Tales from the Asylum

There used to be a rather fine online magazine (I believe the term is ‘e-zine’) by that name. I had a few stories published in it. It’s sadly long gone now but I republished the stories, with credit, in ‘Fears of the Old and the New’.

Now we have the real asylum right here, almost planet-wide. I hear there are plans to reopen swimming pools, limit how many can be in there at any given time and close them periodically for disinfection. Disinfecting the highest-chlorine environment you are ever likely to find yourself in. This is where we are now. I bet they’ll use bleach.

A scientist called Ferguson, the man behind lockdown, the man who has made multiple doomsday predictions based on mathematical models, none of which have ever been even close to reality, has resigned. He was caught bonking another man’s wife while ignoring the lockdown and social distancing rules he was responsible for imposing on the rest of us.

Well. Maybe they did social distancing sex. He could have had a dildo on a stick and she could have had one of those things for reaching cans on high shelves. Considering the current level of insanity in the world today, I would not be shocked by that nor even surprised.

There have been many out in support of him, mostly those who want a Green world with most of us dead, because his bit on the side is a big supporter of mass death and economic ruin, as promised by the Greens. They say he ‘just made a little mistake’. How do you make a ‘little mistake’ about strict rules when you’re the one who invented the rules? It’s not a mistake. It’s imposing rules on the little people while refusing to accept them yourself.

Dickie Burger, MP for somewhere, is repeatedly declaring on Twitter that the UK has the worst figures for coronavirus deaths in the EU. The UK is including deaths at home and deaths in those care homes for the elderly, God’s waiting rooms. Other EU countries are not. I have seen suggestions that if they did, France and Spain at least would have to double their numbers. We cannot know how well any country tackled this until it’s over.

Sweden looks bad, but they didn’t have lockdown. They got it over with and their infection rate is now declining. There is going to be a surge in cases in other countries when lockdown ends, yes, but that will happen whether lockdown lasts another week or another year. I rather suspect that, in the end, every country will have lost the same percentage of their population to this virus. Some just delayed it. I really don’t think any country will ultimately avoid it.

Piers ‘Toddler Tantrum’ Morgan has tested negative for coronavirus. Yes, the same Tantrum who shrieked about MPs and celebs getting tests when NHS workers weren’t. He got one, it was negative and he’s back to shrieking ‘the sky is falling’ and it’s all the government’s fault.

What does he want them to do? Ban the virus? Successive governments have failed to stop boatloads of illegal immigrants crossing the Channel, and those are easily visible. How does he expect them to stop something so small you can’t see it with a microscope?

‘We should have locked down sooner’. Well, look around. People are sick of lockdown. People are starving, people have no income at all, people are getting into serious debt and the economy is falling apart. Imagine if the government had locked down sooner, long before the virus looked anything like a threat. There would be rioting and looting by now. Lockdown has a finite, and short, limit. It has only one purpose – to give the health service time to stock up on extra capacity. That has been achieved and now the press is moaning about empty hospital beds.

Some emergency hospitals are being dismantled. Big mistake. You have to end lockdown at some point and then there will be a surge in cases. No matter when you do it. Then the press will shriek about dismantling empty hospitals. We already know this virus can lurk in animal reservoirs. It’s not going away. Deal with it now or deal with it later, you’re going to have to deal with it sometime.

In other news, Musky Elon has apparently named his son X Ӕ A-12. Presumably he is now marketing a computer motherboard called Trevor. Hey, it’s an easy mistake to make. Well, Panoptica has numbers for people rather than names and an old story, ‘One Stop After Marchway’ had names based on formulae so maybe he’s just accepted my predictions. I still think he has set his son up for patricide though. He seems to have a long term death wish, that guy.

David Icke, the most entertaining loony on the planet, has now been banned from all social media for spreading ‘misinformation’ about the Flu Manchu. Come on. Sure he has followers aplenty but does anyone take all of his stuff seriously? He does hit the mark now and then but he always spoils it by going too far.

I mean, giant geckos running the planet? I was on board with his ‘secret elite’ stuff but lizard faces are not suited to human masks. No human nose could contain that snout, not even Barry Manilow’s. Then there’s the whole ‘Saturn used to be the Sun’ thing. That would require a shift in astrophysics that no life on Earth could have survived, much less be a part of human history.

