On Kafka’s furrowed brow

Kafka could not have written this reality. Even he would shake his head in confusion at this.

Boris is still reciting his mantra of ‘you can visit family as long as you only meet in the garden and stay six feet apart and you can’t use the toilet in the house’ while thousands of protestors mob city centres all over the world. From the 15th June we are all to wear masks on public transport, which won’t affect me at all since we don’t have any of that around here. It will have no meaningful effect on anyone else either. Meanwhile tens of thousands have travelled all over the country to attend protests, pick up a viral souvenir and take it home.

In Scotland, the Chief Goblin of the Spiteful Nannying Party has declared we can’t travel more than five miles. Well, sod that. A five mile radius around me is farms and fields, the nearest supermarket is 15 miles, even the nearest pharmacy is 7 miles and the doctor’s surgery is another five miles further on. A five mile radius might get you everything you want in Glasgow or Edinburgh but out here it gets you farms and fields.

Boris has a new trick too. He wants to boost the Green God’s new Church of Climatology. Well, Boris, it is now the sixth of June. Two weeks to midsummer’s day. It is currently 7 degC outside and in the daytime tomorrow it is forecast to reach the giddy heights of 12 degC. This, you tousle-haired arse impressionist, is not warming. Twenty years ago I’d have had every window open by now.

I thought Boris or at least his carer, Demonic Cummings, had some sense. This new obeisance to the Green God has blown that out of the water. The sun is dimming, it’s at the bottom of three cycles at the same time. It’s getting colder. Shutting down your power stations and replacing them with shiny suncatchers and spinning lawn ornaments is exactly the wrong thing to do now. You want to cut emissions without killing large swathes of the population? Nuclear is the way. Lots of small plants rather than a few big ones. Small ones have less risk of meltdown and if one does go wrong, it wouldn’t contaminate the entire country and while it’s closed, the rest of the stations can take up the slack.

Chopping down every CO2-absorbing tree and replacing them with concrete and steel and fibreglass blades and toxic waste is suicide. You won’t be able to power anything at all on a windless night.

Then there is the alleged vaccine for the new Flu Manchu. Well, scientists are concerned…


Scientists are worried that the virus might disappear before they have a vaccine for it. This, apparently, is bad news. Really. It’s only bad news if you were expecting to make a fortune from a vaccine that nobody now needs. It’s also bad news for those who delight in ultimate control of the population (yes, Wee Nippy, I’m looking at you). For the rest of us, it’s good news.

Flu Manchu is dying, but the restrictions are increasing. The rioting over a career criminal being killed by a dirty cop is on the wane. Only the daftest of the Woke are now kneeling, their replacement displacement activity from clapping on their doorsteps, and it’s time for something new.

Or, perhaps, the resurgence of an already established fearmongering scam.

Yes, we are back to the imaginary ‘global warming’. It’ll do, until the Chinese release another virus.

7 thoughts on “On Kafka’s furrowed brow

  1. Have you seen the girlies on social media shaving their heads in support of Black Lives Matter?

    *Too young to have seen ‘American History X’, Clicky, let alone been around for the 1970s and 80s…*

    The weird thing is that the cop who took the knee at the start of this whole sorry state of affairs, has the fasting growing hair in the world…

    *And ears that change shape. Incredible…*

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    • ‘The media could not be played’ but I watched the film, on VHS, recently for lockdown therapy.
      How about some b/w footage of 1945 French guys dealing with their traitor bitches in similar fashion.


  2. They have started “bringing the future forward green cycle lanes nonsense here using vivid as cover.
    Was going along a major secondary route, 2 new signs
    “New Road Layout Ahead” & (freshly minted white letters on red) “For Social Distancing”, I’m in a car ffs. Road is blocked by works so detour to the other side of the blockage to find it’s No Entry except buses and cycles. No Consultation, no publicity just sneaked it in on a Saturday, it will seriously impede access to the Public School so no doubt they are sniggering about that too.

    On a lighter note, favourite comment seen thus far :.. “40,000 dead, mostly old and knackered like me; no wonder my grandchildren call it the Boomer Remover.”

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  3. Career criminal? C’mon dude I expect better of you than this cheap shot. If you think someone who’s last conviction was over ten years ago is a career criminal then I think you have been living in the wilderness too long. Besides the fact that none of his convictions warranted the Death Penalty.


    • It’s beginning to look like the officer and Floyd had known each other a long time and not in a good way. Which means this could indeed be a first degree murder.

      Look, Floyd wasn’t a good guy. That still makes it murder. It’s not the Wild West any more, the police can’t hand out summary executions. But it’s possible to recognise that Floyd wasn’t a saint and still call it murder by strangulation.

      The biggest concern now is that they fail to prove first degree murder and the officer walks. Then there’ll be riots that will make the current ones look like a picnic.

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