Stop that. It’s silly

Some may remember Graham Chapman’s ‘colonel’ character from Monty Python. Another comedy team that wouldn’t be allowed near the airwaves in this time of political correctness, in which people get offended by tea.

He would have had to shout his line ‘Stop that, it’s silly’ until his throat was raw. The human race has, indeed, descended into a pit of stupidity it might never climb out of. Forget about diseases or crashing economies or wars. Humanity is heading into a race of drooling idiots who are offended by the mere presence of all the drooling idiots around them, never noticing the drool on their own chins.

I was in Local Shop on Saturday. My first visit for a month. I had to post a mug and pick up some minor essentials. This little shop has toilet paper, pasta and flour again. Any kind of flour you want. I can’t remember the last time I saw a not-empty flour shelf in any shop. Somewhere there are people with stacks of flour, pasta and toilet paper, all just waiting for the mice, mould and flies of summer to ruin the lot. We didn’t stock up with anything and didn’t run out of anything – but then we live far away from civilisation so tend to have a few weeks’ worth anyway.

You would think that people, especially the British, would now look at those immense stacks of pointless stocks and think ‘Well, we have been a bit silly. Let’s calm down and try not to do it again’.

No. Now they are arguing over masks. One side says nobody should wear a mask ever, the other says everyone has to wear one all the time. Which side is right? As is always the case, neither. Oh, and there are regular spam emails trying to sell overpriced cloth masks that won’t do a damn thing.

Actually that’s not true. Wearing a cloth mask all day virtually guarantees a repiratory infection. Medical masks have a hydrophobic layer because every exhalation carries a load of water vapour. The hydrophobic layer means the condensation resulting from that breath does not leave you with a damp mask over your face. Also, medics do not keep the mask on all day and they don’t put the same one on all the time.

A cloth mask will gradually get damp as you breathe through it. It won’t stop a virus. You might as well wear a sieve. What it will do is provide a damp environment, warmed by your face, that will delight any airborne bacteria or fungal spores that land on it. Keep that on for hours, let the populations grow, and inhale all those lovely infections. You’re going to feel a bit silly when you’re stuck in hospital with a fungal or bacterial infection caused by your futile attempt to stop a virus.

Those masks are to make you feel better about having other people around. That is all they achieve. They also achieve increased CO2 rebreathing, restricted oxygen intake, and a risk of other kinds of infection. All while doing sod all to stop a virus.

Okay, getting hold of proper medical masks isn’t going to be easy. If everyone stocked up we’d have the flour, pasta and toilet roll situation all over again (which I fully expect is happeneing now). Even the medical masks won’t stop a virus, which is why everyone wants an N95 mask.

However, N95 masks have to be properly fitted and they are, due to their fine pore size, hellish hard to breathe through. Keep that on all day and you’re going to pass out from CO2 toxicity long before you have to worry about any kind of infection.

Right, so let’s say a cloth mask is all you can get. You must get more than one and they must be washable. Minimum 60C wash. Forget about the bloody virus, the detergent will kill that at 30C. What you are trying to kill are the bacteria and fungi that your mask has been collecting while you wear it and you need at least a 60C wash for that. So no masks made of fleece that won’t survive a 60C wash.

Only wear it when you are around other people – and not the people you live with, it’s too late to worry about that now. Take it off whenever you are alone. Do not wear a mask of any kind when driving, there is a real danger of wooziness due to rebreathing CO2 which means you can’t concentrate. The virus cannot penetrate your windshield, trust me on that one.

If I am forced to wear a mask in a shop I will put it on when I go in and it’ll be straight off when I come out. Not that I’m likely to be visiting many shops, since CStM and I cannot shop together at the moment and we’re quite enjoying having the shopping delivered. Supermarkets are not likely to be much fun for a long time yet either.

Put the mask in the wash after ONE day of use. No, it is not okay to use it for three days in a row, those bacteria and fungi are still growing while it’s hung on a hook in your centrally heated home. Next day’s outing will add more. You need at least two masks so you can have one washed and drying and the other ready in case you want to go to the shops again.

