Division in your head

Fear not, I am not going to make you do long division in your head. They stopped teaching kids how to do that a long time ago. This is a different kind of division.

When my son started school, very early 1990s, they still learned ‘times tables’. One five is five, two fives are ten, and so on. The difference I noted was that they only went up to the ten times table, whereas I had to learn eleven and twelve. Well, I was there pre-decimalisation so we had to learn Imperial units. Twelve was a big thing back then. Twelve inches in a foot, twelve pennies in a shilling.

So I taught him the easy way to multiply by eleven. I didn’t push him for twelve, he won’t need it and twelve is a bastard of a table. Eleven though, is so easy to do if you know the trick.

But I digress. This isn’t about numbers and yet in a way it is. It’s about the divisions being applied to the world now. Divisions you never knew existed. All imaginary, all in your head.

We have just seen the spectacle of Black Pound Day. Spend your money with businesses owned by black people to boost their custom. Nobody, at all, seems to have noticed that this is in support of a movement that wants to abolish capitalism. They want all private businesses destroyed.

Some black business owners noticed. Some decried the silliness of anticapitalists demanding support for private businesses, and some simply responded with ‘we do not want charity, we want to succeed because our business is a good one producing stuff people want’. They see the attempt at division and patronising pet treatment and they do not want it. Good for them.

In the end, since Scotland is still in Alcatraz mode and getting worse (Wee Nippy now wants to enforce quarantine on visitors from England, so if you were hoping to help out Scottish tourism you will spend two weeks locked in a hotel room and then go home), I didn’t spend anything in any business that day. They are almost all closed. Local black-owned businesses are thin on the ground, most people of recent African descent don’t like it this far north. Heck, most British people don’t like it this far north. It’s not at all unusual to put the heating on on Midsummer’s Day. If it hits 20 C it’s a heatwave. If you’re used to tropical temperatures this is like an inverse Hell for you. In winter it’s the ninth circle.

Digressing again…

Black Lives Matter has begun to fragment. There was a march in support of Black Trans Lives Matter and I have to say, it was well attended. Mostly by white people, at least 90%, but well attended nonetheless.

The Mayors of London and New York both issued statements in support of Gay Pride, and both had the same message. They lauded the black trans men who started the gay pride movement.

Yes. Read that again. That is what they said. I have seen pictures of Peter Tatchell, the biggest name in Stonewall and he looks pretty pasty to me. I have never seen him express any desire to change sex either. He is happy as he is.

Now, being not-gay and not-trans and on the Pantone scale, probably the total opposite of ‘black’, you would be forgiven for expecting me to give no shits at all. None of this should matter to me.

Yet, I am a smoker and have experienced the ‘unpersoning’ first hand. I am also a white straight old male and am villified for that too. The old rhyme ‘First they came for the…’ well, I am the one they came for first. So I can see it when it comes for others.

Straight white males are called ‘transphobic’ if they won’t date ‘girls’ with dicks. That’s been around a long time. I’m not single so I have an easy ‘out’ there. Even if I was single, if the thing dangling between your legs looks a lot like what dangles between mine, we really don’t have a good starting point for a relationship here.

Does that make me a ‘transphobe’? In this modern daft world, yes it does. I can be friends with gay men and trans women but I have no interest in sleeping with either. Not that they’d want to if they saw me anyway, but we are talking about principle here.

The BBC published an article claiming gay men are transphobic if they refuse to sleep with ‘trans men’ (women who decide they are men). They have deleted it now so I can’t link it. You have to be a fast watcher these days.

Coupled with the mayoral rewriting of gay history as black trans history, it seems gay white men can now join the smokers, drinkers and straight white men on the wrong side of the ‘deleted’ line. Welcome, brothers. I wonder who they’ll send over the line next?

Divide and conquer, that’s the old saying. And it has worked, many times.

It does not work when the attackers divide themselves and unite the defenders.

23 thoughts on “Division in your head

  1. Black Pound Day sorry must have missed it.
    As I understand it the Pink Pound works the other way round. Normo providers of goods and services attempt to make their wares attractive to gay people on the assumption that they don’t have children (not so commonplace now) and therefore have more spare money to spend.
    Perhaps the woke are abandoning gay white men because they think they (GWM) will figure out that the biggest religious element of woke are not their friend.


  2. I’m not sure that P. Tatchell was ever in Stonewall, although it seems obvious that he should be. No, Stonewall are more radical. I wrote about them several years ago after they sent out literature to primary schools encouraging teachers to let the boys wear ‘frocks’ to school.

