing to say it will make things worse.

So I think I’ll have another.


25 thoughts on “None of you seem to understand

  1. LI.
    Interesting about lying on your front. My Dad contracted Diptheria when he was 7. My Mum’s brother died of it the year before. My Dad was lucky as they had found a new treatment. Lying on your front with basically a spitoon underneath you. He explained to me that Diptheria caused poisons to be produced in the back of your throat, and that it was the swallowing / inhaling of this that caused mortality. When He was admitted to the hospital, he described it to me that he was given a drink that tasted like liquorice which was an emetic. After that he was placed on his front and told to spit. He improved within a week. This would be around 1934. I am not linking this to treatment of Covid 19, just an anecdote.

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  2. Phew. Glad to read this. I have been self isolating for a very long time, but that was to do with people.

    I smoke and I drink and I am too bloody old to stop now. And Life wouldn’t be worth living anyway. Not that I have any intention of dying soon.

    I haven’t been able to get into my Blog recently which is a bit boring, but probably only for me.. But I do get pleasure from reading yours.

    Merci Beaucoup and Bonne Chance.

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    • To be honest, self isolation has had little effect here. We normally go shopping once a week and have little to do with the outside world anyway. Staying away from people – easy.
      The only bugger is that we can’t visit my kids and granddaughter and can’t go to the local massive parks. But then we have a large garden so the parks aren’t too big an issue. We can leave them for those who don’t have gardens.

      My only gripe with the guidelines is ‘an hour’s exercise outdoors every day’. An hour? Every day? I’m not doing that! I take the bins down to the road once a week, that’ll do.

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  3. I’ve taken to inhaling ethanol vapour immediately after I’ve been out for a walk or to the shops. On the basis that if I have inhaled any COVID-19, that vapour will give anything in my upper respiratory tract a good kicking. No idea if it’s effective, but it makes me feel happier.
    (cheap cooking vodka of course, not malt)

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  4. Unfortunately I suffer from somewhat cloggy arteries and Type 2 FatBastard, so I have to be a bit careful out there. I think I’ll try some of those zinc tablets, can you get a quinine supplement or do I have to drink 100 bottles of tonic water a day?

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    • Quinine is apparently cumulative, although not held for too long. That’s why you start the anti-malaria course a month before you go, to build up a good dose.
      So a daily small can of tonic is probably enough to start building it up, then hit the bigger bottles if you get sick.

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  5. I’ve been eating a piece of particularly strong crystalized ginger every time I go out in winter to ward off other peoples bugs and another piece when I get back home for years, this stuff is so strong that after the terrific burning sensation, it anaesthetises my throat for ages.

    But I never looked at the science until a couple of weeks ago.

    Ginger and its active ingredient 6-gingerol down regulate pro-inflammatory cytokine release by macrophages

    Apparently sales are high at the local sweet shop, though it’s too strong for the owner himself.

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  6. Beofre going out, I’m using Boots “Dual Defence” nasal spray, which coats the septum with Carragelose & Kappa-Carrageenan (so it says), thus helping to trap any inhaled bugs.

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  7. I experienced a not dissimilar situation to Donnie Trumpton, Great Orange King of the Oompa-Loompas. I edited a Wikipedia page a few years ago about a certain alternative treatment which has benefitted me many times over the years, has centuries of use, is lauded by Enc. Brit. and is sold in chemists’ shops to boot, but was pretty much dissed by Wikipedia as being not much use. I decided to make the entry a bit closer to reality, while retaining the detractions out of fairness and because even I’ll admit, I’m not always right about everything all the time.

    Not long after the editing was completed, another editor changed it back. I changed it back to my version and somebody changed it back to a fairly disparaging account. Well, a discussion page was set up and a horde of angry editors appeared, while the main page kept being re-edited. I reckon between one and two dozen people had an apparently peculiar vested interest in keeping this cheap, natural remedy in the ‘fairly useless’ category. One of the sources they accepted for veracity of claims (at that time, at least) was the Encyclopædia Britannica, but it didn’t seem to apply in this case.

    I later discovered that there is a special team of Wikipedia editors responsible (or irresponsible) for dealing with certain subjects. This would no doubt be considered ‘pseudoscience’ and anti-Pharmer (so, akin to a conspiracy theory by default), hence the horde of unbelievers descending on me, who were appalled and angry at my changes (which were referenced, including Encyclopædia Britannica).

    Some of the language directed towards me was, let’s say, unprofessional. That nobody was on my side was revealing. Millions of people use this stuff and other encyclopedias told the truth, so why the bias from Wikipedia people who clearly didn’t have personal experience but claimed to have the keys to the truth based on the very flimsy references they relied upon in their own beloved distortion of the evidence?

    It made me see that Wikipedia simply peddles the same Establishment line as the media and politicians. No doubt I’m a ‘Pharmerphobic’ and my opinions are unworthy as a result of a) a willingness to question what I read, and b) personal experience.

    This was intended to be a short reply, but I seem to be increasingly verbose these days.

    But, it’s clear why search engines promote Wikipedia so heavily. People depend for so much information from so few sources and referrers, so they probably will never learn, if true, that smoking is bad for coronavirus and that the virus should quit trying to infect smokers. Instead of ventilators pumping oxygen, maybe they should be dispensing smoke from something like a nice Gawith Hoggarth pipe tobacco?

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      • That is a bit of a hoot. Let’s hope that you are right. Not that I care all that much.

        I do have a bit of a cough, but that is mainly related to Post Nasal Drip from allergies acquired from Streptomycice when I had Tuberculosis..

        Who knows. I smoke, and I ain’t going to stop any time soon. I am eighty years old now.

        This is now nearly boring me half to death.

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  8. I was concerned at the massive queues outside supermarkets yesterday. I will be forced to brave them on Tuesday because a crisis in developing here : we have run out of biscuits and the wine stocks will only last another couple of days.
    In the meantime I am coping by eating cake and drinking beer…

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