If you are in a car alone or with members of your household you do not need a mask. The driver absolutely must not have one on. If you are cycling or running about in the countryside, well away from everyone, you do not need a mask and should not wear one. If you pass out, who’s going to find you?

Look at your memories of being in hospital. Admittedly I don’t have many of those but in the few I do have, none of the medical staff wore masks. Not the doctors, not the nurses and certainly not the patients. Masks were for surgery, and their purpose was to avoid contamination of an open wound by anything breathed out by the surgeon.

Suddenly everyone in hospital is wearing them. There was never any ‘PPE shortage’. Hospitals were stocked on the basis of normal use, not on the basis of every bugger in there wanting one. Stocks were not low. They were depleted rapidly because of a surge in demand. Restocking was hampered by that surge in demand happening in a hundred countries at the same time.

I could make a virus-stopping mask but I’m not really seeing the point any more. Well, I’m a special case I suppose, I have never really interacted with people very much and live where they can’t find me. If you live in a big city you can’t avoid that interaction. You also cannot escape the virus. Many of you have already had it, it can range from a cold to a really bad flu, but not many of you needed hospital treatment.

Not wearing a mask is about to become the New Smoking. They will point and scream at you, some shops will refuse entry, you’ll get nagged and harassed every chance they get, they will try to shame you because you are not one of the herd. You will need one, but do not wear it all the time. Especially if you have asthma or any kind of lung condition or have just recovered from any lung infection of any kind. That mask will restrict your breathing no matter what it’s made of and if your lungs are already struggling it will make that worse.

The mask is futile. Even N95, if you aren’t trained in its use. I note that all the mask wearers wear no eye protection even though we have known from the outset that this virus can get in that way. Yet it’s all about the mask.

There is no mention of taking supplemental vitamins C and D and zinc supplements. Watch it with the zinc, extended use can lead to anaemia but taking it for a few months while this nonsense rages won’t harm you. Vitamin D is cheap, and an orange a day will get you nicely loaded with vitamin C. Oh, I might get some Haliborange. I remember that from childhood, it was the only medicine that tasted like sweets. All these things help against a wide range of viruses and other ailments. As does being a miserable antisocial swine, but that’s just me.

Hydroxychloroquine… well, there are almost no lupus sufferers in the hospitals. That’s the drug routinely used to treat lupus. It does work although I’d only take it under medical supervision. For most people it’s fine but some do get an allergic reaction to it. You can get some quinine into you with a small daily glass of tonic water. Proper tonic water, not this modern trendy ‘no quinine’ shite. That’s why tonic water exists – gin and tonic was originally designed to get quinine into the Brits who had moved in on countries where malaria was endemic.

However, the mask is the new polarisation. Some see it as an oppressive thing, others see it as the only thing that will save humanity. It is neither. It is a fad, a sop to the terrified, a feel good farce. It will not protect you and will not protect anyone around you. And yet, if you are seen without one you will be treated as smokers have been treated for years.

The amusing part is that smokers, like lupus sufferers, are hugely underrepresented in hospitalisations from Flu Manchu. Nicotine is also protective and you don’t even have to smoke it. Several places are trialling nicotine patches as a treatment. I find this hilarious because it’s rather like this…

Smokers are excluded from most places now, places where everyone else gathers to spread their diseases. It’s just the icing on the cake to find that nicotine is the preventative they will all refuse to take.

If I have to go somewhere where masks are compulsory I will wear one, but it will not be a standard medical mask. I have a plague doctor mask and several ‘Are you my mummy?‘ style gas masks. I will only wear one where it is compulsory. While I could potentially make a virus-proof mask I no longer see the need. The virus has turned out to be far less dangerous than it’s been hyped up to be, although it could still be an issue in highly populated cities. It’s all about the percentages. If, say, ten percent need to go to hospital, then ten percent out here is a lot less than ten percent of London.

But still, if I have to wear a mask, it will not be a medical one, it will be outrageous. It will be scary and yes, I will have to hype up the scariness. Can’t help it, it’s what I do. I might even put a pointless posy in that plague doctor mask, just as in the old days. What the hell, they’re already primed for a scare. I just can’t let that pass.

