The Confused Lands

I’m a bit out of sorts. My sleeping pattern is all over the place. I’m either sleeping far too long and then being woozy all day or sleeping far too little and then being tired all day. It’s hard to concentrate on anything. Tonight I’ll try for an early night – last night was a short sleep so I’m pretty knackered, but I’m forcing myself to stay awake for another hour or so to try to get into a reasonable pattern again.

The novel prices at Leg Iron Books were supposed to go back up on Wednesday night but my concentration was so poor I decided to delay to the weekend. I’d just end up clicking the wrong thing and making a balls of it, so the low price hunters will have a couple more days.

It’s not helped by the absolute confusion in the world today. People pulling down random statues on the pretext of ‘slavery’ even though they are also pulling down those of people who had nothing to do with slavery – and indeed some who were actual abolitionists who spent decades working to end it. They don’t care. It’s just destruction they want.

It made me realise I had inadvertently followed part of Orwell’s 1984 blueprint in Panoptica. Of course, the main character won’t understand history because he’s never been taught any. Never been taught that there was a time before him nor that there will be a time after him. There is no ‘history’ in his world. Influenced by Orwell? Very likely. I have read that book a few times.

Unlike Winston Smith, 10538 has absolutely no concept of history – nor of a lot of other things. It’s beyond 1984, the transformation is complete. More of that later.

I have seen claims that George Floyd is still alive, that the whole thing was a setup. I have seen claims that he actually died three years ago and a lookalike was used in this alleged setup. Even a claim that ‘George’ was one of those dummies used for practicing respiratory recovery techniques. None of this seems likely but these days, you just never know.

I would rule out the ‘dummy’ since he was talking. Unless the cop was a ventriloquist, which I’d also put firmly well down the ‘likely’ scale. I can’t honestly rule out the other two except to say they are so contradictory that it’s all just starting to sound like a good time to buy shares in tinfoil. Next I expect to hear it all took place in a Hollywood studio and none of it was real. Heck, if they can say that about the moon landings…

There are some very odd things about that scenario but at this time I still believe that a cop with a long history of getting away with violence killed George Floyd – whether deliberately or not, I think the cop killed him.

Then there is the whole Siege of Seattle. Reports that businesses are forced to pay protection money are denied by the businesses themselves and countered with ‘well of course they say that, they’re being threatened.’ Which is true? How can you tell? I doubt we’ll know until this is over.

There are reports that it’s all fine and rosy in there, and reports that warlords are now engaged in turf wars and handing out the kind of summary justice that started this whole thing. There was one report that someone called the police after getting a kicking from one of the self-appointed ‘Freedom Police’, only to be told ‘It’s not our jurisdiction now’. I only saw that once, no idea if it’s true.

It does amuse me that the first thing they did was set up a hard border and put armed guards along it. They are even building a rudimentary wall. Isn’t that exactly the sort of thing they are protesting against? They have self-appointed police who allegedly deal out violent on-the-spot beatings to anyone who doesn’t do as they are told. I thought they were protesting against that too.

They soon ran out of food and put out a plea for someone to send in some vegan food. Has to be vegan, no matter whether their members are all vegan or not. I wonder how many now understand the concept of lifestyle control, and who are now not too happy to have it applied to them?

Communism can work on a very small scale. A commune comprised entirely of people who want that lifestyle can work. Imposing it on a wider population can never work. It will always lead to violent imposition of the ideals on those who don’t want to live that way, and the extermination of anyone who opposes it. Every time.

And so the tiny independent state within Seattle will fragment. It’s too big to work as a commune. It has nowhere to grow food. They did try making a ‘farm’ which will produce enough salad for one meal for maybe half a dozen people in about a month. Assuming they know how to deal with slugs, whitefly, fungus and all sorts of other things.

They have no power generation. They don’t seem to realise that unpaid electricity bills result in termination of service. Water and sewerage are under the control of the actual city, they have none of their own. No infrastructure, no economy, nothing.