    I disapprove of Tatchell’s campaign (Outrage! was it?), but I have a modicum of respect for him, especially when he squared up to Mugabe. How many BLM or SJWs have done that? Or maybe it’s all right to impoverish millions of black people if you’re black yourself? Who knows with this sort?


    • Likewise, I’ve always had time to listen to Peter Tatchell even though I’m against much of what he says, used to be like that with Tony Benn.


      • Yep, thirded. PT in Russia was an eye opener. Got absolutely smashed by some giant Russian dude but it still didn’t stop him campaigning there. Being a leftie myself whenever anyone calls lefties snowflakes I think of PT. He’s got balls the size of watermelons.
        I think btw, that the Stonewall movement started after the NY police raided a club-and started a riot-named…curiously enough, “Stonewall” Around 1969. It was/is a gay club in NY.


        • I remember his Russian escapade. I have no truck with much of his campaigning but I had to admit, that was a seriously brave attempt.

          If only the BLM mob would try their stuff in the slave markets of Libya, they would gain some respect too.


  3. I dug this out for Longrider but it seems appropriate here as well.
    I knew I had a song for this on CD.
    Violent Delight ‘Transmission ‘
    and from the other point of view
    same band ‘I Wish I Was A Girl’
    Both on YouTube NSFW
    (sorry dunno how to do links on a phone)


  4. As for Wee Nippy: I grew up in a country called Britain, sometimes England or The United Kingdom for posh. Now, according to the BBC, I live in a place called The Nations Of Britain, partly thanks to Sturgeon.
    If she wants independence for Scotland we’ll have our cash back for bailing you out over your Darian disaster, should be easy to work out, 1/3 of all the liquid capital in the country at the time.
    I’ve never had much time for the Ulster prods especially since they’ve let themselves be outbred by the Taigs; as for Wales it’s ours by right of conquest, live with it.


    • I am renting here in Scotland and won’t buy because if that tiny oaf gets independence while she’s in charge, I’m gone. She will make it into a country Venezuela would laugh at in a matter of months.

      I’m Welsh, and remember the referendum to form the Welsh Assembly. The result was a resounding ‘don’t care’ but they did it anyway. I think if they had a referendum to abolish it now it would be a landslide. They have totally fucked up on a scale even Wee Nippy could only dream of.

      The Welsh have never cared who is in charge. They aren’t listening anyway.


    • UTBB – I’d like to apologise for us foisting the wee ginger Krankie on the rest of this Barely United Kingdom. Her and her party don’t speak for Scots with half a braincell who can tell a traitorous Marxist when they see one. You might have seen my comments before that the agenda is to replace native Scots with immigrants, hence the rush to abort, contracept and LGBT the natives to extinction. Now, they’re even promoting porn in schools, so that instead of dating, marrying and raising the next generation, they’ll be in their bedrooms into old age with a dirty mag and a box of Kleenex. That is, when they’re not ‘rimming’ or having a ‘sex change’ procedure. Oy vey already.

      N.I. Prodies have fallen for the same ‘family planning’ propaganda as most of the rest of the world now has. Their Bibles tell them to go forth and multiply (just as the catholic scriptural tomes do), so there’s no excuse.

      As for paying back the Darian money. What with? The oil’s almost worthless now and our industry is all but gone (thanks to successive UK governments). Now, tourism is non-existent too.

      Darian was a good idea. We could have made a lot of money offering a pre-Panama canal cross-continental service, but pinching a bit of Spain’s empire, and a mosquito-infested bit at that, wasn’t so sensible, but, as I understand it, England’s navigation acts and other measures greatly restricted the Scots’ ability to trade, so we probably deserved to be baled out by England.

      As for the Welsh, they’re the real Britons, pushed into that bit that sticks into the Irish sea by usurpers. England belongs to the Welsh by right of ‘finders, keepers.’ Haha!

      This is what Burns thought of the Scots nobility that signed the Act of Union of 1707. I love this song. Steeleye Span do a nice version, but here’s Babs Dickson:

      “We’re bought and sold for English gold-
      Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!”


        • Actually, I didn’t know that. I’m afraid I’ve been far more interested in English history. I am a quarter English – Cumbria, which used to be Scottish. I’ll use my genealogy to claim English citizenship if needs be. I can only see the McMarxists getting worse and worse.

          I did once vote SNP, actually. I really did. It was in the first European election I was eligible to vote in, which must have been 1984. My mum advised me because it would mean a stronger Scottish voice.