There is no point telling people they are being silly. They are too scared to accept it. They have to be shown just how silly it all is and they have to realise it for themselves. Before it’s too late, before they hand their lives over to total control because there will be no way back from that.

How silly has it all become? Well, this is a modern baptism…

I think it needs a clay pigeon launcher. The priest gets one shot and if he misses, the child belongs to Satan. If you’re going to be scared, let’s take it all the way, eh?

39 thoughts on “Stop that. It’s silly

  1. Re the issue with masks, surely sage advice to those excessively* concerned about them is perhaps they’d be better-off not exhaling? The added benefit of course, is that they’d not be adding CO2 to our atmosphere at 40,000 ppm.

    *The sort of folk who in desperation would consider a butchered 36C bra as a source for a pair of comfortable masks. 😀

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  2. Joe Public – 36C is a very comfortable place indeed! As for viral prevention, whenever I go out I’m wearing my favourite leather bush hat and I haven’t caught Covid-19, so by modern ‘science’ definition the hat is antiviral, therefore everyone should wear one at all times and we’ll see the end of this virus in no time.

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  3. Our houser is a virus-free zone. Whenever one or other of our cats visits the litter box in the corner of the living room every known lifeform – and, I suspect, some unknown ones – runs for cover clutching its smell receptors . . .

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  4. If you go out in your plague doctors outfit, you should get CStM to follow you with a cart shouting “Bring out your dead, bring out your dead”

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  5. Longterm patients at the local dialysis clinic were issued a mask each to use to, from and during their three visits each week. A month later they are still using the same ones.
    Last week my GP Practice texted me a link to a Govt. website which would show me how to cut out & keep one of my very own, haven’t been there yet.

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    • They really should at least issue a new mask each visit, but maybe they can’t. Masks were rarely used in GP surgeries before all this started so they wouldn’t have much of a stock, and getting all the GPs stocked up won’t be easy.

      But using the same mask over and over is a really bad idea. They’d be better off using a homemade one and washing it.

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      • I’m reusing N95s. After my weekly visit to the supermarket, I leave the mask, worn for approx 30 minutes, in the car (where it gets very warm in the sunshine – I’m not near the arctic circle like you). Then next week, use another. In rotation, they have 2 weeks each for viral extinction and to dry out. Plus, any dried-out bugs on the fabrics may help to trap new ones next use.
        Is this sensible?

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        • The virus shouldn’t be around for two weeks on any surface. Car interiors in sunshine, even if it’s not that warm outside, get hot enough to at least pasteurise anything inside.

          I think two weeks in a car should get those masks safe for re-use.

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  6. It occurs to me that my employer might demand I wear a mask while driving, do you have a link to an authorative source saying it is unwise?

    There never was a shortage of flour. 95% of the market is commercial bakers who get theirs in great big sacks. Miller’s could not re-jig their production lines to cater for a short term hike in hobby home baking, even if graded frames make finer flour.

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  7. Just had my first mask-wearing outing – I needed to go to a large pharmacy in a shopping centre and, with the prodical offspring just returned from the far east, I can’t be sure I haven’t been exposed. Anyway, it’s a lot trickier than I thought; thanks for the occasional tips here on correct use!

    Fortunately the offspring came back amply supplied with the things, so we have enough to see us through a few weeks should it become compulsory (although I notice that M&S are now selling packs of 3 masks for £3 next to the chicken Kievs – ‘These are not just masks…’)

    The main purpose is, as you say, a sop to the terrified, particularly with the hay fever season upon us again. On a visit to our local garden centre last week, I sneezed and everyone within earshot leaped a foot in the air – you should try it sometime!

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  8. Did I miss the point on this whole thing? I understood that a surgical mask or similar was to stop me spewing germs so much if I were wearing it, thereby sparing other people, not that the mask offered a lot of protection to the wearer. Isn’t that the purpose of wearing a mask in close environments (small shops, etc.)?

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    • That’s what they are designed for – so the surgeon doesn’t breathe bacteria over open wounds. However, they won’t stop viruses, nor even tiny droplets containing viruses. This is an acceptable risk in an operating room since respiratory viruses won’t infect a wound, and the patient’s nose and mouth are covered with the anaesthetic mask.