Yet they have declared themselves independent of the USA. Which means the USA can now simply seal them off and demand they produce passports if they want to leave. Which, of course, they don’t have.

On the other hand, it’s similar to the sort of thing every libertarian dreams of, where ‘my home is my castle’ becomes a reality. However, even libertarians recognise that they will need heating, lighting, water, sewage etc and they don’t want to do all that themselves so they won’t go into total isolation. They would also need a common currency for trading.

If I could afford to buy this place I could potentially do it, but I’d be working all the time to grow food, cut wood for heating, grow more wood for future heating, undertake repairs myself, hunt down a rabbit or two for dinner… I would be working dawn to dusk just to survive. Totally off-grid can be done but it’s a daunting task. I have solar chargers that can run my phone and a small laptop for a short while but I’d still have to pay an ISP for internet access. Unless I cut myself off from the modern world entirely I would need at least a small income.

Water and sewerage are already sorted, water is from a well and sewerage is a septic tank. However, I still need annual replacement of water filters and UV and the septic tank has to be pumped out every few years. Unless I want to boil every last drop of water before use and take my chances on the dissolved minerals. Oh, and dig holes in the woods to shit in. That has no appeal, especially in winter.

So, if I was going to go for total independence I would need to plan it all very carefully indeed. I’m way too old to live the life of a Mediaeval peasant, I would want access to infrastructure and that will mean paying for it. I don’t make much use of the NHS but maybe in ten years I’ll need them a lot more. I’ve never had to call the police and to be honest, it would be a bit pointless out here. Even if they came at once with a champion rally driver behind the wheel it would take at least 20 minutes. Still, nice to know they are there. If I was lucky, the annual police patrol would be passing by at the time.

Cutting yourself off from all infrastructure at the drop of a hat with no real plan beyond ‘anarchy, man’ can only end in disaster. The Seattle protestors hadn’t even considered a food supply longer than a day or two. They have also not considered that a hard border can be sealed from either side. They have no coast, no farmlands, no independent power supply, no means of getting fuel. The middle of a city was not the best place to do this.

I don’t, at this moment, know if it’s going well or badly for them but my bet is that if it’s not going badly now, it will be in a very few days. Their attempt at an independent food supply is tiny and will not be ready for weeks. That’s if the whole range of crop pests doesn’t descend on them in the meantime.

Their ‘police’ are basically warlords and will soon develop a feudal system where the serfs find the food and the lords rake in the proceeds. It’s going to be Mad Max in there by next week, if not before. They are also not a united force, there will be turf wars. I hear this has already started but it’s like getting a reliable news report from North Korea at the moment. It depends which news outlet you read and I don’t think there is an unbiased one left.

Today I saw Piers Morgan telling everyone to calm down. Yes, that Piers Morgan. If you look up ‘mindless blind-panic hysteria’ in the dictionary, it just says ‘Piers Morgan’. He’s telling everyone to calm down.

That’s it. I really need to sleep now. As long as the discordant thoughts can be settled for long enough. I hope some of that makes sense to somebody.

It makes little sense to me.

12 thoughts on “The Confused Lands

  1. I just hope there is plenty of film footage so we can see how realistic Mad Max 1, Escape from NY, 28 Days and all the others were.
    Not surprised they were demanding vegan food be sent in, a while ago there were complaints that not enough donations to food banks were vegan ffs.

    I have pointed out to a number of people that a form of Communism has worked and is still working after 70+ years, the Kibbutz in Israel but tends to be the end of that conversation.

    Yes the roughest and the toughest will garner all the assets in Seattle, denying them to the old, infirm, vulnerable and, when it starts to run out, their own underlings and gobbling* biatches.
    (* spell check suggested that, I was typing gobby).
    Seattle was one of the incubators of wokedom so they deserve all they get.