Still I do like Mr. Icke. I know he really believes in the weirdness he spouts and as I said, he does sometimes hit on some real stuff. I know he has a lot wrong but he does get some things right and it’s worth picking out the good bits from the dross. He’s everyone’s crazy uncle, the one who tells great stories but you only believe every other word. Would you really ban that uncle?

Apparently he has claimed the whole coronavirus thing is fake. It’s not. The virus is real enough and if you’re in good health it can range from a cold to one hell of a shithouse of the flu. If you’re in poor health it can kill you. So can flu. This new one can hit internal organs too, but it seems nicotine is one of the things that blocks it. Surprisingly (not) there has been much poo-poohing of this, but it does work.

However, it has certainly been used to terrify people into accepting total control over their lives. With considerable success. Many people want a lockdown until there is a vaccine. There will never be one. It’s a single strand of RNA in a lipid/protein coat, no matter what the vaccine sellers tell you it will mutate like a bastard. It is inherently unstable. There is no vaccine for the common cold and no truly effective vaccine against flu because they are the same class of viruses. Lockdown until there is a vaccine means lockdown forever.

The UK media is reporting all deaths from this virus, including deaths of people who were never tested for it. The UK media is reporting nothing on recoveries. The actual kill rate of this thing is less than 1% and will go lower. If we had a reliable antiobody test, we’d know exactly what the recovery rate was, but we don’t. It has been here since October at least, deaths were recorded as flu even though they tested negative for flu. Most of us have been exposed. We are now very likely to be in the second wave.

Extending lockdown merely delays the inevitable now. It’s going to spread. It’s just waiting and it can wait a long time, in its animal reservoirs and asymptomatic carriers. All we are doing now is killing ourselves so the virus doesn’t have to.

Maybe this experience will give the human race its sanity back. Or maybe we are the Failed Men that Brian Aldiss wrote about.

15 thoughts on “Tales from the Asylum

  1. On the swimming pools business, what they mean is disinfecting the surrounds, the changing rooms and all the areas where people walk with bare feet. Not the water in the pool!

    Having much experience of some people who use public swimming pools, I’ll be giving them a miss for some time, however the private ones in health clubs should be okay, though I always use Crocs or flip flops to the water’s edge.

    On keeping the lockdown until a vaccine comes along; some people do genuinely believe that. Fortunately the online tone is shifting towards getting out and rebuilding, made more plausible by other examples.

    Personally I look toward Iran, the first to lift restrictions – except their hotspots – no second wave, yet. They know they absolutely must get things going before winter sets in, though they now have the infrastructure and experience to cope with a big uptick.

    And yes we have dumb. I mean truly fucking batshit, looloo, nuts.


    One can only hope they never breed.

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    • Expect more holes in masks.

      They are said to cut oxygen flow to the brain. We are likely to see an outbreak of fainting and dizziness if we are required to wear these on public transport.

      Whilst one has empathy for someone in such a situation, anyone who has an appointment to make will not be happy when the train or Tube is delayed by half an hour to attend to such an emergency.

      It’s a difficult choice to make in terms of policy.


        • Agreed.

          I, too, am wondering if it was the mask.

          I hope that isn’t made mandatory here. At this point, though, nothing would surprise me.

          Sturgeon’s suggestion of wearing a scarf draped over one’s nose and mouth would be better.


  2. One of the (many) things that I find depressing is the sheer, blind terror of the virus that I see expressed on my infrequent visits to facebook and the HYS pages on the BBC website. Admittedly, in the BBC and the MSM never a day is permitted to go by without a crop of scare stories of death and destruction, but anyone with more than a couple of functioning neurons should by now be aware that if they’re under 65 they’re more likely to die in an RTA on their way to the supermarket… It’s gobsmacking how easy it’s been for “the elite” to “persuade” the masses to bend the knee. I’m glad that I’m old, I won’t have to put up with this shit for much longer. šŸ™‚

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  3. I have always been wary of Mr Icke since he went from commentating on snooker to ‘prophesying’ while wearing a turquoise shell suit. As I recall, turquoise supposedly was harmonious with the universe or something. Anyway, I considered that he was either a) a disinfo agent or b) mentally unwell or perhaps c) eager to make money from selling lots of books.

