Can of worms

So Ghislane Maxwell has been arrested by the FBI. For the few who have not heard the name, she is implicated very heavily in the child-abuse cases involving Jeffrey Epstein.

That the abuse took place, and the scale of it, is hardly in question any more. It was on a very large scale and implicates a lot of very powerful people. Apparently Epstein was a remarkably useless individual in business but of great use in setting up blackmail games with the rich and powerful. The Maxwell woman was his sidekick, his ‘fixer’.

Epstein ‘committed suicide’ in prison. He timed it perfectly – the cameras were off and the guards were on a break so nobody saw it happen. He would not have had any way to know that the conditions were perfect for him to ‘suicide’ unobserved and yet he timed it perfectly.

Of course, nobody believes he killed himself. He may well have been severely depressed, he was facing a very long prison sentence, and he might indeed have been suicidal. Still, no guards and no cameras for someone on suicide watch, just at the time he committed suicide, well the ‘suspicious’ meter just goes off the scale.

Who would have wanted him dead? Any of the names on his flight log to his paedo island. Maybe even a name that is not on that list. Where to start? Who actually killed him? Not a clue. An inside job at the prison or an assassin whose visit went unrecorded? There is not a shred of evidence so far.

Maybe he really did commit suicide at just the perfect moment. If he wanted to leave a cloud of suspicion over many people, he succeeded.

Oh several names have been suggested but with no evidence, shouting those names is simply libellous. And the people involved can afford very big lawyers, so accusing them without evidence is unwise. You really do need an absolutely unassailable case before you drag any of those names into court. If there is one flaw in your case, their lawyers will find it.

That never stops the Twitterati, of course. Tonight it is full of pictures of Trump with Miss Maxwell and Mr. Epstein, all of them many years old. So, if he was in a photo then he must be guilty too?

Well, there are also many photos of Piers Morgan with Epstein and Maxwell as well as with Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris and many more who were later ‘outed’ as child molesters. Now, I don’t like Piers, he acts like a hysterical thirteen year old girl and I think of him as panic on steroids. Even so, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that he was ever in any way involved in child abuse. I really don’t think he would have been, I just don’t believe he’s actually that evil. He’s just a tantrum in a suit. Just being in a photo with Gary Glitter years before he was found out means nothing. Heck, how many people were photographed with Jimmy Savile? Are they all guilty too?

People in those circles go to parties and meetings and get photographed with other people. If the other person later turns out to be a vicious abuser of children, does that make everyone in the photo guilty? Heck, there are old photos of me with many other people. There probably are of you too. If somone you knew twenty years ago is now convicted of abuse, does that automatically make you guilty too?

We could all fall into that trap.

So, Trump knew Epstein. Did he know about the child rape part? Was he involved? Or can we convict him without evidence beyond an old photograph? If so, Piers is in big trouble and so are an awful lot of other famous people.

Ghislane Maxwell’s arrest was not a slow, deliberate thing. The FBI were on her tail as soon as Epstein was caught. She hid out in a remote part of America until they tracked her down. Was she hiding from the FBI? Or from the names in her diaries? Both? She will have known that she knows too much and that her ‘disappearance’ would benefit a lot of powerful people. She would also have known that a lengthy prison sentence awaits her.

There has been talk of potentially 30 to 40 years in jail. That’s not going to happen. That’s an opening gambit for a plea bargain. The FBI want names and evidence. She has an awful lot of both. They will need rock solid proof if they are going after the names on her list. Hearsay evidence will be torn to shreds.

The impatient wonder why the FBI have not already arrested and charged a lot of famous names. They need proof way beyond what they need for a back street drug dealer. The rich and powerful have lawyers who can rip an airtight case a new arsehole. The evidence has to be rock solid. Film, photographs, not just blurry YouTube recordings that sound like they ‘could be’ someone. Clear face shots and clear proof that the images were not tampered with.

Epstein might have provided that. Maxwell might be able to. If so, I will not be surprised if an ‘accident’ befalls her in the coming days. Who will be responsible? We’ll probably never know.

It’s not just about those being blackmailed by Epstein’s evil games, although I expect there is a lot of excess sweating going on just now.

It’s about the names who controlled him. He wasn’t smart enough to set this all up himself. It was entirely about control, and all he wanted was money. Someone was running the show from the wings. This goes beyond simple politics, no matter who you hate. This is about controlling governments. The names involved don’t care about party or policies. They don’t care which side you think you are on.

Those names never want to be linked to this.

21 thoughts on “Can of worms

  1. The FBI it was reported were thinking of having her incarcerated in the same prison as Epstein pre trial. Are they that stupid or in cahoots with the powerful killer elite?