    Hope you got a good night’s sleep legiron. To veer off topic, over at Hectors place they have been examining the minutes of the SAGE committee just before lockdown. The consensus seems to be that Boris cannot ‘hide behind the science’ for imposing his police state since SAGE didn’t actually recommend lockdown as such.
    Yet on Thursday 11/6 a SAGE Scientist was on Radio 2 with Jeremy Vine telling us Boris is responsible for X0,000 deaths because “we recommend lockdown 2 weeks before he implemented it.”
    More confusion or is someone telling fibs ?

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  2. I LOL’d at the “farm” set up by the lefties in the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone. They spread cardboard over the ground, then covered this with about an inch of soil/compost in which they’re attempting to grow crops

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  3. Im actually losing the will. I cant stand any of the tripe on tv, Im at Dad’s which means my ears are unwittingly being exposed to it. Not for long though. When I got my phone appointment in April for the end of June I realised we were in for the long haul. Yes I knew lockdown ( that hateful word) would be here to the end of June at least in April . If that doesnt make you depressed well Thats why I decided to just do what I normally do and travel between my homes anyway. This Support bubble idea should have been touted from the start, people would have buddied up and kept each other sane, Doing it now is a waste of time and effort. How much longer Ive heard that stuff in November is being cancelled and in some cases December. I havent heard much about CHAZ because frankly I dont care whats happening 5000 miles away, unless it starts to affect Britain.

    Call me selfish or whatever but Im at the point where the tv might be in mortal danger if I have to listen to one more news reader parrot out the party line. And what really gives me stress is the completely Emperor has no clothes mentality of everyone involved. Businesses laying down and accepting the changes, etc. Are we slaves? because it feels very much like we are. Chains of electricity supply , internet, national grid ( lock) I am glad however that the rain has come, because it should serve as a warning that the grid cant deal with two weeks of dark grey cloudy weather without burning gas, and if there are just 7 coal fired plants in Britain left then they better start working again.

    For me Lockdown is over. I carry a mask so that I can pretend to be one of the flock but I remove it as soon as I can. I also have the sleep problem I dont want to sleep at night because at night its nice and quiet, theres no reason to watch the regurgitated news and you can get on with what you want to do. I meant to do battle with the post office today but I just could not be arsed and I was too exhausted from bingeing Money heist last night. I’ll go on Monday and sort out my now reduced car tax and create a scene if they make a fuss. Or just get 6 months which they wont be able to refuse at the 50% rate. Bureaucracy makes me want to just go native and tell them all to go to hell, but theyve already had that for the last three months.

    PS Vegan food, unless its plain old whole food, ie fruit veg and bread ( and other such products) is fine, But the processed protein shit is designed to age you.

    Let them learn the hard way. Cut them off. totally. They’ll be begging for intervention after a week., Im being terrible but my post traumatic stress scale is off the charts. My BP has reached untreated levels whilst being treated. I do not like being stuck at home by governmental decree.

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  4. Legiron, met someone yesterday taking the off road part of motorcycle training made available to him by virtue of being a care worker. His employer is trying everything to avoid their staff using public transport including arranging and paying for that training, that’s your sort of thing I understand.

    Glad I wasn’t in CHAZ yesterday when my gearbox noisily failed leaving me marooned on a usually busy city roundabout, would have been looted within minutes.
    Instead I barely had time to phone my mechanic when the Police arrived, shielded my car with theirs and helpfully pushed me off the roundabout into a layby.
    By then my mechanic had arrived to tow me to his workshop where shortly a replacement car arrived and home in time for tea (not Yorkshire obviously).
    Could have been worse, up on the moor on a rainy Sunday with no phone signal (and no Police).

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  5. I hope they have arranged for water, sewerage, electricity, etc.
    Be a shame if they had no services.

    But the 1″ deep “garden soil” does not give confidence there’s anyone in CHAV with basic skills.

    Remind me, how did Lord of the Flies end?

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