Escape from Minneapolis

Kurt Russel should have done that one. He did Escape from New York, which now just needs a wall around it to complete the job, and America has just the right president to do it. He also did Escape from LA… likely to come true also. As are several other places.

Minneapolis has decided to do away with a police force altogether. Apparently being able to call the police when a gang breaks into your house at midnight is ‘white privilege’. Even if you are not white. Instead, you will be able to call a counsellor who will talk you through your slow and inevitable demise. Isn’t that sweet?

Already, businesses that were burned down are taking the insurance money and rebuilding elsewhere. That will accelerate since even if your business in Minneapolis is still in one piece, your insurance has just gone through the roof. It’s simply not worth trying to run a business of any kind in that city.

If you live there you’ll want to leave. If you have a mortgage, might as well default on it. You are not going to get a buyer for your house. Sure, the banks will rub their hands at getting your property, but that property is worth nothing. Maybe the banks think it will be worth something again after the dust settles, if it’s even still there.

So, will Minneapolis recover from their Somalia experiment? It’s hard to see how. If they want to reinstate a police force they will need tax money. Businesses are fleeing. No business rates, no income tax from thousands of now-unemployed workers all looking for benefits. It’s a feedback loop you can’t evict.

Once they take this step there is no way back. They are not even going back to the Wild West where the sherriff and deputies were The Law In Town. There will be no law in town. The mayor etc. can pass all the laws they want. Who is going to enforce them?

I can genuinely see a wall put up around Minneapolis in the near future. Nobody gets in or out. Leave them to it.

Food? Who the hell is going to drive a truck into that Mad Max land? There will be no deliveries of anything. They are going to end up eating each other. There is also the small matter that with nobody running any business, nobody is getting paid and no taxes are being generated. This is a one way ticket to ghost town status. The Day of the Woke is here.

New York is going in the same direction although it seems likely that the mayor’s push to cut police funds is rather more connected to him having already spent it all. Escape from New York might become reality.

The second film should have been Minneapolis, not LA.

That would be the third film.


There is a line from a song in there. A band that went quiet for years, the line is from their first song in ages. A Leg Iron Books mug to the first one to tell me the band and the name of the song.

27 thoughts on “Escape from Minneapolis

  1. Minneapolis sounds like a great name for a city, but perhaps not as good as ‘Grandeapolis’ would have been. According to the search engines, this name has not existed before. A world first for UBU?

    I didn’t spot the song reference, but I more-or-less gave up on popular music in 1980, even as a teenager, seeing it for the demonic trash that it is. I still loved my heavy metal, mind you!

    The film industry died about 1960. By the mid-60s it was unimaginably unfunny and juvenile ‘comedies’ like ‘How To Murder Your Wife’ and by the 70s ‘disaster movies’. Enough said, I think. It never recovered from these fatal body blows. As we’re film referencing, your description of the Minneapolis situation reminds me of one of my favourite 1930s John Wayne ‘B’ films, “Blue Steel” (1934).

    Here, the homesteaders are being starved out by the big businessman who thinks he owns the place and whose goons shoot up supply trains heading for the town so as to force the people to sell out at any price. He offers them $100 each for their homesteads, claiming that he’ll probably never get his money back, but secretly knowing (somehow) that under the topsoil is the “richest gold field ever discovered.”

    Not only do you get an eager, fresh-faced Wayne for your money, but also the wonderful slurred-speeched old curmudgeon, George pre-‘Gabby’ Hayes, as the Sheriff. Many people turn their noses up at these films, but I find them a pleasant way to spend an hour; to go back to the days when men were men and John Wayne got the gal at the end of the film as always in those days and before SJWs and health fanaticism and foul language and phony moral grandstanding and this man who wants to be a ‘sexless alien’. Genuine, or another angle at trying to reduce the world’s population? Or to pretend that aliens exist (as material entities, not fallen angels) perhaps for some future fake alien landing if coronavirus doesn’t lead to mass vaccination/sterilisation/implantable chips. At the end of the interview, Schofield says, “Stay safe” three years before it becomes fashionable (and a couple of years before declaring himself to be a chutney ferret). But the fella from California (where else?) doesn’t sound at all ‘sexless,’ but definitely appears to be homosexual, just even more confused than your typical preserve-loving rodent. I feel desperately sorry for him if he genuinely feels that way and it’s not a stunt – is there evidence of his “110 cosmetic procedures in his quest to resemble a ‘sexless alien'” or is this just the mainstream parrotting any old rubbish as usual?

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    • I’m lucky enough to be working but when not I comply with the same lockdown as everyone else. I’ve been going through my stash of old VHS movies (inc all the Mad Max ones ). On those, allegedly, copied from ITV the dated adverts can be amusing but the bought ones generally have two to six previews of other films from the same studio.
      It is remarkable how many forgettable and forgotten movies made it that far “unfunny and juvenile ‘comedies ‘ ” included, usually with 20somethings playing unconvincing teenagers with Stars you’ve never heard of.
      Makes you wander why anyone thought it a good idea to be involved except by way of a tax loss. Just this morning I watched ‘FX Murder By illusion’, Exec Producer one Dody Fayed.

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      • Look after those tapes if you value them! (I’ve no idea what the best method is.) I lost mine to a kind of dry mould or something greenish after living in a flat for five years in a 200 year-old building which suffered from dampness and then I moved to a house which was similarly cursed. This present one isn’t much better. No wonder they’re all unplayable. My even older audio tapes work fine, though.

        Holywood is a coven of evil, I rather fancy. Just look at how many leftist loud-mouths it produces and the way it tries to shepherd people in a particular direction, like TV shows with their diversity mind control and constant police ‘dramas’ to make us think that police forces are awash with officers like Morse and Frost, who will go without food and sleep, such is their lust for justice. And Disney are up to all sorts of evil with new LGBT characters and events at their parks.

