Watching the world burn

Outside, the sun is rising on a world silent apart from the crows. Even the sheep and cows have nothing to say this morning.

America is burning. The unrest has spread to the UK and Germany and there has been another ‘incident’ in Canada so it’s firing up there too. My money is on Australia next.

This is because a man named George Floyd was murdered by an American police officer with a long record of being a violent twat.

Why was Mr. Floyd being arrested? It doesn’t matter. He was on the ground, face down, with his hands cuffed behind his back. There was no need to press a knee into his neck at all, much less for over nine minutes including over two minutes after he passed out. This is not a ‘third degree’ murder, which would imply an accidental killing. Nobody ‘accidentally’ kneels on your neck for nine minutes. This is a quite deliberate murder.

The officer has been sacked, as have those with him who did nothing to stop this murder. The ex-officer faces a murder charge, there may also be charges against the other officers present. I don’t think it matters how long his sentence is, I doubt he’ll get a warm reception in prison.

That is not the end of it. Many cities are burning in America, both white and black businesses have been destroyed. The rioters are not all black people, there are many whites among them and there have been videos of black people trying to stop the white people destroying stuff. There was one of a group of black men surrounding an isolated white police officer to protect him from the mob. This is not ‘black riots’.

The whites, we all know, are Antifa. Not ‘white supremacists’ although in a sense they are, really. They see all other races as needing their guidance and tutelage so really, Antifa are the biggest white supremacists of all.

The police, on the other hand, are not blameless. Too many rubber biullets to the face, too many eyes lost. The police could take the easy body shot with those rubber bullets but they are aiming for the face and they are hitting journalists as much as, if not more than, the rioters. They are not looking for a resolution. They are looking for news.

Scary news. The Flu Manchu scare is wearing off. People are ignoring lockdown. It has nothing to do with Dominic Cummings, we are just getting pissed off with it all. It’s failing as it was always going to. Talk of a ‘second wave’ isn’t cutting it. There will be one, of course. The mass of isolated people haven’t caught the virus so have not developed immunity. But it won’t be all that bad unless… people go out in huge groups on marches and ideally, riot.

The huge groups will ensure a much bigger ‘second wave’ than ending lockdown could hope for. That alone will ensure a second lockdown. Add in riots and well, folks, you’re going nowhere for a very long time.

You’ll live alone in small apartments you’ll never own and you’ll get used to that life. You will go out for work and no other reason. Food, such as you are directed to eat by the health computer, will be delivered. You’ll get used to it, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t. Your children are going to be brought up with it. They are also to be brought up believing that social contact is deadly and a lot of other things you don’t believe now. It will only take one generation.

Your children will not go outside apart from work. Not because they are scared of flu or riots, but because nobody else does. They will not question why, since there will be nothing to do outside anyway. No pubs, no restaurants, no fast food places. Those will all be dead by the end of this year at this rate. So all they will have is home and TV. They will know nothing else.

They will have no concept of family. That will take one more generation. They are separated from grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins now. Next they will be put into creches at birth ‘for their safety’. You’ll never see them again. I would not accept this, my children would not accept this, but their children? They are being brought up to believe that human contact is fatal.

Brian Aldiss wrote a story in 1957 called ‘All the World’s Tears’ that put this pretty well. It’s in a collection called The Canopy of Time, which I definitely recommend if you can get it.

The riots are blatantly engineered. There are films of Antifa paying people to go smash stuff. Films of pallettes of bricks conveniently left for rioters to throw. Films of water and milk stations to alleviate the effects of tear gas. Meanwhile the murderer cop has been charged already.

This has nothing to do with Mr. Floyd, the victim of a serially violent arse of a cop. I do wonder why the cop got away with so many vicious attacks, were they saving him for something? Maybe.

But this new rage is engineered. Controlled. Directed. It is not ‘black rage’, as evidenced by so many black protestors and others trying to calm it. This is the White Supremacy of Antifa telling anyone non-white ‘We know what is best for you, do as you are told’. Or as Mad Biden revealed, ‘Vote for us or you ain’t black.’