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  2. I don’t have much interest in this story because I remember as a young teenager (70s-80s) the idea that any young woman entering any area of Showbiz was likely to get shagged on the Directors couch was so commonplace as to be hardly worth discussion, unless we were discussing who a favourite Pans Person might be having it off with.
    I imagine that there are any number of women now in their 60’s whose guilty secret is of a quick bonk with the drummer from (up and coming band – now retired Rock Legends) in their carefree teens. They were called groupies, now #forgottenvictims.

    The idea that it might also apply to boys was brought home to us when we worked Saturdays @ (well known newsagent-tobacconist chain) whose Asst. Manager was flamboyant homo (yes I know, times change). I was not one of his favourites but those who were he invited to his flat for fags and records (stolen from the shop). There was some chat about how far he should be allowed to go but the consensus was ‘up to you mate just make sure you get some wedge off him.

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    • Legiron o/t re your comment “Strathclyde used to be Welsh”, superb 4 minute map animation on ollie bye youtube illustrating that and much much more second one down ‘ history of the British isles’.

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    • This one goes way beyond the ‘casting couch’ and into some very dark places. The children involved were never going to be actors or actresses.

      Groupies still exist, every band has them (although Kasabian might find the supply a bit thin now) and sure, there have always been the seriously camp. I remember enjoying Larry Grayson’s show, and have worked with at least two Julian Clary types. They were very funny guys, the last one I worked with used to leave the staff room with a super-camp ‘Byeee’ and it took a supreme effort of will not to respond in kind.

      The earlier one won the ‘services to the centrifuge industry’ award because he unbalanced a very expensive high speed centrifuge to the point where the head burst out of the top of the machine and minced itself through a wall. I don’t know if he got much further in science..

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      • Your bender techs did not have coersive control over half a dozen 13- 14 year old Saturday Boys who could be sacked for no reason. (Let’s call him)John preferred bribery, Grooming was not then a thing.
        We knew roughly what he wanted and it was simply a question of getting as much stuff off him (incl booze natch) without surrendering to too much unpleasantness.
        I say ‘we’ loosely as I was not a favourite but took full part in the chat. Morality, legality or the lack thereof was neither here nor there, we were being just as mercenary as ‘John’ and certainly never saw our friends as victims.

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  3. I should imagine that there are some very expensive lawyers working for their very famous and or powerful clients as we speak. Things could get interesting.

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  4. Surprisingly few comments on this one, old man. Perhaps we’re all waiting to see who GM may “mention” under questioning, in order to see who The Elites decide to throw to the wolves?

    Incidentally, am I right in suposing that wolves don’t in fact have much “previous” in terms of attacking and devouring humans? Unless supremely hungry or if the relevant human was “vulnerable” for some reason, such as disabled/wounded and/or immobile or stranded and moribund?

    I suspect you’d know about this sort of thing!

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    • So many variables.
      There is a theory that the ‘deal’ was done months ago and she was never hiding. The FBI had her in a safe place and tapped all her calls and internet communications from her panicked clients.
      Another theory that she has a ‘dead man’s handle’ on loads of documents and video that gets released if anything happens to her. Many more, but they are all theories. Nobody has a verifiable answer at this stage.
      Another theory that she’ll be silenced by intubation and die of COVID-19. Which is true? Who knows? Maybe it’s something nobody has thought of. We just have to wait and see.

      On wolves, well, predators avoid fights they might not win. An injured obligate predator won’t last long in the wild. Also, animals are not stupid, they will soon figure out that if one of them kills a human, the rest of the tribe come looking for revenge. Antelope and bison don’t do that.

      A lone, injured human, they might chance it but they’d hang back until they are sure. A group of humans, well it’s not like deer. They don’t get to eat a straggler and the rest run away. The rest come back with pointy sticks and rocks. It’s not attributing genius level to these animals, they’ve had thousands of years to work it out. Some of them still don’t get it.

      Actually, a lot of animal species have figured out that if they hang around humans and look fluffy and cute, they get fed and housed for free 😉

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      • I should like to talk more to you about this wolf business. Another time, maybe when we have argued the stuff about bows made of 4 reverse-curved machetes, etc. I still think those are too ungainly to use in a fast old battle of running men and horses, and that kind of stuff. And that largely-unencumbered man shooting ordinary self-bows would prevail, provided that they had enough arrow supply and were well-screened by armed men on the sides,.

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        • An old friend who is into mediaeval re-enactments told me that 65 lbs draw was no good. They had 150 lb+ bows, trained from the age of seven, and accuracy wasn’t important. They’d have hundreds of archers firing arrow after arrow at the enemy in a cloud of death. More like a machine gun than a sniper. They also fixed the tips on with wax so they were either embedded in an enemy or the ground, so the arrow was no use for shooting back.

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  5. What was that film (Centurion?), 2 fugitives being chased across the snow by wolves, one trips and calls out ‘don’t leave me, you can’t outrun wolves’, the other one replies “but I can outrun you” and shoots him in the leg.

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