      The reason it’s now being pushed that wearing a mask protects others is to shame everyone into wearing one. I saw a picture of someone on Twitter showing off a home made crocheted mask that wouldn’t stop a bee, never mind a virus.

      Consider though – if the mask stops germs, then by definition, the mask becomes a germ concentrator stuck to your face. Then it doesn’t sound quite so appealing 😉

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  9. I wear a home made mask (and gloves, pinny, hair covering) when I breach regulations to make sure our elderly neighbour is well fed and cared for throughout this lockdown. Even have an intercom system so he can easily summon our help at any time, that’s a real boon. His regular medication (injections) were stopped by our glorious NHS, and despite his great age, couldn’t get onto the vulnerable persons register. There must be loads of folk in this situation, being cared for by blockade runners like me.Somebody has to be the backstop or some poor folk would be lying dead in their house.
    I’m working on a new mask design, a hand-washable, comfortable, version that incorporates a re-chargeable salt-screen layer as per the recipe provided by our kind host. I don’t have to wear it for long, but when I do it helps keep me out of trouble…..

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  10. Back in late January I heard the scary news about this virus and what was happening in China.
    I already had some provisions for such a pandemic (full face gas masks, bio suits etc) but went out and bought a pack of N99 masks, more gloves, some half face respirators + goggles and some UVC lamps. I like to be prepared for any situation. Most of the N99 masks I gave away to family and friends. I kept a few to wear as the pandemic started and then as things got worse, move from the N99 masks to half face respirator+goggles (With P1 filters) and then on to full face respirator with bio suit if needed.
    I bought a UVC steriliser for around £37 inc postage. (They are used in hospitals and catering industry to sterilise scalpels and cutlery) I pop the N99 masks in the steriliser for 30 mins after use and then reuse the mask the next time I go shopping.
    I also have a UVC lamp to sterilise clothing after returning from the shops. Not got round to using this yet though. Things just don’t seem that bad.
    I have only been wearing the N99 when in confined areas with people outside my household. In other words I wear it when I go in shops, but take it off when I come out. I don’t wear it while driving or in the house or outside.
    If things get worse I am as prepared as I can be. As it is my fear of this virus has gone. I am cautious but not afraid anymore.
    So far I haven’t felt the need to move on to a half face respirator or the full face gas mask.
    At the moment I even question whether this thing is even real. Certainly if it is real then it certainly doesn’t seem anywhere as bad as they make out.
    At the moment I would say I was 50/50 on whether it’s a real virus or not. (Icke makes some good points)
    If it is real, then I would say I was 80/20 on whether it’s as bad as they say it is.
    Overall my current thoughts are 50% it’s cobblers, 40% it’s real but not much worse than the seasonal flu and only 10% of me is saying it’s a worth taking all these precautions.

    I start back to work 1st June driving buses, they have masks available, but they are only the surgeon masks, which won’t actually protect the driver, they reduce the chances of inhaling a virus but not to a level which one would require if someone took this as a serious risk.
    So I won’t be wearing one of those. They are more for the protection of customers rather than the driver. Also no proper seal, so what’s the point.
    I shall be working without a mask, but will carry one of my N99 masks +goggles as a precaution.
    Is anyone else questioning the seriousness of this virus or whether this thing is even real?

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    • Re questioning reality of it:

      I can’t see any driving international-level force possible that would both:

      A) provide the background motivation for it on a worldwide level


      B) actually make it possible for all the governments to coordinate so well with all the myriad of steps taken to paint a false reality out there. There’d be thousands+ of disaffected doctors and nurses who’d be on the net yelling about how their own hospital are sitting around having staff coffee-club meetings and parties every day because elective patients are all staying home and afraid to come in due to fears.

      Plus, there’s a (C) out there too: How many of you actually believe that Donald Trump is so extraordinarily highly skilled that he could have pulled of months of highly successful and convincing play-acting on a day-after-day level at his “press conferences” without missing a heartbeat?