    Less well known conspiracy theorist, or rather, independent investigative journalist, Richard D. Hall (richplanet.net), made a video about Icky Dave. I expected Hall to approve wholeheartedly of Dave, as they are both mad about aliens, like Rimmer on ‘Red Dwarf,’ however Hall proposed that something else might be going on with The David, which I hadn’t considered. That was that Icky Dave was well-meaning, but being fed nonsense by shills posing as people with insider knowledge about the royal reptile bloodline or whatever, and Icky takes it as gospel then writes books about it. I’m not good enough a psychologist to work out what he really is.

    Of course Icke is right about lots of things, like the global government and the excessive controls to come and most probably depopulation to create a ‘sustainable future’, but then he talks about shapeshifting Mrs Queen and it discredits the important things probably in most people’s eyes. Perhaps the royals are lizards, but if you could change your appearance at will, would your family really opt for such massive ears?

    Banning Dave from YouTube simply creates the impression that he is a danger to the Establishment. His talk on the ‘London Real’ YT channel was taken down and the American bloke who does the interviewing says how dangerous his videos are, blah, blah, so how come my latest ‘recommended’ videos on my YT homepage has one from London Real in the very first row of videos? I’ve not even subscribed to that channel. Wouldn’t YT be burying the site if it was as dangerous as is claimed?

    What is a concern is that YT are banning legitimate concerns about coronavirus, or else letting them stay and adding Wikipedia propaganda underneath the video (as with other ‘conspiracy’ topics). I reckon that the reason for the ‘fake news’ obsession of the past couple of years (from experts in the art, like the BBC) was to eliminate debate about things like this virus.

    Richard D. Hall’s opinion about the virus: basically, it’s a moneymaking scam from Billy Gates Gruff. Like he earns billions every time a new version of Windows is released, he wants to own the rights to the vaccine for this virus, because 50 billion+ bucks is never enough. So, billions of people take his vaccine and all the subsequent ones for further outbreaks, so governments pay Mr Gruff billions of dollars every time.

    As a hypothesis, it is interesting, but is Billy really so greedy? He looks old and tired these days. If it was me, I would be putting my feet up – maybe he could buy Richard Branson’s island and end his days lying in the Caribbean sun, counting his money, and Mr Branson can use the dosh to try and save his airline rather than expecting us to bail him out.

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      • I’ve only seen the (eight, was it?) BBC series, so I’m glad if they were consistent when they moved to Dave or wherever channel. (It’s not Dave Icke, is it?)

        All the weird creatures were some form of manmade android or lifeforms made in a lab that went wrong. Why does that sound familiar?

        The idea that the Cat could have evolved from an actual cat is idiotic. There is good scientific evidence that the Theory of Evolution never happened. To turn a cat into a man would take a lot longer than three million years, were it even possible, but then, the ship was still in fine working order when Dave came out of stasis (not another Dave!). I know it’s a TV comedy, but the writers generally tried to get the science right, or at least believable. The dating of our splitting away from our nearest ‘ape-like ancestor’ keeps getting put further back when secular scientists keep finding out how much would have to have happened for this to be remotely possible, not that I think it is possible. E.g. you don’t get a human brain simply by increasing the size of a primate’s grey matter. It’s how the brain is made that counts.

        Surgeon Vij Sodera FRCS has interesting insights. For example, he had a patient whose scan showed that his brain was smaller than the largest gorilla brains, but he was fully human. He has seen X-rays of patients with a bit of a ‘bun’ at the back of their skull. When he saw one of these X-rays, he thought that a Homo erectus had walked into the casualty department.

        See? You’ve set me off. I’ll stop there.


  4. I believe that the famous “Red Queen Hypothesis” applies with this virus. Yes, it will mutate like a bastard, but the overwhelmingly huge amount of this mutation will make the resultant virus less well adapted to its environment, not better adapted, and these mutations will die out. This coronavirus doesn’t have a well-worn and well-trodden pathway between a wildlife reservoir of lots of different strains of virus and humanity, like influenza does.

    Influenza is primarily a gut disease of birds, which all have much higher body temperatures than mammals do. When influenza jumps species to become a respiratory disease of mammals, it has to cope with a lower body temperature and a part of the body that doesn’t run as hot as the guts do, so there’s already a big barrier to jumping species there.

    Influenza has a wildlife reservoir in wild, migratory birds and these commonly infect captive populations of ducks and chickens on small farms in China. From there the infected domestic birds spread the disease to pigs, and from the pigs it goes to humans. Even just slightly improving the biosecurity of Chinese mixed farms would cripple the gene exchange of these populations of viruses; the new coronavirus by contrast seems to have a reservoir in bats (smaller, because their populations are lower) and nowhere near as big a transmission route between bats and humans.

