Waiting for King Charles

That’s all it needs now. King Charles III will preside over much the same mess as the first two. We might need to be saved by another William. Like last time. Fortunately we have one ready to go, and this one isn’t orange.

At least this time we get to skip the James part.

Well, we have all been under pretty vicious restrictions for months. CStM and I can’t shop together and I can’t be trusted to go on my own (trolley full of just the essentials, whisky, power tools and baccy) so we’re getting used to having the shopping delivered. It’s working well so far.

However, nobody can visit a dentist or optician, nobody can get a haircut (none of these bother me all that much) and anyone with a mysterious new lump dare not go to hospital to get it checked. I managed to get the part to fix my car from United Arab Emirates in under a week, the dealership 50 miles away couldn’t get one for a month. And then they wanted me to collect it. It’s the transmission cable, I can’t come and collect it unless I have one. Idiots.

In the face of mounting evidence that hydroxychloroquine is an effective antiviral, the WHO denies it. In the face of mounting evidence that nicotine has a protective effect, the WHO denies it. The WHO also claimed the virus wasn’t a big deal at the start of this, now they inist their vaccine must be mandatory.

Well, now we know that China owns the WHO, it all makes sense.

The pointless protests all over the world make any vaccine irrelevant. In the coming weeks we will know whether the virus is a serious danger or whether it’s all been overblown hype. There are mass gatherings, everywhere, of those who are most likely to be killed by it. If they start dropping like flies then it’s too late for a vaccine. If they don’t then there’s no need for one. The vaccine story is dead in the water.

We can also forget the whole ‘track and trace’ thing. Mass protests make it impossible. How the hell is anyone going to figure out who they came in contact with in all those mass protests? Track and trace is dead in the water.

We now have rules that state you cannot meet your partner indoors if you don’t live together and cannot have sex with anyone who lives outside your home. I wouldn’t do that anyway, she’d kill me. So there are likely to be a few six fingered banjo players in the future. And yet you can go on a rampage and loot a store called Target (not the best choice of name) and that’s all fine and dandy.

People have not been able to be with dying family members in their last moments, nor attend funerals. Couples have been separated for months. These restrictions still apply and yet mass demonstrations, vandalism and violence are allowed. It’s almost as if it’s a deliberate design to provoke uncontrollable fury.

Against who? Let’s not dwell on it. Let’s have an imaginary scenario instead.


Pure fiction follows. I just made it up.

An experimental bioweapon escapes a lab in China. The Chinese government try to hush it up at first but then realise they can make use of it. So they stop travel between the infected region and the rest of China, but not between the region and the rest of the world. Let it spread awhile.

Their pet WHO plays it down at first, but then the game ramps up. Videos of Chinese people being sealed into their homes. Videos of people just dropping dead in the street. Huge hospitals built in days. Reports of mass cremations.

The West is, naturally, scared shitless and starts getting ready. Huge hospitals built and never used. Nobody dying in the streets. Absolute lockdowns that have made no detectable difference. Economies destroyed. Everyone out clapping like performing seals, wearing pointless masks and now kneeling like trained dogs. Everyone scared of everyone else.

Neighbours snitching like East German Stasi. Police arresting people for sitting on a bench. Supermarkets using customers as chess pieces on the Board of Shame. The virus is dying, it can’t spread. The Plague has failed.

And then, suddenly… mass protests and violence. Over one bad cop in America, one bad cop with a history of being a right arse and getting away with it. No other country can do anything about this and the cop has already been arrested and charged anyway.

It’s not an isolated nor unusual incident. Police violence has been the norm in many countries, including European ones, for a long time. Ask the Gilet Jaunes (who do not loot) in France. Or the protestors (who have never looted anything) in Hong Kong. It is not, and has never been, the norm in the UK. Police stupidity is rife but violence isn’t.

So, you have a bioweapon, released accidentally but you want to make use of it anyway. What do you do?

Stage massive precautions and terror in your own country for the press. Let the rest of the world destroy their livelihoods by following suit. Let them live in terror.

Ah, but the Plague is failing. It’s not spreading any more. What to do?

Pick an incident, any racial incident, and blow it into International Outrage. That will get your targets to mass together and spread the plague once more.

The target? Consider. China has been extremely unpleasant to Muslims. They round them up and put them in camps and ship them around as slave labour. They have also been exceptionally nasty to black people. The virus hits BAME people a lot harder than anyone else. White people are hit less hard but are more likely to be spreaders. The demonstrations are mostly BAME people and their lefty white servants. I’m sure it must be all a coincidence.

By the end of this month we will know one of two things.

Either the virus is deadly, especially to non-whites and they’re all wiped out or…

The virus is all hype and the government’s lockdown and restrictions were all pointless bollocks.

Either way, vaccines and track and trace are pointless now. Lockdown is pointless now. Either way, the governments of the West do not come out looking good.

Either way, China wins this.

14 thoughts on “Waiting for King Charles

  1. Yep, it’s happening as you “predicted” right now but then it’s only nutters like David Icke and other conspiracy theorists who ahem beens saying this for years and they are all mad, the Government said so.

    Watch some of the UKColumn podcast over the past few weeks, they have been talking about a whistleblower and there set of the country’s economy, Government, rights etc for a while. Charles just knows the plan and has come out into the open on what side he is on.

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    • I think David Icke would have done a lot better if he had dropped the whole lizard thing. Okay, maybe some people are actually lizards in disguise but there is nothing at all to support that so far. If he had kept quiet on the wilder stuff until he had actual proof, the rest of his work would not have been so easily dismissed. He has indeed predicted a lot of what is now happening, but as soon as he starts with the reptilian thing, people turn away.

      If I have to pick a side in all this, I’m siding with the virus πŸ˜‰

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      • I know, that is why I started reading him as I like those science fiction/fantasy weird stuff as it was an enjoyable read even if nuts. I liked the Daily Sport as it didn’t take itself seriously.

        Apart from this (but I do agree that our leaders are not quite human as they seem to have no human emotions except greed and lust for power and all be psychopaths of varying degrees) he’s been uncannily close to what the future held on many occasions.

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      • I used to watch David Ike, with a pinch of salt.
        When exactly was he wasted off YouTube? From memory it was just before Covid/lockdown got going, spooky or what ?


  2. The other Officers at the scene have now been charged with aiding and abetting murder which was not necessarily going to happen. That will lead BLM protesters and their honkey puppets to think their Outrage has achieved something thus encouraging them to repeat the performance.

    Still not many people out and about locally, many must remain hiding indoors getting their ‘news’ from the beeb so now they can ad impending race riots to their woes.

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    • I don’t think those charges will stick. They didn’t know he was going to die, all they saw was the (well known for brutality) officer holding the suspect down.

      Likewise, the murder 2 charge won’t stick on the killer. It might have been a deliberate attempt to kill but that’s hard to prove in those circumstances. Murder 3 would stick – pretty much equivalent to UK’s manslaughter – but they’ve increased it to something much harder to prove.

      If they are all acquitted, the shit will hit the fan so hard it’ll spatter on the Hubble telescope.

      My bet is that the trial will happen just before the election in November.

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  3. The virus is not even a bad winter flu. When all the bogus death figs are filtered out it likely wont even be that. In terms of healthy people of any age who have been taken to death solely by the CCP virus –the actual number will likely be minute.

    It is an attack of political/bureaucratic/media/mob hysteria –which a lot of political scum are trying to take advantage of.

    As for the Minn caper–most people don’t care amyway.


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