It doesn’t make sense.

In Reading today, some lunatic went on a stabbing spree. Three people are dead, three more seriously injured and more have minor injuries. As far as I can tell, all those stabbed were white British.

Some linked it to the Black Lives Matter protest that happened in the same place earlier in the day, but that protest ended a few hours before the stabbing.

Then it emerged that the knife-weilding loony was Libyan, some say ‘fresh off the boat from Calais’ but I have not been able to confirm that. He’s not black. He’s Arab.


Still being linked to BLM, even though the killer isn’t black and the protest ended hours earlier. It could be race related but I suspect it’s more Islam related.

The thing is, Libya has a current slave market trading in black slaves. Not two hundred years ago. Right now. They are buying and selling human beings today, yesterday and tomorrow. So I really don’t see a Libyan supporting Black Lives Matter because in Libya, they don’t matter. They are a commodity, and a cheap one at that.

I’m not buying this ‘black on white race violence’ in this case, the attacker isn’t black and is from a country that actively enslaves black people. And yet the media have a dilemma. Do they make it a race issue or an Islam issue? Nobody falls for the ‘mental illness’ shit any more. They’ll have to pick one.

I think they’ll call it a race issue to fan the flames of the race war they are trying to provoke.

Now, Black Lives Matter don’t really care about black lives either, as shown by their destruction of black peoples’ businesses all over America. They are a Marxist group intent on installing communism, they say so themselves. The children in Seattle who made mini-farms have set up a ‘black only’ area now. They have also designated one of the mini-farms ‘black only’. That’s right. In addition to a border wall, border guards and strict rules they have now installed apartheid. White liberals treating black people as pets, same old story. Communism in action. You know, nobody ends up free under communism. A lot of people end up dead. Every time.

Twitter is full of black-on-white attack videos. No context, just black people hitting white people. In some cases it’s clearly unprovoked, in others it’s not so clear. Some are not recent, they have been ‘outed’ as past videos. It looks like a setup to enrage white people into retaliation.

There have also been many videos of black people just talking, and they are condemning this whole race war narrative along with distancing themselves from BLM and Antifa, the thug club for the soyboy wannabe Stasi. They are talking sense but I fear few are listening.

The real bad guys are the media. They hyped up COVID19 to sell papers, never grasping the reality that the only reason people bought newspapers in recent times was because they couldn’t get toilet paper. The news has become worthless. It’s sensationalist nonsense and it only serves to cause more fear. Now they are hyping up their race war because they think it’ll sell papers. I don’t think it will. I think this is the hill they die on.

The Grauniad, indeed, was already in dire financial straits before it started the whole ‘delete the ancient slaveowners’ narrative. Now it turns out that it was founded by a slave owner. This must be why handguns were banned in the UK. Lefties kept shooting their feet with them.

It has all become very, very silly. If only these hysterical children would take a moment to google the statues they are destroying, they will find that half of them were on their side. Well, assuming their side is really about anti-slavery and not just about deleting history to fit a Marxist loony-tune idea. It isn’t about black lives, it isn’t about slavery, we all know it.

We know what the real aim is here, kids.

What a pity you don’t.

27 thoughts on “Discordia

  1. This is quite a nice, rational piece from the Scottish Family Party a few days ago. He makes this radical statement, “There’s no such thing as racial responsibility,” at about 7:00.

    I’m not a member of the Scottish Family Party. To misquote Groucho Marx, I wouldn’t belong to a party that would admit me as a member. I prefer to be independent of any groups, because experience has taught me that we’ll fall out down the line.

    I’ll tell you how much our mainstream politicians really care about ‘BME’ folks and the problems that they face TODAY. I am probably considered by the Left to be to the right of Enoch Powell, but I have been involved with Reprieve for the past few years. Not just signing their petitions and giving them a few quid, but, for example, contacting politicians and phoning the Saudi Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Riyadh on behalf of some blokes like Ali al-Nimr who were arrested as teenagers for protesting against the regime and have been on death row since being tortured into giving false confessions.

    I think that opposing such cruelty is pretty important, not because of any race issues (why would that matter), but because they are human beings. What has been the response from our politicians over the years to my requests that they intervene in these and other cases involving black people and Arabs? MPs have received letters from Gov’t ministers on my behalf with the same old bland rhetoric about being opposed to such things but not wanting to get involved in other countries’ matters but claiming to raise the issues occasionally, if you can believe that.

    Not sure how many BLM members intervene in human rights abuses of today. I would guess at close to zero. I have been boycotting Nestlé for as much as 15 years. Not just because their aggressive marketing of baby milk formula while discouraging breastfeeding has caused an estimated large loss of life of black babies, but also due to their use of slave labour in cocoa production in the Ivory Coast. The last time I was on Nestlé’s website there was a statement about the efforts it was making to try to eliminate this slave/child labour from its supply chain. Shouldn’t this be fairly straightforward for a corporation the size of Nestlé? Maybe employ a few extra people or buy their cocoa from another country? Have BLM encouraged a boycott of these decades of abuse of black people’s rights, or do they like their KitKats too much? Maybe they have, but a search for nestle site:blacklivesmatter.com produces zero results.

