Lockdown collapses

I see the press are still trying to take down Demonic Cummings over his trip to Durham, in which he might or might not have met someone else. Meanwhile they seem unfazed by the huge crowds in London protesting about a man killed in a part of the world our government has absolutely no jurisdiction over. The same thing is happening in Berlin, in Copenhagen and other places too. What do they expect their governments to do about it?

Have they fallen for the ‘EU is everything and controls the world’ mantra? Nobody outside the EU gives a flying fuck what the EU thinks and, increasingly, neither do those inside it.

Even Donnie Trumpton has no say over the US police. That’s down to individual states. As far as I know he doesn’t control the FBI or CIA either. Police matters seem to be controlled by state governors, even by city mayors. Like in London. Saddo Khan controls the metropolitan police. People blame Boris when the Met do stupid things but he’s not in charge of them. The mayor is.

So what can anyone in the UK do about a police force in another, faraway country, where even the president has no power over them? Not a damn thing.

Italy, naturally, is different. They are currently having big protests over something else entirely. Something their government actually can do something about. Something ours is supposed to be doing something about.

Richard Burgergone, the noisy lump of overpaid MP, has been on Twitter complaining about kids going back to school. It’ll be a disaster! The Plague will kill them all! I haven’t seen a word out of him over gatherings of hundreds of people shouting slogans and presumably spouting potentially infected spittle by the bucketload. Perhaps he’s okay with all that. The BBC seem to be. So do the rest of what passes for news these days.

So am I, really. It’s very nice of these people to act as coal mine canaries for the rest of us. Is it safe to gather in groups of more than six now? Is it safe to hang around with a huge mass of strangers, like in, say, pubs? Is it safe to travel the country to attend a mass protest and then travel back again? There’s only one way to find out and these people are kindly doing it for us.

If, two weeks from now, the bodies haven’t started piling up in the streets, then there’s no more danger and everything can go back to normal. If they do pile up, it’ll only be these lunatics and nobody needs them around anyway.

One thing these protests have done for sure. If there is a resurgence of the virus when lockdown eases and they try to blame Boris, all he has to do is point to video of those crowds. There’s where the blame lies, and that’s the funniest part. In trying to bring down Boris they have given him an easy way out of lockdown. He could cite those crowds as a reason to just drop all restrictions and any second wave of virus won’t be his fault. It’s the fault of the loony Left.

It will never cease to amaze me how they manage to backfire every single time.


In other news, Leg Iron Books is still holding eBook prices at 99 cents (US, the price in other countries will vary because it depends on the exchange rate and local VAT) until lockdown is over. Then they will go back up to sensible prices. The eBook anthologies might stay at 99 cents because well, they make no money anyway. They are there to advertise the authors and Leg Iron Books as a whole.

It’s also time for quarterly royalty payments and this time, everyone has at least one sale. Including me, at last! Okay, the amounts will be tiny because of the bargain prices on the eBooks but the authors are getting that little bit better known. Financially, it’s not great but in terms of promotion it’s done quite well.

Soon though, I’ll have to put the novel/single author prices back into a decent payback for those authors. They can’t all stay cheap forever.

12 thoughts on “Lockdown collapses

  1. You can have your riot, or your protests. There’s a herd mentality that takes over and it always gets out of control. People do quite literally lose their senses and I get scared just being in the vicinity. (Not just what’s happening in civvy street, soldiers do it as well – and the police).

    If you take time to look at the police officer’s face with the neck thing. Nothing else, just his face, you’ll see exactly the same look as with a lion, cheetah that’s brought down it’s prey – and prepared to defend it. Yesterday’s link fills in the blanks because my only thought was “what happened to cause this?”

    He was scared of the mob that had gathered round him – and the arse he’d been forced to subdue. I’d also hazard he didn’t have much faith in his colleagues, who he never looked at for support.

    We’re asking way too much of our law enforcement people right now, way, far too much and with the people in the US, each in their own vehicle, there’s no real camaraderie.

    What circulates on the web is a fag end. Taken in isolation it’s awful, so the police best get their body cam version out there pronto.

    It’s the same as we saw with the London riots. They’ll collate thousands of hours of CCTV from every source, then start prosecuting. They’ll make examples of some and an enormous number of otherwise upstanding youngsters will serve time and will have a police record for life.

    And for your viewing pleasure, here’s an amusing video of a white, tubby lady whacking a white tubby police lady and making shit happen.



    • Police are human. You can see it in the videos when they are surrounded. They are scared and they will lash out with what they have – which is better than what their attackers have. Sure, it’s not always a fair fight but something I learned in the bad times is that those who fight fair generally lose. If you have an advantage, use it, especially if you think you could die.

      If those kids don’t want ‘terrorist conviction’ on their CV, it’s simple. Don’t fucking act like one.

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    • Children are expendable shields. It’s the same mindset of the boat people from France who threaten to drown their own children to get their way.

      These creatures have no humanity.

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  2. I thought that protests were banned under the virus rules although, not having watched the daily briefings for a few days and kept a calendar of what we’re allowed to do when and who with, I’m now confused. The protests, though, show what can be done when a mass of people of one mind just say “stuff your lockdown”.


  3. Those poor folks in Minnesota, imagine their shock and disappointment when they can’t shop for groceries in the morning.
    Boris must do something or maybe the brute just don’t care.


    • There are protests all over the place, expecting their governments to do something about another country’s police.

      Never saw a protest about the French police. Or the Chinese police. They had far more than just one incident.


    • He hasn’t vaccinated his own kids.

      His company is trying to make a vaccine that will fundamentally alter every cell in your body. It will either cause an autoimmune disease in everyone who gets it, or, if it makes it to the next generation, their immune systems will not recognise coronaviruses as invaders and let them run riot.

      This is the same man who wants to reduce atmospheric CO2 to zero. At which point we can just watch every plant on the planet die and then wonder why the oxygen is running out.

      I’m hoping he’s just an idiot, and not actually evil. But I’m beginning to suspect he’s both.

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      • Legion, I must apologise as what I wrote could me misconstrued.

        I was that mad? incensed? raging? watching the video I forgot to put ethical in front of scientist.

        I know this is part of any experiment, not that it can eb done but that it should eb done.

        I’ve also received a link showing as company delivering bricks to the American rioters in advance. Guess who is a major investor?

        Anyway apologies if you took the first comment wrong, my fault.


        • I think you came across okay.

          Bill Gates has studied no science, he’s just the man with the money and some mad ideas. I doubt anyone working on his RNA vaccines will accept them, they know what it will do.

          The basis of the vaccine is that it inserts bits of viral RNA into your cells. Not enough to make a virus so it won’t infect, but enough to produce virus proteins. Your cells then have those protein on their surfaces and (he claims) this will make your immune system produce antibidies against those virus proteins.

          Oh, it will. It will also destroy any cell expressing those proteins. Suddenly, your immune system thinks every cell in your body is an invader. There is no way to stop it, the RNA is in you now and you cannot pick it out.

          If that gene gets incorporated into DNA in the gonads, there is a good chance that anyone surviving this first mess will pass that viral DNA on to their children. Then it’s different. The embryo will develop with those proteins in place and the child’s immune system will regard them as normal body proteins. So it won’t attack them.

          Howeever, if the child is then infected with the virus, its immune system will consider the virus to be normal body proteins and won’t attack that either. So the virus faces no opposition at all.

          That’s what Gates wants to inject into everyone. I get a bit worked up over this one too 😉 I’m hoping he just doesn’t understand what he’s doing, but I suspect he does.

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