Call the Police… oh…

There are now mass calls to defund and shut down the entire police service in many countries. Well, okay, in many cases what they have become was not what Robert Peel anticipated when he set up the first London police in 1829.

The French police are, frankly, a protection-racket gang and a bunch of thugs, as the Yellow Vest protests have shown. The American police are unionised to the point of being a mafia who cover up their bad ones. The British police are hamstrung by political interference and Common Purpose. It all needs very deep reform. But ‘no police at all’ is what the protestors want.

I saw a video I can’t find again of an American ‘fuck the police’ protest throwing things at cars. One of the cars turned around and came back. Out of it came a hairy redneck holding some double bladed thing that looked like something a Klingon might brandish. The anti-police protestors’ first reaction? ‘Call the police’.

It’s not an isolated incident. The first reaction of those who want no police, when threatened by some lunatic with an unusual weapon, is always ‘call the police’. Surely they don’t want any police? None at all. Defund the lot. And yet, when it gets nasty, they suddenly want the police to protect them.

You can’t have both. You either have police or you are completely on your own. At the mercy of every passing lunatic, with no recourse to anyone if your home is invaded or you are attacked in the street. Do you want to be able to call for help or not? Do you want to be able to call someone to track down a murderer, rapist or thief or do you want to just let it pass? One or the other. Make your choice.

There are too many people for the old way of village justice meted out by the elders. Well, at the moment anyway. If the Billy Gates Gruff and Ol’ Henry and their pals get their way, the world population will soon be back to about 500 million. Before you cheer, I’d have a little think about whether one of them is likely to be you. It isn’t, is it?

Okay, so we need some kind of police. We do not need baton-weilding thugs dressed as Robocop, if things get that bad we have an army to deal with it. We have to have accountability, no hiding behind a union and no covering up the utter bastards who manage to get employed. They have to be rooted out as soon as they are discovered. Policing, as it stands, needs reform right from the top to the bottom. No Common Purpose self-important morons in any position anywhere. One unjustified use of violence, demotion. Two and you’re out. I can accept that the police are human and can lose their rag sometimes under pressure, but twice suggests a rage problem. We should not risk a third.

The nearest town with a police station (and with any variety of shops) is 15 miles away along some very twisty country roads. Even if they left instantly after I called, which is unlikely since they are seriously undermanned, it would take them at least 15-20 minutes to get here. So I have plenty of woodland, a shovel and sufficient weaponry (all legal) so as not to bother them. I have not had to do this yet but if it comes down to the ciminal’s life or mine, no contest. Out here though, there’s nothing worth stealing. I don’t have the fancy TVs or Xboxes or anything much of any value. They could steal a tractor I suppose and go on a 25 mph version of Mad Max. Slightly Irritated Max might not be quite as much fun though.

This is the world the protestors want in the cities. In places where they cannot justify owning a wood splitting axe or a sledgehammer or any of the other sharp or firing things you need on a farm. Where they are unarmed, totally, and are all set to have absolutely no organised protection of any kind. They already have gangs who aren’t at all scared of the police they have now. How big will those gangs get when it’s the only way to stay alive as soon as you reach your teens?

Who will be the law? Once all the law enforcement is gone, who will be the law? You want Sharia? Take down all Western law and that’s all that is left. You might want to take a very close look at that before you decide to support it because there’ll be no going back once it’s in.

So. If you want no police at all, what will you do when you are trapped by a rubber-fetish horse?

12 thoughts on “Call the Police… oh…

  1. Think I’ll dig out The Warriors movie which I have on VHS somewhere. It’s where the hooligans figure out they can overwhelm the Police but is mainly about one gangs attempt to get home with all the others after them

    I saw a similar video to yours at the start of this. A car (Police?) seems to be circling a fallen man before deliberately running over/into him then beating a hasty retreat from the howling mob.
    A closer second viewing shows the film had been edited (natch), the circling manoeuvre was to dislodge that same man who had been standing on the ‘hood’ kicking the windows. The manoeuvre was successful and the “victim” happened to fall in a place the car was already going to.

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  2. These days, “Anarchist” is just a dialect word for “Thick as pigshit entitled leftie muppet”.

    There have been student protestors standing underneath a huge Anarchist banner, seriously asking that the government does away with student loans, and resumes paying student grants. That’s right, the government they don’t believe should exist…


    • I have to laugh every time they tweet ‘anarchy’ and ‘smash capitalism’ on their iPhones.

      It’s almost as funny as the time, many years ago, when the TV screened an interview with an animal rights activist in a leather jacket.

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  3. Yes, get rid of the centralised and politicised Police – but only if you give communities and individuals the right to protect themselves properly upto and including allowing us to “bear arms” (pistols, rifles, shotguns, restricted magazines and so on with minimum licensing or controls) in public and to use them to defend, including to kill in self-defence, ourselves, our families, our property and community (in that order).

    Then I would be happy have no police to call.

    Now patiently waiting for the howls of “right wing nazi” from all corners.


    • The problem is… if you can afford police, you have police. If you can’t you’re on your own.

      Guns are difficult to get in the UK, handguns impossible (legally). If you’re broke you can’t afford a gun and can’t afford to pay for private police. Basically, it’s open season on you.

      Maybe it’ll develop as in old Japan where the peasantry learned to use rice flails and hay-bale forks as weapons because there was no way they could afford a sword (and weren’t allowed to have one anyway).

      I’ve had a lot of practice with a wood splitting axe and a sledgehammer. Not much use if the other guy has a gun though.


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