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For at least two of the emergency services, it’s not looking good.

Every day another group of police do something totally stupid, get filmed doing it and end up online. Sometimes they even put it online themselves – such as the police chief threatening to search your shopping for ‘non essential items’ and another police force using a drone to ‘shame’ people way out in the countryside who are so socially distant they can’t even see each other.

So what’s a non essential item? Booze and tobacco? Right, anyone claiming these are non essential items should be locked in a room for 24 hours with a 60 a day smoker who has no tobacco. I bet they won’t last the first hour in there.

The police are not qualified to decide what is and is not essential. I could live quite happily without chocolate, some people will leave claw marks in the walls after a few days without it. Ice cream? What if you have a raging sore throat and that’s all you can eat? What is essential depends on the individual, not some random rozzer’s personal preferences. Every single case of police stupidity has resulted in the police having to apologise and in a few cases, even triggered a response from the Home Secretary to the effect of ‘Look, don’t be utter dicks, okay?’.

There is worse though. The NHS.

Every day there are videos of nurses with their faces chafed by N95 masks (those things are a tight fit and if it’s on all day every day, expect blisters) telling us how they are exhausted and are watching someone die every day.

Then we have video after video of doctors and nurses in full PPE (allegedly scarce) doing dance routines in empty hospitals. Okay, I’m sure they think it’s a bit of fun but to those getting fined for sitting on a park bench, it just feels like taunting. Surely you can see that?

There are people raising money for the NHS who have no idea how much it will burn through per hour. They mean well, and good for them, they are trying to help. But then they see those doctors and nurses just doing the jiggly-butt in the corridors while wearing the very PPE they are raising money to supply to the NHS. It is, frankly, fucking sickening.

Look, I understand why we have these measures in place. This virus will not kill more than the regular flu viruses, but because of its long incubation period it has the potential to hospitalise a hell of a lot of people all at once. Not like flu, which puts a strain on hospitals over a period of months. This could cause total collapse of the health system over a few weeks. As seen in Italy and if there was a trace of honour and integrity left in the Chinese Communist Party, in China.

I’ve been to China. A long time ago, don’t panic. They are a very honourable people. It matters to them what other people think of them. Their government are a bunch of arseholes though, they care nothing for anyone but themselves. Many Chinese people have said so online and then they vanish. That is Communism. Real socialism. If you want it, boys, get it here thing.

So yes, we need to slow it. The total death toll will not change, that cannot be changed and is not the point. The point is to keep the rate of infection to where the NHS can cope with it so we don’t end up with doctors having to decide who can and cannot have a ventilator.

In the lead-in, sure, hospitals will be quiet. But come on, NHS, those dance videos are just taking the piss. It smacks of ‘Look, you fuckers aren’t bothering us any more, we have time to play now’ and that is really, really not a good look.

The police are already fucked by the cretins in their ranks. Let’s try to not fuck up the NHS too.

What do you say, medics?


There is a very old song reference in there, if you can find it and tell me artist, album and the right part of the song you get a Leg Iron Books mug. I might not get to the post office for a while though. Hint: It’s not the blogpost title.

14 thoughts on “The Public Image

  1. David Bowie – Sweet Thing
    Only because due to going through my entire music library in alphabetical order to pass time did I catch that.


    • Correct. It’s the three-part one ‘Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (reprise)’.
      There was a bit of a trick in the question… the line is in all three parts 😀
      Let me know where you want it sent.


      • Whoopee! I won a Leggy mug!
        Now, I just need you to get seriously famous, so it becomes very valuable.
        Alternatively, I could use it? (I broke my favourite mug on Tuesday.)
        Address sent by email.


  2. Cigareets and whiskey and wild, wild wimmin.
    Sons of Pioneers, recorded first 1947. And then by many more. Many, many more.
    Written by Tim Spencer..
    Great song.
    I think that George Best was influenced by it.


  3. “sitting on a park bench”

    Jethro Tull – Aqualung, from the album Aqualung

    Sitting on a park bench
    Eying little girls with bad intent
    Snots running down his nose
    Greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes, hey, Aqualung

    Or am I playing this wrong?:-)


  4. Its not an answer to the quiz, but an appropriate song for these times would be “Don’t Stand So Close To me” – the Police.


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