        ‘Entertainment’ is something people seem to have been conditioned to get excited about, no matter how dire it is. I worked in one of the early video shops (it had a betamax section) and that was exciting – being in the film industry!

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        • Thank you Stewart, happily I’ve never had to live in mouldy house and tracking Still Works on my old TV/VHS combo.

          Yup gave up on TV and new movies when they became vehicles for political correctness. Coppers stopped smoking and having piss ups after a successful nicks (Helen Mirren excepted since she’s great).

          The Chinese came up with a new pictogram for this kind of thing which translates as ‘whiteliberalshit ‘, they still want to see blokes fighting and the good guy getting the girl.
          Guess what Hollywood ? China is now the world’s biggest cinema audience

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          • I remember ‘tracking’. Cute. China has a different problem, though. In real life, tens of millions of men can’t get the girl because of sex-selective abortion. Maybe that’s the reason they go to the pictures, so they can experience love vicariously for a couple of hours. I wonder what the ‘gay scene’ is like there.

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  2. That was the Pixies. I’ll leave out the song name and lyric, as you ought to send a mug to someone living in a place where post from Scotland is actually delivered.

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      • It’s a feedback loop you can’t evict. From Bagboy.

        All I can think of watching the world burn is that we’re headed towards something like the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This is so different to the riots of the 1960s. People had legitimate gripes then – and optimism (remember optimism?) that things would get better.

        That’s long gone.

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        • I still have your address. I’ll try sending a mug.

          Looks to me like the perfect setup for an English civil war just like last time. A soon to be King Charles who is a tax-mongering idiot (green stuff this time), a separatist Scotland, a parliament in desperate need of a damn good clearout, an enraged population, and a group determined to provoke that rage.

          Common plebs weren’t allowed to have weapons last time either. It didn’t stop them.

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        • “People had legitimate gripes then – and optimism (remember optimism?) that things would get better.”

          Also, back in t’old days, protests were generally about getting/giving more freedom to everyone, rather than taking freedoms away from someone else, as today’s protesters are effectively demanding, with their condemnation of anyone who disagrees with them (or even who doesn’t agree with them “enough) as “supporting racism.” Young people back then wanted to live their lives differently from how their parents had lived theirs and were fed up with being heavily criticised (often criminalised) just for that fact. What right, they argued, did “the establishment” have to tell them how to live their lives? And in many ways they were right – no State (or generation) has that right or has ever had it. Most States are, it’s true, dictatorial, nannying and bullying in one form or another, but that’s because they have the power to be – it isn’t because they have the right to be.

          Today’s youth, however, seem to want the State to intervene in every aspect of everyone’s lives (except theirs, of course). Perhaps it’s the result of having been wrapped in cotton wool and protected from an early age by mummy and daddy from the harsh realities of life which makes them want more of the same from the Powers That Be. It is, after all, a nice, safe, cosy feeling to live constantly under daddy’s protection and with mummy’s loving hugs to hand. So, just like over-pampered children these protests are all about blaming others, absolving themselves from any responsibility to do anything that isn’t easy and quick (like making a lot of noise and setting light to buildings) and wanting all the necessary changes to be made in utter obedience and with absolutely no dissent at all by “someone else,” so that they themselves don’t have to change a thing.

          In fact, ironically, protesters today demonstrate the very same attitude (“our way is the only way,” “do as we say, not as we do,” “any opinion is wrong if it’s different from ours” “conform or suffer”) that, back in the 60’s and 70’s, protesters were protesting about! Maybe it boils down to the fact that history repeats itself because once one generation’s experience is forgotten, it’s sort of “rediscovered” by later generations and shoved in another direction, and as the “youth” of the 1960s and 1970s die, so too do the memories of what they felt so passionately about. Many deceased Civil Rights, Women’s Lib, and Gay Rights activists must be spinning, appalled, in their graves to see today’s protesters supporting, often, the very same “causes” that they themselves fought for, but using precisely the same tactics and adopting the very same attitudes that, back in the day, made their own struggles for freedom and equality so difficult to attain. Under the present circumstances, I would think that Martin Luther King’s grave must be particularly active.

          But, to quote yet another song (if it’s all right for Leggy, it’s all right for me!): “Every generation blames the one before.” A line which today’s protesters would do well to dwell upon. Because, in a shorter time than they realise, they will be running things and – err – they themselves will become the “one before.” It’ll be interesting to see what their children and grandchildren will be out on the streets for and blaming them for getting wrong!

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  3. I live in a ‘suburb’ of the main city which until 1900, had been its own entity within the county. You can still see the Police Station which had its own Force, the Town Council offices are still clearly marked, the town Hospital long converted into housing and the Municipal Electricity Station is now an adventure centre for youngsters ( Covid closed).
    I have long thought that the decades long process of amalgamating Police Forces was really to reduce the number of Chief Constables thus making it easier to suburn them in the event of a Coupd’etat (depends which side you are on I suppose).

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  4. Why are they not protesting these 18 black lives: – 18 dead in 24 hours in Chicago? Maybe because they do not follow the narrative?

    Coming soon to a city near you when the Police are defunded.

    Sometimes I cannot tell if I am mad and the rest of the world sane or I am sane and the erst of the world gone mad. All very surreal at the moment.

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    • Or the hundreds (or is it thousands) blown up in churches in Nigeria? Or the hundreds of millions going every day on a pittance of food and no medicine? No, it’s all the usual PC-inspired, leftist stuff. All politics, religion and sociology. Yes, it is all mad, but serves a purpose.

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