    As you say, it’s really Marxism that ‘matters’. It seems to me that lately the Scottish Parliament has been racist towards whites: us palefaces of today and those awful white, middle class males of times past, like Wm Wilberforce. It is therefore completely logical if their Marxist counterparts at BLM are racist towards blacks.

    I have been called a racist for drawing attention to the fact that a ‘disproportionate’ number of abortions are on blacks. What do BLM say? The recent imposition of the new extreme abortion regulations on N. Ireland brought out disabled people to complain that discriminating against disabled people in the womb made them feel less valued.

    As an ironic aside, my emails about abortion were ignored for many months by my current MP. Due to the vote last week (where MPs basically vetoed the opposing decision made at Stormont the previous week) I phoned his office to be told that my MP doesn’t get involved in ‘campaigns’ and that this is standard practice. What is BLM if not a campaign? It’s a campaign, isn’t it? If it’s not a campaign then nothing is. Anyway, my MP’s assistant got ratty with me because I kept saying that I do not belong to any campaign group (see: my Marxist (i.e. Groucho) position came in useful) and that, as a constituent, I was entitled to a personal response to my concerns. A letter arrived the following day, with the usual copy and paste rubbish that was reminiscent of responses from Labour, SNP and other Tory politicians on the matter. I have never had the ‘campaigns don’t matter’ spiel before. It’s probably my MP’s attempt to reduce his workload.

    As for the Grauniad, I won’t shed a tear if they go under. The media outlet where ‘Comment is Free’ banned my opinions online years ago. Actually, my comments were pre-moderated, it’s just that nobody seemed to get around to moderating them. Comment is free if you agree. I used to buy the Marxist rag every day for a while in the 80s, in the days when I thought I was politically astute. I arrogantly thought that reading the Graun meant I was one of the in-crowd. When The Independent started up, I switched to that, naively believing the name to be a reflection of reality.

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    • I persuaded my parents to swap from the Daily Express to the grauniad in my early teens. The articles were more wide ranging, better written and more interesting but by 18/19 I tired of reading stuff I disagreed with so swapped myself to the Telegraph. That paper has lately become super woke so I last bought a copy early in this ‘crisis’ and doubt I will ever buy another. There are plenty of online sources to access real news.

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    • On abortion, New Zealand just topped the list for the most barbaric abortion laws. Abortion for any reason up to birth and if the baby is born alive, medical intervention is not compulsory. No doctor need attend… and more. I’m not opposed to abortion entirely, I can see cases where it could be necessary but only in the early stages. I am not at all supportive of letting live-born babies die! Hell, if the baby is viable, there are always people looking to adopt.

      I haven’t bought a newspaper or watched TV news for over a decade now. There’s no point.

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      • I saw something about NZ, but I’ve been busy closer to home, like N.I. and the new home abortion rules and relaxed rules under the coronavirus dictatorship. The problem with legalising it at all is that, as with TC or anything else: you give them an inch and they take a mile and they don’t stop until they have achieved their particular endgame. It sounds like NZ is on the edge of ‘post-birth abortions’ i.e. murdering babies and toddlers. .

        Same here. No TV licence for over 15 years. Similarly, refuse to give money to buy a mainstream rag. Chris Snowdon does a good job at uncovering the incompetence and laziness (and complicity?) of the mainstream media in promulgating the lifestyle controllers’ lies.

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  2. There’s moves afoot to leave Twitter for Parler, to avoid the twits and censorship too.

    The Guardian should deal with its racist foundation, the hypocrites.

    Black Knaves Mutter – ignore them until they are concerned with all black lives, the ignorant fools.

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    • I’ve joined Parler. It’s a bit rudimentary at the moment but unlike Gab, it doesn’t seem (so far) to be filled with rabid antisemites. Okay, Gab insists on total free speech and they’re right to insist on that but the virulent antisemitism was really off-putting for me. I might give it another go one day, this time making considerable use of the block feature.

      Parler is picking up a lot of disgruntled Twitter users. It’s apparently struggling to cope with the influx at times. Oh, and Apple refuse to let them upgrade the app unless they censor, so it’s probably best to use it in a browser. I expect Google will follow suit.

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  3. It’s now being widely reported that he has been in the country long enough to have been convicted and gaoled for several violent offences (served half time), not deported because Human Rights and yes ‘mental health issues’.
    Arabs in general look down upon Blacks their word for slave being interchangeable (but hey slave/slaves same thing). As is well know, the reason there is no descendant Black population in Araby is because the slavers castrated the boys on the journey unlike Western slavery which often positively encouraged them to make families.

    The reason AntifaBLM target statues is because attacking them provides good news footage, if they can’t pull one down a bit of spray paint will do, there are lots of them all over the place and they can’t all be guarded all of the time.

    Meanwhile on the same day three members of a family killed by a drunk driver in Cumberland, bit of a mention at end of the news, gone by tomorrow.

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  4. Good grief, there are people on YT prepping for catastrophe which they expect to happen around the USA election. I can’t decide whether they’re paranoid or sensible.

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    • The Seattle ‘autonomous zone’ has installed black-only areas. Yep. Apartheid. Inside a walled ‘country’ with armed border guards.

      They really don’t see that their ideology has always been the problem.

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  5. Prompted by a comment on longrider, see talk radio with Douglas Murray, seems all the Reading victims were gay, as were the victims of his previous attacks but you won’t see that in MSM.

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