      – MJM, ‘scuze me: vaccination time: gonna go have a smoke! (Actually I smoke right here, but my lighter ran out so I’ve got to do an emergency med-run to the kitchen stove!)

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    • The reaction in China made it look deadly but…
      It would have been originally classed as a bad flu. Probably started at least in November, killed the elderly and those with underlying conditions, but flu always does that so it would not have seemed unusual.
      Then, when it was found to be a new virus, with a long ‘ninja’ phase where people spread it long before showing symptoms, China tried to hush it up.
      That meant they weren’t anywhere near ready when it exploded. Hospitals were overrun in a matter of days. Because their pets in the WHO helped play it down, Italy wasn’t ready either. Neither was most of the rest of the world.
      By the time it started to really fire up in the West, everyone copied the Chinese and built massive extra hospital space. But they also went into lockdown so they didn’t need the extra space. The Chinese tried to ignore it even after they knew it was a new one.
      It’s a flu variant. Watching the Chinese response made it look like a doomsday virus and everyone reacted accordingly. I’m not going to rule out China doing that deliberately to scare the shit out of the West. Its big new threat is its ability to have someone spread it for weeks without knowing they have it. That’s what overwhelms health services – a mass of cases appearing at once. Otherwise it’s no more deadly than flu.
      It’s a real virus, but it’s becoming clear that it’s already spread very widely and most people had a cold or various levels of flu. It is not the Armageddon Virus it first appeared to be. Lockdown was the right response when we knew nothing about it, but it’s futile now. When lockdown ends there will be a surge in cases, and that will happen whether lockdown ends tomorrow, next month, next year or next decade. Those in lockdown have no immunity and widespread immunity is the only real way to stop it.
      There were many videos of Chinese people falling over in the street. This was claimed as ‘reinfection is worse than first infection’ but later, it seemed that the collapses were more likely due to wearing a mask all day, every day.
      This is how science is supposed to work. You get a conclusion based on the information available but you have to be willing to adapt that conclusion as new information ceomes into view.
      There was evidence of reinfection but that later turned out to be wrong. You get this thing once and you’re immune. How long immunity lasts, we’ll have to wait and see.
      The collapses were most likely due to restricted breathing with all-day mask wearing. Nobody dared remove the mask of anyone who collapsed because they thought they were infectious, so some of them died of asphyxiation.
      Masks were useless, then essential, then useless, then essential. Now they are for the comfort of those around you and you will be shamed into wearing one. It is now about control, not any virus.
      It looked like a very serious virus at first, and I suspect China made full use of that to help them shut down Western capitalism. It worked.
      But now we know it’s flu with an unusually long incubation period, and really not that dangerous at all.
      The hard part now will be to convince the public they are terrified of a paper tiger.

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    • Lots of people questioning, independent (non-Gates connected or funded) scientists and studies etc going on.

      You just won’t find it in the MSM or on BBC, ITV, C4 etc.

      Easy enough to find with a quick internet search but a few places to start are ukcolumn, corbettreport, hectordrummong, drmalcolmkendrick, lockdownsceptics, inproportion2, evidencenotfear but lots more around the world.

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  11. Oh, this gets even better now. The Government are leveraging their incredibly superior technical expertise (so immensely superior that most of the text was copied from a US page and is legally meaningless in the UK) to design their very own track and trace smartphone application.

    The basic problems they are encountering are firstly that they are absolutely useless at the job, and secondly they are being commanded by Stasi-like Home Office civil servants to log as much data as possible to central servers. Once on these servers, the data will be held for up to 20 years, and deletion requests will not necessarily be honoured (although it is extremely likely that some pillock of a civil servant will copy the entire database onto a memory stick and leave it on a train somewhere). Most people will take one look at this, and simply decline to install the datavore.

    They also have another problem. Lots of people write apps for phones, and many of these people are pretty piss-poor at it. Therefore Google and Apple are both past masters at the art of stopping badly-written code spoiling the user experience. This mostly amounts to limiting power use of third-party apps, limiting their access and forcibly shutting them down if needed to save power. A tracker app from Google or Apple would be exempt this, the UK government effort would not be exempt.

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