What next? Well, the press will hype it all up and you’ll all be under a curfew soon. You will not be allowed more than a plastic knife for your soya-steak (only the elite will get meat). You will work, you human stock, and you will go home to your box and absorb the TV propaganda.

In the end, your skin colour will be of no relevance at all, as it should have been long ago. In the end, your name will not reveal anything about your heritage.

You will not be a free man. You will be a number.

17 thoughts on “Watching the world burn

  1. My local bowling green has been open for the past two days. Despite being closed for the usual five months off-season followed by two months of coronaclosure, I have seen no more than two pairs, but more likely just one pair or nobody at all. The weather has been brilliant. What’s going on, Leggy?

    Are people just fed up with rules, perhaps? You can’t just turn up; you have to book a slot (no big deal). Every alternate lane must be left vacant (no big deal). The bar is closed (aha!).

    Perhaps just staying at home all day is the new normal, getting your food and baccy delivered, contacting people by phone or internet. Maybe we can eventually just stay in bed 24/7 and have people come round to feed us, switch channels for us, etc.

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    • I’m becoming far too used to having stuff delivered. It’s saving money too – no more impulse purchases of things I pass on shelves.

      I never liked shopping, but with the new rules it’s even more awful.


      • The woman I saw in Tesco yesterday crossly complaining about the ludicrous one-way system they’ve implemented may soon decide to shop online too.

        Then I guess all the staff currently standing around directing customers will find themselves either out of a job, pushing a trolley around or driving a van.


        • This is what so few seem to understand. It’s not just Tesco. All those shops making visiting them a horrible experience are just pushing everyone to online shopping. For everything.

          Minimum wage is about to become irrelevant.


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  3. “……..(only the elite will get meat).” You know it’s coming when the Hairy Bikers are advertising veggie curry. A couple of years ago on the Beeb I heard a bakery owner being interviewed. He makes biscuits using locusts instead of flour.
    Avid followers of “I’m A Celebrity…” will consider themselves in the same cool league as slebs when they eat cockroach curry.

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    • There’s no footage of what happened before. I did hear he was resisting arrest but the video begins with him face down on the ground, his hands cuffed behind his back. At that point the knee in the neck is not required – and especially not after he passed out. He might well have been violent before, but once subdued, the force was not necessary.


  4. I grew up with some of the ‘new normal’, not coughing or sneezing in peoples faces for instance. I hated ALL of my Dads relatives, having to see them was a bummer. My Mums were 200 miles away and seeing them once a year was a real treat.
    The first time I can remember sitting down to eat anywhere other than home or school would be aged about 13 in an imitation Wimpy on a wet Thursday evening with me mates; those who could afford it had a burger, those who could not drank tea. Pubs were still a couple of years away and there weren’t take-aways as we know them except fish&chips, coffee shops still a decade to come.

    Having been cooped up for a couple of months and with Coffee Shops open for those essential skinny lattes but “what do you mean carry-out only?” What is a hipster to do wandering the street with ‘theys’ caffien hit.
    Let’s have a protest, better not be against Lockdown, that’s a bit Gammon and far righty; telly is showing Black people in America upset about something…yeah that’ll do.
    They are not the only ones misbehaving, at our Tourism & Leisure hub at least 3 pubs are offering take-away food and drink (having presumably been granted off-sales licences) for consumption anywhere other than where purchased which means the many public benches, bollards and grass banks thereabouts.
    One pub has felt obliged to stop serving complaining of loutish drunken behaviour, public nudity and urination (though what do they expect with no access to the pubs labs and the public ones closed in the ‘fight against Covid’ ?).


    • Likewise, I grew up before the ‘cafe culture’ got going. I’ve never really taken to it, even now. Fish and chips are still my first choice for takeaway, although I do like a good curry now and then.
      I did wonder about those pubs serving off-sales only, and where you’d go when the inevitable effect of a few pints made it to your bladder. I wonder the same thing about those protests. There are no public toilets open.


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