    So, I slightly disagree with Leggy: we will see some mutation of the new coronavirus but I very much doubt that it will suddenly get more deadly or more virulent from mutation. On the other hand, I am similarly skeptical of politicians suddenly acquiring higher intelligence.

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  5. I’m most irritated by those who now say we should have locked down sooner, including Starmer – never let a good crisis go to waste. Putting virus into the Hansard search engine reveals coronavirus debates on the 11th and 16th March. The only comment even suggesting a quicker lockdown was a mild querying by the main Labour contributor about the Liverpool – Athletico Madrid match on March 11th. Most debate was about financial provision, doing lots of tests and decentralised contact tracing (possibly a good idea, were it achievable at the time).It was the last game of professional football played in the UK.

    Pubs and workplaces started shutting after Boris’s speech on 16th March. My university shut on 17th March. By the day of the official lockdown, 23rd March, everything was shut. Most European lockdowns were around 17th March. Germany’s later. Now Boris is accused of “dithering around for weeks”, as if anyone would have taken any notice before the first death was reported on 9th March.

    Hello, politicians. There’s this internet thingy where anyone can look up what was said, when it was said and who said it. OK, rant over.

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  6. I know the bloke who maintains the local swimming pools. Says he won’t let his children use them, every time they get a bit murky he just pumps more chlorine in (because of the cost of emptying and re-filling them).
    Must be safe as houses against Corvid though.


  7. Leggy, does the below fit in with your thinking?

    Concerning the different effects of government policy in Sweden and the UK, also Germany and the UK, there is another potential explanation of why the UK does worse with lockdown than Sweden does without; also the UK doing worse than Germany with similar lockdown policy.

    This is an argument to be made that smoking – or more specifically nicotine intake – is (somewhat significantly) protective against infection by the coronavirus. It is more common to ignore this in comparing the lockdown policies of otherwise similar nation states in similar geographical zones (eg UK and Sweden, northern hemisphere temperate zone, population density with London somewhat disadvantaging the UK). Improving on this by using knowledge of potential nicotine proteection, we have:
    – Sweden smoking proportions: male 17.5%; female 17.6%
    – Germany smoking proportions: male 30.7%; female 27.7%
    – UK smoking proportions: male 17.3%; female 15.9%

    Going further there is this stuff called snus (a bag of moist smokeless tobacco product, sucked on in the front of the mouth), of which the Swedes are inordinately fond. So for that (and any German and UK smokeless equivalence) we find in Table 2 and Figure 1:
    – Sweden smokeless intake population proportions: male 24.0%; female 7.0%
    – Germany smokeless intake population proportions: male 3.4%; female 3.4%
    – UK smokeless intake population proportions: male 1.6%; female 0.5%

    Combining all this, including the boys and the girls, and ignoring overlap of smoking/smokeless behaviour (which has support elsewhere) gives:
    – Sweden tobacco nicotine takers: 33.1%
    – Germany tobacco nicotine takers: 32.6%
    – UK tobacco nicotine takers: 17.7%
    [Aside: Note that Norway too has a high level of smokeless tobacco consumption.]

    So, by rather simple but probably OK modelling, the Swedish ‘herd protection level’ is around 1.87 times that of the UK (and not the smoking only ratio of 1.06), and the Rt/R0 ratio is scaled down by a factor of around 0.81 times. This is just from the nicotine intake, and a very useful counterweight to the UK’s more stringent lockdown policy – whatever that might contribute. The equivalent figures for Germany compared to the UK are the possibly nicotine ‘herd protection level’ being 1.84 times greater for Germany and the Rt/R0 ratio being better for Germany by a scaling factor of 0.82

    I don’t know whether the nicotine effect is true at all, or has the full effect assumed above, or has some partial effect in between – with the rest covered by other causes including potentially optional protective measures. However, it strikes me as being a plausible hypothesis for explaining much of the poor COVID-19 protection of the UK compared to each of Sweden and Germany.

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    • The nicotine effect keeps on showing up, no matter how hard the antismokers try to crush it. Interestingly, there seems to be no information on vapers (unless they are counted as ‘smokers’ on hospital admissions, which would only increase the nicotine effect).

      I have obtained some snus, if the nicotine effect proves to be real they can be used where you can’t smoke or vape šŸ˜‰

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