          • One thing that might upset the radical Nats – I’m learning Danish (so I’ll know what CStM’s family are saying about me) and a lot of the words match Scottish words, especially Doric ones. There’s a Viking legacy here too 😉


            • You should be speaking Danish like Hans Christan Andersen in no time! I spent years trying to learn German, so I know what you mean about similarity of words. Ken? I hope Danish is kinder. The German declensions combined with difficulties remembering what gender a noun is and all sorts of plural forms all goes to make it almost impossible to learn in my experience. Give me Spanish any day.

              I have a telephone appointment with a Viking this morning. She’s from Orkney. Last time I spoke to her, she was trying to explain why Vikings used to rape and pillage. I told her she was just trying to make excuses for her ancestors. She agreed. A strangely underreported phenomenon: Viking Guilt.


              • Stewart, I’ve never had a problem getting around in Germany with a few key phrases.
                ‘Ein grosse
                dunkle-aker (phonetic) bitte’ was a favourite.


  5. Thank you Stewart, I always read your posts with interest but my eyes glaze over on the subject of abortion as I do not hold strong views on the subject. It has only impacted me once when I made an office party baby, she was very clear that abortion was not an option but took the wee bairn home to raise as Wee Free or somesuch.
    I thought NI adoption of abortion (and gayness) was forced on them by direct rule from Westminster ?

    Darien was a great concept as proved by the Americans at Panama some time later. Westminster bailed out the shareholders who then took Scotland into the customs union that was the UK.
    I’m no expert on Scottish politics but until another not-Labour-left party arises who can challenge the SNP since the bulk of Scots still seem to that that the Wicked Tories dispossessed the crofters when actually it was their own Clan lairds, but I expect you know that.


    • Stewart, forgot to thank you for the song, I’ve always liked Steely Span but I’m not familiar with that one or Babs but liked it nevertheless. Why did we take out the third verse of the National Anthem , the bit about Scots knavish tricks? Early case of wokeness I suppose.


      • Thanks; that’s nice of you to say.

        I thought NI adoption of abortion (and gayness) was forced on them by direct rule from Westminster ?

        Indeed, even though Stormont, now reconvened, rejected it the previous week and the majority of the public is against the more extreme aspects. The fact that abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’ were on the same Bill, yet are hardly the same thing at all, shows that it’s about social engineering through fake human rights. This way, they can get radical abortion legislation passed by piggybacking on ‘gay rights’. What MP wants to be seen to be anti-LGBT? The whole thing’s a farce.

        What is being killed as the result of an abortion – a clump of tissue, as the pro-deathers would like us to believe? Not so. It clearly erases a real human being from history.

        There was a website (maybe many?) which carried messages from women – and, I think, men – whose children had been aborted, sometimes decades before, and who still felt remorse, which you could feel from their words. I can’t find that site now.

        ‘Women’s rights’ doesn’t seem to extend to the right not to feel guilty for the rest of their days.

        Another site I remember was from the children of mothers who had been raped and who gave birth to the fruit of these attacks. I suppose it’s needless to say that they were so very grateful that their mums hadn’t aborted them.

        I couldn’t find that website either. The search engines are obviously primed to show ‘pro-choice’ material, whatever search terms you use, but they’re mainly commie conduits.

        One story I did find, from The Sun last week, was this. There is a point to this: BORN SURVIVOR I was a botched abortion and left to die as ‘medical waste’ – mum didn’t know I existed but I tracked her down at 30 (It’s easy to opt out if the pop-up appears.)

        She found out when she was 14 and…

        “I struggled in a huge way and started drinking. I couldn’t control the very way I came into the world so I freaked out.”

        “Then, six months later, there was heartbreaking news.

        I read in the local obituary column my biological dad had died suddenly aged just 51 of natural causes.”

        “After three years in 2016 I suggested we meet. We both wanted it, but were too nervous to suggest it.

        Of course, she said yes and we met in the zoo.

        As soon as we saw each other we just hugged and hugged.

        She said, ‘I never got to hold you.’

        Now we see each other all the time. We both live in Kansas City Missouri, and my children call her nana.”

        My point being that this sounds like a lot more than a clump of tissue that a woman has a ‘right’ to render into medical waste.


  6. Legiron, surely your use of Welsh/Wales is cultural appropriation as it is our word for ‘them/other’ as evidenced by the numerous English place names incorporating the element Wal, from Saffron Waldon to Wallasy, indicating a remnant population of Gaelic types including Keornowal (as incidentally does Little Britain in London).
    Hereabout up in the stony hills are villages with hybrid Welsh/Saxon names but if you’re going to Woolfardisworthy you just know it will be in a lush valley.


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